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"What's A Great Way To Make More Friends At The "Twilight Saga Discussion" Site ?' An Answer to a "Dear Doc" Question

"What's A Great Way To Make More Friends At The "Twilight Saga Discussion" Site?' An Answer to a "Dear Doc" Question
Dear XXX,
A GREAT way to make new friends at the "Twilight Discussion Site" is to go to your friends list, and hit the "view all' icon. Then go to the left upper side of the next page. Find and click on, the icon, under your avatar, that says "all members" And it will show you a list of all the members belonging to the site, STARTING with the newest ones .(The newest members usually really can use your help getting acquainted with the site) Click on their avatars and it will show you their face and bio page. Click through a fair number of new members (there are 500 new members each day, 400,000 members altogether) And you will find people that you seem to have a lot in common with, and then post a personal note to them on their message boards.
I would say something like:
Welcome to the Saga Discussion site. It is a great site. There are lots of interesting people to meet, and plenty of groups to share in. By reading your bio, and seeing your face page, it looks like we have a lot in common. If there is anything that I can ever help you with, or if you are just in the mood to chat, please feel free to send me a message. Welcome to our site. Sincerely, xxxx
Remember you aren't looking for just anyone, you are looking for people that you really connect with. Trust me, There will be tons of those. Post the message. And (If you have one) add a great twilight picture. Then right click and save the message, that you just created, before you post it. Then post the message, and then HIT THEIR "ADD AS A FRIEND" icon under their avatar. If they like your sincere note (which most will) You will just have made a new friend.
Go through and pick out 10 or 20 member that look like they would be good friends for you. You have "saved" the message, so just continue to paste the same message on each potential new friend's face sheets. (You can even save the message, by posting it as an email to your self, if you are lazy like I am) Each day pick a few more. Trust me, soon you will have more friends wanting to share with you, than you have ever have had in your entire life.
Be careful though, once you have over 300 friends, it can become harder to simultaneously send out messages to all of them. So you will have to periodically thin out your list of friends. And delete those that you aren't sharing with on a regular basis.
You are very welcome. The pleasure was mine.

Sincerely yours,
Doc B AKA: "The Reading Bear"

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Comment by spegs on August 30, 2010 at 1:50pm
Dear Doc B,

I think it is our own initiative...
if we have seen in the home page that there are new members of the site
then we'll welcome them chat a little to them and make new friends...
I suggest too that we on our own facebook or twitter accounts should
advertise our site.. ; )
I'm actually doing it and i have brought 5 of my new friends in here...
; )


(ps. it's good to be's been 4 months since I've visited the site....
Miss this so so much)...

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