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Why i have the worlds greatest mom!
Tonight I realized something dearest blog. I was talking to my mom about a promiscuous friend of mine named Kelli. She parties a lot. She drinks a lot. And she has benefit buddies that involves no more than making out. Still…I yelled at her. I told her she was wrong and stupid and unclassy for what she was doing. And I realized how grateful I am to be raised the way I have been.

But tonight I talked to mom as I mentioned before and mom told me that I was wrong for that. I was cruel for talking her down just because she didn’t believe what I did. And that is when it hit me that I was wrong. For all those times when I looked at people who weren’t like me like they were less than me. They may not be making decisions I agree with. They may not live my life the way I do. They may not have been raised to value themselves and their bodies and have morals. But it doesn’t mean I should come along and judge them. I told my mom that I was wrong too. I never should have done that. I have to respect the way other people I want to live their lives and when I say other people I mean everyone. Its their choice and their lives. I don’t have to agree with it or be around it. But I can respect it and treat them no different than they treat me. (if they treat me well that is.) So I’m not going to do that anymore. I am no longer going to give off the air of “I am better than you because…”

I am not perfect dear blog. Which is something else I told mom. I told her that I lust too much and sometimes I don’t sound like the person I claim to be. But she knows that I am a good girl despite it all. I am just a good girl who doesn’t always make good decisions. But that doesn’t make me less nice. It doesn’t make me less of a virgin however promiscuous I might have acted in the past. And i can own up to that now. I’ve done stupid things with past boyfriends. But I am proud to be a virgin and to be the one who isn’t when it seems like the whole world is. My mom asked me about the white wall. I told her it means that I am a virgin. I have a body free of sexual contact. It’s more pureness of the body than pureness of the mind. My mom even knows how dirty my mind is. But she also knows that if it ever came down to it, my virtue would remain mine. She knows me well.

I have been a hypocrite, I told her. I have said one thing and done another. And my actions have not always been those of a virgin or a good girl. Everyone slips though. My mom laughed and told me that I am a great girl with a huge heart and anyone would be lucky to have me as a friend. She told me that I am a strong willed virgin. Who makes it to 21 and still has their V card anymore? HEHE. I DO! Yay me.

So i apologized to my friend dear blog. The promiscuous one. I shouldn’t have treated her like she should have the same thoughts and actions as I do. And i shouldn’t have hurt her feelings. I never meant to. I was just stupid and I can own up to that.

I also told mom that I have a lot to work on but I intend to keep this mindset. I then told mom that I’ve been going through a lot in the friends department lately and that I’ve lost a few. She asked me for specifics but how could I tell her exactly what I meant? I couldn’t. BLAH. So instead I just told her that some of the things that happened were my fault. That I was trying to make people believe what i believe and not listening to what they had to say. That isn’t right. And when mom asked me what happened on the other side i kept that to myself. But i did tell her i forgave them and I meant it. But they’ll never know that. My mom told me that’s a shame and i should tell my friends I’ve forgiven them just to clear the air. I told her no way. And she told me to shut up, stay a virgin and take a shower because I smelled like gym sweat since I’d just worked out. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I told her that I am completely self absorbed. I know this. Meh. Something else I must work on. None of us are perfect right? And that is why I have the world’s greatest mom. I’m going to work on my new philosophy. I’ve grown a lot lately. And I have my mom to thank for that.

Until later bloggy. Time to jam to some Nickelback.

*Peace Love and RENT*

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Comment by Cullen Crazy on December 15, 2009 at 9:09pm
Rock on girl! I was a virgin until I was 27

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