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hey people! this is a fanfic, but it's just a little something that I'll update every once in a while. nothing big.

*The Star*

“She’s perfect.” A male voice said
“Are you sure Aro? She looks awfully…average. I thought you wanted someone unique.” A different male voice said
“Do not question my judgment Marcus!” the first voice snapped “And she will not be average when we are through with her.” The man who must be Aro said. That meant that the other male had to be Marcus. But who were they?
"Well, then, what is her name?" Marcus asked
"She's wearing a star necklace so I shall name her Stella; star in Italian."
"Whatever you say Aro." Marcus said. He sounded annoyed. I heard footsteps so I guess he was walking away. Then, out of no where, a tremendous pain hit my neck. I screamed out in pain but I was alone. No one would help me. I had the worst luck. The pain that had started in my neck traveled to my chest, slowly but surely. My vision started fading in and out of focus. My mind was turning and turning, but it was working so hard for nothing. Stella kept popping up in my mind. Ow. Stella. The pain is spreading. Stella. Why Stella? It seemed so important. Then my vision faded out of focus for good. It all went black. I passed out. I was dead.
The next thing I remember was that I was suddenly awake. The pane was now at me feet and I felt like a crippled piece of paper. I just wanted to squirm, but the pain was like a heavy blanket over me that wouldn't let me move. I then realized that I was still screaming. Then I felt another pain in my neck. And then another and another and another. I must have felt thousands of those pains. But I never blacked out again. I wanted to, but my body resisted every attempt. I just lay there in pain, screaming and trying to move. But I couldn't. I felt like I would be there forever. I may have been in pain for a minute, or maybe I had been lying there for a year, I don't know. But then, as suddenly as the pain came, it was gone. It just shooted out of me. I opened my eyes and was staring at a ceiling. I sat up very slowly and looked around. The room was a tunnel. It was dirt all around. I jumped off of whatever I had been lying on and looked at it. It was a medical bed.
"Hello Stella." A familiar voice said. I snapped my head in it's direction. My blond hair looked even blonder now as it flew in front of my face. I brushed it away with my hand so I could get a good look at the familiar stranger when I noticed that my finger nails were blue. Had I painted them blue? I tried to remember but my memories were so blurry. So blurry that I couldn't even remember what I looked like.
"Do not fret." he said. I looked up at him. His skin was so pale. His hair was white and almost matched his skin. I couldn't tell if he was twenty or two thousand years old. He walked up to me and touched my arm.
"Do not try to remember your past young one. It will hurt too much and is insignificant. Your name is Stella and you are a vampire now. My name is Aro and I too am a vampire. And I have created you so you could be my daughter, Stella. You are safe here." he said. He must be crazy.
"I am not crazy Stella. You will learn to accept yourself in time, but for now, come with me." he turned away and motioned for me to follow him. But I just pulled his arm off me, lunged myself at him, knocked him down and ran like crazy. Once I found a light I followed it and was quickly outside. But where was I going to go? I was all alone. And I didn't know who I was. All I knew was that a crazy guy was calling me his daughter and had named me Stella. I started to panic and just kept running. When I stopped, I had no idea where I was. This was possibly my biggest mistake.

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Comment by R.I.P HEATH. I <3 U on September 22, 2009 at 7:31pm
this is really good you should continue
Comment by Shellym127 on August 15, 2009 at 3:01am
I finished your banner!

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Comment by ♥ஐSiℓℓy ℒittℓℯ нyßяi∂ ™ஐ♥ on August 12, 2009 at 5:30pm
ooo this is good!
continue please!

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