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What if it never happened - You see sometimes i wonder why i was dealt this hand pt.1 ?

Seth's hand was flaming in mine. But it felt right. I needed him here. I needed something to cling on to so i could be strong. Naivei looked down at our connected hands seeing we were one. Naivei must have felt it because when he looked back up me his eyes were swimming with hurt , pain and jealousy. Seth cleared his throat and Naivei glanced at him giving him a hard look then looked back at me. "So how long have yall been together ?" Naivei finally spoke. "Why are you here Naivei ?" I said my voice cold. He looked down at his hands and then back at me. "I want to be apart of your life Janaila." He said quietly. His voice wavered but he got it under control. "The last 14 years have not been easy for me , which doesnt have anything to do with you." "But i just want a chance to be the father i never got to be." Naivei said quickly. His words were rushed and seemed rehearsed. I looked into his eyes trying to see the real reason behind this. Why would he back after all this time ? What was the motive ? I couldnt come up with anything. "Janaila , your my daughter and i love you." He said. Tears stung my eyes and i wanted to yell , throw things have a full out tamtrum. But i had to show him i was strong. That i made it with out him. That i dont need him. That it was a privilledge to be in my life. I squeezed Seth's hand. He looked at me. He could see my struggling. He rose his lightly touching my face. My face burned with want and ease. Seth dropped his hand looking back at my father who looked like a sad boy. My heart ached but i knew i needed time. I needed time to adjust this stranger. Keep him at arm's length. "I'm not making any promise Naivei." "You havent been here for the past 14 years , but you see i've made it without." "So, i dont need you but we can try to have a friendship." "It will never be father daughter , But a friendship we can try at." I said. Naivei let his tears fall. "Thank you Janaila." He said with a huge smile that mirrored my own. "Naivei ?" Said a small brittle voice behind me.


An- So this is part 1. See you next time. <3 !

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