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Why are decent human beings so hard to find theses days it seems?

Why does it seem so hard to find decent human beings these days to converse with I often wonder to myself.Maybe its just my cynicial nature but it seems to me a rare thing these days.It could also be I suppose the fact that fiction is often better then reality and if life was a book,the characters in our world would be more prodictable easier to figure out you would know what they were doing before they would do it and when they did it wouldnt come as surprise,and this is just the casual type of interactions Im talking about dont even get me started on deeper stuff this blog would turn into WAR AND
Anyways maybe I find this to be true for myself because Im a writer so I spend my days creating false realitys and characters and can make it however I want it to be.I always know what the characters are going to do how the dark days will play out and the light will come again because Im the one who decided so to begin with.So to be it just seems like nice people are a myth stuff of legends like vampires or werewolfs like it would be cool if it was true but you dont see any proof lol.Of course after reading books like Twilight were many of the characters despite being monsters of legends choose to be good people it makes you wonder why the hell doesnt everyone else if they can how come people cant in the real world or maybe people who are that decent would have to be supernatural and only ever exist in the realm of a story its to bad truly a tragedy thats all Im saying well thats all Ive got to say on that.So if your reading this have a nice day and hope you run into super natural fictional beings all
By the way because Im female I well compelled to say why does civialry have to be dead where are the manners the old worldness where are the gentleman I wouldnt care if the guy was a ecentric artisyic nutt job as long as he was a nice ecentric artist nutt job but maybe i only say that because as a artist writer I am a bit ok alot ecentric myself.Well Ive had my say.Thank you for your time if your reading this xoxo Becca

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Comment by micah cullen. on March 21, 2009 at 3:21pm
yes....that is absolutely true. : )
Comment by Mrs Nicola Cullen on March 11, 2009 at 7:58pm
yeah i totally agree esp about the men part. where are the days of civialry gone. ah to live back then. men fighting for your honour and all that jazz! it'd kick ass!
Comment by Caleb JOnes on March 8, 2009 at 2:42am
I will completely and totally agree to all of your, wonderings. Why is it so rare to come by a decent human being? It only comes once in a great great while, but when that person comes along they have an awful habit of dissapearing quite as suddenly as they apparated to you. Sadly, i can disagree that reality and fiction are separate entities. They mix and mingle quite often with few ever realizing that it is real and its our self deprivation of the mind that has made it into a fictional object. It sounds like crazed lunacy but to that i say you are a closed minded and unimaginative. The pencil line between genious and crazy must be strattled in order to have fully engaged yourself. I reside in a state of genious pushing crazy. its quite a trip and quite a bit of fun. Writing is an impressive passtime, i am a fellow writer of "fictional" stories, tragically losing touch with my writing as it is being drowned in a sea of busy schedules and important things to do. Nice people are not a myth but a reality in sparse places throughout the world. They show up in the most random places, always interesting persons.
HAHAHA! I will beg to differ. Chivalry is not a dead language like Latin. It is as rare as a nice person to find a chivalrist but they are a rare breed. Chivalry has been forgotten in the struggles of the modern era due to feminists, equality, the indulgences of societal sexual pressures and many other various factors. I myself am somewhat of a chivalrist hoping to find women, such as yourself, who adimently deny its exsistence. I was taught by a good and true old-world chivalrist. I assure you it is not a complete form of abstience indulgence into romanticism, it is a genuine respect for many things that knights of old drew on themselves. Which is part of the lure in the practice.
Eccentric artisyic nutt job? Quite a charmer wouldnt you say. but you have an exquisite and personal blog. its quite interesting.

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