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ok heres the title explanation. me and my cousin/ one of my closest friends have every class together. so we talk alot. i've noticed that she says you guys at the end of almost all of her sentences and shes noticed that i say what the heck all the time. so those are our catch phrases. so we say them allllll the time now. we go around randomly saying what the heck and you guys.
ok on the blog. i found a site where you can pre-order your new moon movie tickets, which i am going to do sometime this week. its called you should go there before all the tickets at your local theater are sold out!
ok so i'm in the history club at my school. the history club has about 175 members this year, which is a lot since my school ha like 350 people in it. (i know i go to a small school, but at least we don't get bomb threats every week like the big schools haha). anyways, at the end of the year the history club goes on a trip. there is a four year rotation on these trips. this year we're going to Boston, Massachusetts. next year we'll go to York, Pennisylvania, then we'll go to some other historical place that i forget (whoops) then in my senior year we will go to New York, New York (yes!). then the rotation will start again with Boston. ok so to get money for the trips the history club members sell sandwichs. there are ham and chese, roast beef, and dagwood. they sell for $2 a piece. so the top 100 sandwich sellers go to Boston. we have 6 sandwich sales for the trip and then a 50 cent sandwich sale at the end of the year and we get to keep the money. they say we should sell 50 or more sandwichs per sale. last month i sold 40 :( my mother dearest bought only 1 sandwich, i was mad at her for that. but i counted on tuesday my sandwichs for this month and i already had 31! i still have to get my grandparents and parents to buy some so i think i will get at least 50 (crossing my fingers). ok so history club trip to Boston isn't looking like part of my future right now, but oh well.
also i would like to add that you guys are not commenting on my blogs. i know you are reading them because i can sense it. so i f your taking the time to read it then i'm sure that you have time to comment it. this is my plea: please comment! i love to know your opinions on what i write on here. every blog i am opening my heart to you so i think you should tell me what you think about my most personal thoughts, please?
ok so i would just like to say that i love emolicious boys, they are so hot. i've been thinking about going half scene and half prep because i like scene hair and shoes but i like prep clothes, makeup and accesorys. so what do you guys think? should i go half anf half or should i stay full fledge prep? the decision will affect my life so choose wisely. lol
ok thanks so much if you read my blogs and im sorry that this one was a couple of days late, but i had extreme writers block :(
have a happy day :)

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Comment by ♥C.R.Y♥ on November 2, 2009 at 1:16pm
why thank you sooo much kyward and my moms ordering our new moon tickets 2day btw.
Comment by Kyward on November 2, 2009 at 9:41am
okay so, edly,
1. i will buy some sandwiches, just tell me when you are selling them again lol.
2. yesss, i have already like fell in love with skinny jeans, and my converses are just my life. next time i get my hair cut (very soon) im of course getting layers but im getting them to look more edgy. then i have all these cute graphic tees that mean nothingg...except my paramore tee=love. so yeah, i definately think u should go half and half.
3. i comment ur blogs when i get on, so everyone else can or they are just buttheads ha

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