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Well for starters...Jacob is cool...he burps...and he's more layed back then Edward.
Edward is more stuck up and kind of old! In my opinion Jacob would be a better spouse then Edward... and plus Edward is alittle bit over protective and that worry's me!

But Jacob is warm and cuddily and would you rather cuddle up to stone or something nice and warm!

Or you could put it this way... a spring mattress...or a Tempur-Pedic bed????

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Comment by Amber Woods on January 18, 2010 at 3:26am
i sleep on a spring mattress but that doesnt meen that i want to forever...everybody wants a tempur-pedic bed in some point in their lives...and y do we hav to choice teams...y not like both...Team Jakeward...yay... i like that one better...i like both of them...edward has his mysterious wayz...but jacob iiz cant explain it...hez my type..but that'll never happen...but i wuld love to have a wolf for a boyfriend...i wuldnt been scared of hiim...i would feel protected...somepeople say that they would be scared because if jacob would get mad then he would phase and hurt somebody like sam did emily. but i wouldnt worry about that...if he hurt me...i would still love him...and there wouldnt be a reason for jacob to phase from anger....would there ???
Comment by Justice on July 29, 2009 at 11:17pm
I defitanly agree!

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