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I know I'm not the only one who has parents who think that everyting I do is the wrong way. I love to write and read and dance! But that's not a perfect career to reach for. I want to be a counsler! But what if that doesn't work out. What will I fall back on. According to my parents I should be shooting to be a doctor of lawyer. That's not what I want to be. That's not who I am. But is it really who I should be? I don't know. In their world star shouldn't fall. They should stay in the sky. But I want to e a hooting star that lights up the sky. I cry at the site of blood! How can I be a doctor? I can argue, of course but I don't want to defend a man\women that I believe in heart is guilty. So how can I be lawyer when I know I will turn down jobs?

I keep trying to tell my parents this is MY life and I want to live it but they ont listen. For my birthday instead of getting the vamp. books I love I get science\health books and doctor books. Who wants to read about sickness? Sometimes I don't know what to do.......

-Aria Rose<3

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