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What if it never happened-Chapter 9-Crazy Pt.2

I sat on the front porch. The sky was dark but was filled with stars. I closed my eyes letting the cool air blow across my face. Something inside of me clicked and i had this almost urge to go into the dark forest. It was stronger than the other time. I got up walking slowly to the forest. Everything was quiet and it was almost like i could hear ragged breathing. Then it slowly stood up. It was beautiful and scary. All in one. My heart was breathing so fast i was sure it could hear it. I knew i should have ran. I knew i should have been afraid but i never felt safer. I walked closer and closer to the beautiful creature that reminded so much of Seth with the way it was so big but gave off this harmless safe feeling. My fingers tingled with wanting to reach out and touch it. I reached out slowly brushing it's fur. It was so soft and innocent. "I dreamed about you." I whispered. My heart hurt and i spoke. "You remind me of him in a way." I whispered my voice shaky. I stepped back and looked at this unreal creature. I looked at everything but was always drawn back to his eyes. The creature held mines and it all hit me at one time. "Seth." I whispered quietly. My eyes burned with tears and i felt them slowly fall. The creature walked slowly to me and i didnt feel fear so i didnt move. I wanted it closer. I knew it was him. It rubbed it's nose against my cheek seeming to try to wipe my tears. I gripped it's fur whispering softly. "I love you."


I sat up my body cold and tears running down my face. I looked up into the night sky. I was lying the dirt. I stood up and my breathe caught when i realized i was standing in the same spot my dream took place. I looked out into the darkness. I didnt hear anything. I dont know how long i stood there before returning into the house. I walked to shower. Letting the heat wash away everything. I walked to my room. Grabbing a big tee shirt and some shorts. I laid down looking out into the night sky. I laid there until my alarm went off. I got dressed. Deciding on a a pink floral crop top and some pink high waisted pants. I got dressed and just sprayed some hair spray in my hair. Deciding to keep it curly and full. I put on some brown eyeliner and some lip gloss. I dabbed a little bit of concealer under my eyes to hide the bags. I knew i needed to eat but i wasnt hungry. I sat down on my bed looking out at the blue sky. It seemed like everything was still and non-moving. I felt stuck and wanted to move and i wanted to feel new. I wanted smile and genuinely feel happy. I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to feel loved. I wanted Seth. I refused to cry. I knew i was doing the right thing. I knew i couldnt bring him into this hell i called life. I stood up and walked downstairs. I walked outside. I looked out at now the lite woods. I dont know why i was out here. It was just a dream. But it felt so real. I wanted it to be real. I took a deep breathe and walked back into the house. I stopped when i saw my mother in the kitchen. She was sitting in a chair. "I'm sorry." She whispered. She had tears and i didnt know what to do. She looked at me and there was emotion and sorrow. I smiled a sad smile and felt my heart contract. I didnt know how to deal with this. "He called me yesterday." She said with a smile. My heart dropped and a bad feeling crept around me suffocating me. "Mom, Mark didnt call yesterday you were dreaming." I said. My mother's smile dropped and anger replaced her smile. "You just dont want me to be happy." She said pain and anger mixed in her response. I wanted to cry. I wanted to throw stuff. I wanted to scream. But i laughed. "Mom, all i've wanted is for you to be happy." I said my laughs turning to tears. "The past year she shut down." I said walking closer to my mother. "I want you to be happy and get past this." I whispered. My voice sad and sorrow filled. I hugged my mother but she didnt hug me back. She just sat there emotionless and i knew i wasnt going to get anyway. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the house. I wiped my face and walked quickly to school. I got to my first class as the Late bell was ringing. I sat down and took notes. I breezed through my day. When lunch came i left campus. I walked back to my house and fed my mother. I saw how she wasnt eating and now i could see it. I finished feeding her and walked back to school. I walked down the hall. Everyone was still in lunch. I felt a warm hand cover my mouth and i tried to scream but they shushed me. We got outside and they turned me around. Seth looked at me with an amused smile. The smile slowly fell and i could see the pain in his beautiful features.


He looked tired and i could tell he wasnt sleeping. He bent in tracing my face. Like he was trying to memorize me. I bent in into his touch even though i knew it was wrong. "Come somewhere with me." He whispered. I knew i should have said no. "Please." He whispered his voice between a plead and a beg. I nodded. He grabbed my hand and we walked towards the back of the woods. He held my hand not saying anything. We started to slow and i let go of his hand when i realized where we were. Seth turned around and his eyes held love, pain, understanding and hope. "Show me." I said. Seth's eyes never left me and he started shaking then it sounded like an explosion. He was beautiful. His fur was a deep golden brown with a shine that seemed like it glistened in the sunlight. He was big and burly but like from my dream had this softness and innocense to him. "Can i touch you?" I said softly. Seth nodded and i walked closer and closer to him until i was close enough i could feel his warm breathe. I reached out and touched his fur. It was soft and so beautiful up close.  "Your beautiful." I whispered. Seth moved back and went behind a bush. I heard another explosion and then rustling. Seth appeared in human form. He walked closer and closer until he in front of me. He took my hands bringing me close to him. I put my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. Tears wetted my eyes and soon i was crying. Seth grabbed my face making me look at him. "I have something to tell you." He whispered. I could hear the fear. I reached my hand tracing his face like he did to me earlier. "Tell me." I said. Seth opened his eyes. All the honesty and fear in them for me to behold. "I imprinted on you." He whispered.


An- So what did you think? What do you think about her mother? Do you think Seth should have waited to to tell her about him being a wolf and imprinting? What did you think about the way he showed her and told her? Um, which pov did you like better about the dream. Please i would to read your comments. Thanks for reading Lovveee Dollies<3

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Comment by Danielle Nichole Shepherd on October 27, 2012 at 8:17pm

i think the story has good pacing and this seems natural. both povs help tell why she was in the woods an tells us how she felt at the time an how he felt instead of being just one sided.

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