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ok im team jacob because i prefer jacob over edward not because i dont like edward. i absolutly love the cullens its just that... after i read new moon i had a very dim perspective of him. he just leaves bella all alone because he thinks shes 'safer' but shes actually in extreme danger and its as if he just disregarded that victoria is still (well was) out there and other vampires as well since bella has a very alluring scent to vampires so that was a very dumb move as if he would stay away from her until she died then die as soon as possible after. then he just comes back after they come from italy and barges back like every thing is okay, totally disregarding the fact that he left and hurt bella deeply. jacob is the only reason bella is still alive. he was there to protect her and there for her emotionally since she went into such a deep depression that she couldnt even think about edward or anything that was similar to him and his family. jacob was bella's personal sun. and they would have been a good couple bella and jacob and she was about to cave in about the idea of being with jake that way and if she had never jumped off of that cliff things would have been totally different. but thats why im team jacob so yeah JACOB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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