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Ok, I have heard two theories about this and I wanna hear yours. Why did she wanna kill her in the first place? In the New Moon, Laurant says that Victoria wants to kill her because Edward killed her James and she wants an eye for an eye. But on another website (can't remember which one) they say that she wanted to finish James last mission (to kill Bella). So what do you think? I always thought it was that she wanted an eye for an eye, but now, I don't know. Help me Twilighters!!! You choose between the two ideas I have or, hey, even make up your own. I just wanna know your opinion. Peace out!

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Comment by annamarie and katelyn <3 on April 9, 2009 at 7:25pm
i think that shes jealous that bella has edward and she used 2 have james but now she doesnt and i think its the same that u have

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