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Why 5 people should never go on a 4 person teeter totter with diet coke

yesterday i was baby sitting my little sister (Kara) with 3 of my friends ( Hailey, Stella and Nadyah). and we were all pretty bored so my sister said we should go to the park. so we went to the park and saw a 4 person teeter totter and went on it. Stella had to sit one my lap. and for some strange reason Hailey had an unopened diet coke in her opened purse. so her coke flys out of her purse, almost hits me and Stella in the head, lands on the ground , pops open and sprays us all. it was pretty funny ::) <----- alien smiley
except my mom yelled at me and Kara when we got home ::( <------- alien sady face

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