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What it if never happened - Chapter 15 - Little Counts are the things that count the most

Seth brushed a piece of hair out of my face. I closed my eyes feeling his warm hand trace the outline of my features. " Your so beautiful ." Seth whispered. I smiled and opened my eyes. "Thank you." I said. Something started to vibrate. A beautiful smile stretched across Seth's face. "Happy Birthday Janaila." Seth said before i could respond Seth pressed his lips to mine making my mind turn to goop. Seth pulled me close knocking the breathe away from me. When he pulled away i was breathing hard. Seth brushed fallen pieces of hair in my face. "I love you." Seth said whispering agaisnt my lips. Tears filled my eyes and fell slowly. "I love you too." I said. Seth smiled. "Come on." Seth said pulling me up. I sat up on the bed as Seth pulled on his shoes. When he was finished he turned towards me quirking his eyebrow. "Where are we going ?" I said my tone curious. " It's a secret." Seth said with a smile. I sat up on my knee's pulling Seth down to my level. I pressed my lips softly to Seth's. I pulled away as Seth got into it. "So where are we going ?" I said in a whisper. Seth's eyes shot open and he looked at me with a knowing smile. "Good try ." He said with a small laugh. I smiled. "It almost worked." I said with a pout. Seth turned around. "Get on." Seth said. I got on his back and he led me out of the room. We stopped in front of my mother's room. She was curled up. She was still but i knew she was okay. Today was going to be tough  for her. But i promised Seth i wouldnt let her ruin my day. "You ready ?" Seth said taking my hand. I wiped fallen tears and looked at my angel. "Yes." I said taking his hand. He led me down the stairs. The cool air felt nice against my skin. Seth helped me put on a helmet and we were off. The sky was dark but it was tiny speckles on stars in the sky. Seth rode and rode until into the night sky. My body was alive all i felt was heat coursing through my viens. It made me cry and smile all at the same time. When Seth started to slow i didnt recongnize where we were but i could hear water. Seth helped me take off my helmet. He came behind me covering my eyes. "You trust me?" He said in a low voice that made me shiver. "With everything." I said honestly. Seth led us somewhere and stopped. He uncovered my eyes and my heart stuttered. There were candles everywhere and a blanket. But what made tears come to my eyes there was a easel with paint. It was simple and to someone else it would have been stupid. But to me it was perfect. I looked at Seth and he was looking at me with nothing but love in his eyes. "Thank you Seth." I said a bubblering mess. Seth wiped my tears and maybe a little bit of snot from my face. "It's perfect." I said itching to touch the paint. Seth smiled. "I just want you to be happy Janaila." Seth said really looking at me. It reminded me of the first time he looked at me. Like he knew all my secrets and could see behind all the black that clouded who i really was. "I love you." I said my heart feeling like it was about to explode. "I love you too Janaila." Seth said before pressing his lips to mine.


It felt strangly natural holding the brush in my head. I felt Seth watching me but it didnt make me nervous. I wanted to show him this part of me. This part of myself i hid from me. From the world. I dipped my paint in the cream first making long brush strokes. I didnt know what i was painting but i felt it. I felt love , pain , mystery even a little bit of crazy. I smiled and then my hand started to go. Before i knew it the sun was rising and my hand dropped. Seth came behind me wrapping his hands around my waist. "It's beautiful." He whispered in awe. Tears fell softly down my cheeks. The paint was of me but it wasnt me. It was the girl i used to be the girl i am and the woman i'm becoming. The colors were light creams but with harsh lines of black. Red was everywhere. The girl looked nothing like me but i knew she was me. Seth knew it too. He knew sometimes i fell into a darkness i couldn't explain but he would always somehow pull me out when i felt like i was drowing in myself. I turned and looked at my angel. We didnt say anything we just knew.


"I want to ride." I said with a small smile. Seth looked at me with a nervous smile. "Janaila , i dont know." Seth said unsure. "Please , it's my birthday ." I said with a small pout. Seth shook his head trying to not look at me failing mesireablly. "Come on Janaila." Seth said quickly. We walked to my back yard. I watched as Seth shook and then exploded into beautiful warm brown fur. Seth fell with a thump and i got on him. I grabbed handfuls of his fur. "Ready." I said. Seth started off slow but then sped up. My stomach flipped but was soon filled with that warm filling. I laughed as my hair flew back and happy tears flew by me. Seth stopped suddenly. I had to grip onto his fur to keep from falling. I wondered why he stopped. But then i seen it. 3 huge wolves walked out all at once. Seth thumped to the ground letting me off. It seemed like a gray one and a darker brown were almost laughing. I knew it was Embry and Quil. But one looked older and angry. I knew it was Sam. Seth looked at me his eyes sorry. I knew he was in trouble. They started making these sounds and i had to keep from laughing. "Happy Birthday to me." "Happy Birthday to me." "Happy Birthday to me Janaila." "Happy Birthday to me." I said loudly. I opened my eyes and seen that the cullens and Jake were standing there looking at me like i was crazy. I started laughing. I walked to Sam's form. "Sam he did for me it's my birthday." "Just let him off this one time i promise he won't do it again." I said sweetly. Sam's eyes glanced at Seth's form giving him a hard glare. He looked back at me giving me what i would call a "Wolf" smile. I hugged his face. The wolves left and The cullens started cracking up. Seth grabbed me in his arms. We laughed and laughed. I was laughing so hard it felt like my stomach was going to explode. "Seth , dont be late." Alice said before leaving with the others. I looked at Seth. "It's a secret." Seth said before pressing his lips to mine before i could ask any questions.



So it was a serious and silly chapter. This is part 1. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading strawberry Dumplings.


Songs i wrote too -

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Comment by Danielle Nichole Shepherd on October 27, 2012 at 8:59pm

omg this is AWESOME!!! i cant wait to read the rest of it!!!!!

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