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What if it never happened-Chapter 6-Sometimes the little things help the most

The air was warm and muggy. My shorts and tee shirt were drenched with sweat. The house was looked better. I painted the outside a lighter shade of white. I started on the window seals. I decided to paint them a navy blue. Mumford and sons played quietly behind me on an old radio i had found. I was relaxed and in my element. The fresh paint smell took me back to day when i painted houses with Lila and her mom. I smiled and my stomach hurt. I missed them more than anything. I couldnt wait til Thanksgiving. My eyes started to burn but i shook off the feeling thinking about Renesmee and Jake and Seth. Seth. Just thinking about his smile and how he could make me smile by just being happy. I bent off dipping my paint brush in the paint. "It looks really nice." Seth said. I turned around scared and excited. I couldn't believe he was standing in my yard. I looked down at my clothes and they had paint all over them. "Thanks." I said. "Do you need any help?" He said grabbing a brush. "No, you dont have too." I said with a small smile. Seth smiled and dipped his brush in the paint. "I'll get the windows up there." Seth said climbing the latter. My stomach turned in fear. I watched him climb. I knew i was being creepy but i couldnt help myself. He looked down at me and graced me with his beautiful smile. I returned to my window. We worked in silence until Seth came down. I looked up and realized he was down with the windows. I smiled. "Thank you." I said taking a breathe when he reached the ground safely. "No problem." He said with a non-chalent smile. "Do you want something to drink?" I said. Seth smiled. "That would be nice thank you." He said. I walked to the front door and turned to see Seth watching me. "You can sitt here on the porch if you like?" I said with a small smile. Seth nodded and took a seat. I walked into the house basically running to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass and filled it with the lemonade i had just made. I walked back outside. I took a deep breathe before handing Seth the glass. He smiled. "This is really good." He said. I smiled flattered. "Thanks i made it this morning." He took another sip. It was raining softly and the sun was shining making it a beautiful scene. "When i was a kid me and my bestfriend Lila would run out in the rain." I said softly. I didnt even know why i said that but before i knew it Seth took my hand and we were down the stairs into the cool rain. I smiled and danced to Mumfords and Sons After the storm.  I felt a warm hand pull me close. I opened my eyes finding Seth's beautiful face looking back at me searching. We danced and laughed. I felt light and free. Seth grabbed my face making me look at him. He had this look in his eyes that scared me but made my body light up. He bent in hand warm and his breathe cool. He looked to me asking me for permission. I was scared and i knew if i said yes i wasnt only going to hurt myself. But i was going to hurt him too. That scared me and silent tears fell softly down my cheeks. But i bent in closer pressing my lips softly to his. It felt like everything was dark and as soon as Seth's lips touched me everything lit up. He pulled me as close as could be moving only slightly to allow me a breathe. I looked at him. My tears falling harder. But i never felt lighter. I hated myself. I hated myself for allowing Seth's light to be dimmed by mine. But i knew it was too late. I knew i wasnt strong enought.


I knew i loved him.


An- So, for anyone that doesnt know. This is a Janaila and Seth story. I wrote one a year ago that's completely different. And i just wanted to explore what if the situation was different. So, comment and tell me which part is your favorite. Do you like this version or the other better? Even if you have questions. Please Comment. I really enjoy them. So thanks for reading loves<3


Songs i used-

Mumford and Sons-

After the storm

Thistle and Weeds

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Comment by Danielle Nichole Shepherd on October 27, 2012 at 7:45pm

i love this yu should really get permission to publish this!!!!

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