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Why Jacob is better than a bit I have to say to you Team Switzerland People

Alrighty then, so obviously, I am firmly Team Jacob. No one agrees with me but I know how I feel. Yes Edward may be perfect, hot, strong, musically talented, and a forbidden vamp. Wait what? Forbidden? Huh, what does this sound like? Romeo and Juliet, and are those two really in love, or just in love with the idea of being in a forbidden love. Makes you think...

Now, the whole running away issue: Edward did it to. But they both hurt her, well yeah but Edward lied, said he didn't love her and it tore Bella apart. Jake had to get out so he could let Bella be happy!!! He came back too, just to make Bella's wedding day even more special. Bella had to literally fly over to stop Edward; did he check on Bella? no. Did he see if Rosalie might be lying about Bella being dead? no, he decided to be all dramatic and try to kill himself. I know I'm being hard on Edward and yeah, he always tries to protect Bella, but he is dead wrong on how to do so most of the time.

Team Switzerland, pick a side; do you care?!?!?!

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Comment by Laiza on February 22, 2009 at 12:22pm
I say, Jacob deserves the kiss.. Bella after all, admitted (atleast, to herself) that she loves Jacob.. Not the same height and weight of her love for Edward, alright.. But no one can deny that, that was love she's having there.
Anyhow, she will still choose Edward. Edward who was forgiven easily by wrecking her life. As Edward once accepted, he's guillty of hurting Bella (love of his life). So, he should be fine with Jacob's presence, he's the price he got to pay.. for abandoning Bella (not that he wasn't hurt) He's in pain all those time for sure.
But, that's how things are..
Say, Jacob back off from loving her, and leaving Bella with Edward the moment he came back (like most of us wanted) the story will be dead boring!
I'm glad SM write it the way it is.. she's a genuis!
Comment by Twilight Mystique on February 16, 2009 at 5:41pm
i totally agree with u !!!! TeamJacob4ever
Comment by Kaitlin311 on February 13, 2009 at 8:41pm
oh my gosh i completly disagree! Edward stayed away to keep bella safe!! He did all of the things in all of the stories to help bella. I agree that Jacob helped Bella a lot and got her out of her "dont talk to anyone" stage which made me extremely happy!. The one thing that makes me mad about Jacob is that he tried and tried again to kiss bella and it made me so frustrated! Oh and if you didn't guess im definatly Team Edward

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