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all i want to do is sit in a corner and pull my hear out. I don't have any patients at all and i'm bigging to grow tired of waiting for something that might happen in the future. I am already broken beyond repair i walk around whit a an ice box where my heart used to be. I try to fool people and usually it works but others see right true me and chose to run away. I alway's manage to scare every one away when they see the whole in my chest but i still wonder when i am here around every one why don't you like me. am i not pretty enough, am i to broken. I have battle scares that remind me every day of what hapend to me and i still wonder why am i alive and why do i chose to live.Life is a hard battle and i don't think i have the strength to go on any more.

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Comment by Cynthia Richardson on December 11, 2010 at 10:41pm

thx but it i'm upset with me not the one guy that i met is actually perfect in every way but is already taken . I'm upset with the man i had and left me for something that he say is better.

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