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Do you love me? Well we should start with what is love? I think people sometines,but then again we are bound by language. Aren't we? So sometimes, out feeling are so strong for someone that we really don't know how to describe it to them within the boundaries of language. Therefore, we say, "I Love You".what is it to truley be in love with someone? First, let us be clear that there has to be a distinction between loving someone and being in love .Loving is caring, accepting, respecting, and simply being avaible for emotional support on many levels. Being in love is a completely different word.It includes my difinition of loving, it goes futher and deeper.You must now and understand the peraon in all facets.That is to say, you have learned about who they are, where they come from, how they act, how they feel, knowing this person inside and out.You can now be in love if this is not the case. Sure, there are always suprises, and that is all os the process.Ths point is if you are in love, you muct make a two-fold attempt. One is wanting to know everything about the other person, from how they like to make love, to what kind of ice cream they eat. Secondly, and this is even more important then the first, you must let your gard down. You must be willing to submitt your heart and yourmind to the other person completely. You cannot hold back any part of yourself, you must allow yourself to freely allow your partner ro see your true self.Only then will you have some semblance of what true love really is. It is a risk, a huge one,because you open that window for them to see your mind and your heart as it really is to you, that my love is for eternity. No matter what happens in the future, you will have given a part of who you are.What they do, orwhat you do is up to both of you.Just remember the Self is a fragile entity. It is what lies deep inside the onion, if you will. and layers around it are ti protect it from being hurt, destroyed. Only love can truly remove, and peel away thelayers, except maybe psychoanalysis. That to me is the essence of true love.There is more though, but essentially, if you really think about it, from the process I have just described. When you hold them, do you feel love. There is not a doubt in my mind.Some people feel warmth, a good feeling, after all were warm-blodded animals righ? This is ok, but it is not true love.Some people like affection, natural all humans and animals require affection, very important for the Self. That is not true love.Love, is when I hold you and I feel like time and space vanish. Where i am no longer matters,neithr does when. All the things is the world that are bad and evil go away, all the truth, and beauty are all thats between my arms. That is when you really know it is real. That i never want to loose you and that we are meant to be togather. In that sense I am deeply in love.

Being in love is willing to surrender a part of yourself and sucure a part of someone else as if, it was your own. In that sense, yes, I am deeply in love with you. I feel a pece of my heart gone already.I feel it. it hurts as I write this, but i feel something else replacing it and it is so beautiful that I literally could burst. Being in love is just simply, and perhaps the most important part, bewing happy! Yet, and again you have to be carful in how you define true love, not just being happy, but also being happyfor your partner's happiness.Tre's important! The love must, must, must, be unconditional.The moment, the happiness is only one sided, is the moment the trie love disappears. Some spend all theuur time making their partner happy, thinking that in the end it willgive then happiness. Some spend all their time taking and receiving happinedd, thinking, and well if I am happy then they must be too, no good either. Again, this all revolves around what I have said in the beginningof this we are both holding a part of each other, love is based on this promise Therefore, happiness must be shared, equally! In this sense,yes baby I am deeply in love. I look at you and your complete self-glows, you need not smile,I just know that deep insidem that this, all os this, the ups and downs,is making you so happy. In addition, it is grown inside of me, and it has gone beyond just having fun with you, being with you, holding you.No, happiness includes these things, but it truly exists from the love you give me. You have filled my heart with happined and all I want to do is share the joy you have given me.In that sense, I am Truly and deeply in love with you. Yes, I love you and am in love with you.

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