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Why Stephenie Meyer may think that she is finished when so many of us think that she isn't.

Discussion: Over 21 with O.C.D

I have been doing some thinking about why Stephenie Meyer (SM) thinks that she is finished and why there are so many of us who were left feeling that it wasn't really over.

I remember finishing Breaking Dawn (BD) and feeling very unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong, I loved the book. My wife got me Twilight just before I left for a business trip. I bought New Moon (NM) to read on the way there. I bought Eclipse while I was out and then BD to read on the way back. I had finshed BD before I got on the plane. I was hooked like some kind of Twilight junkie. I got on the Internet and read everything on her web site. I have been lurking around the discussion group before this for quite some time. And I still couldn't get enough. I can't wait for the twilight saga: the official guide. But it still wasn't enough.

I think that part of the problem is that for me the saga didn't feel over at the end of BD. I just can't believe that Bella's bad luck will allow her to live happily ever after. It seems like for four books her bad luck, like a black hole, has been pulling everything danagerous right to Bella. There is a thread in this discussion about something higher up on the food chain than a vampire. If there was such a creature, Bella's bad luck is sure to draw it right to her. Her becoming a Vampire didn't solve the problem because the issues with Irina and the Volturi developed after she became a vampire. And of course the Volturi were not defeated but repulsed. They are alive to fight another day. Not that I wanted a Hamlet style ending, but with that loose end the saga doesn't feel over. The Volturi will regroup and return. It is not an if question but a when question.

It isn't just the loose ends. For example I would like to see Rene's reaction when she meets Renesmee. Because Rene is going to know immediately that Renesmee is her no kidding granddaughter as soon as she lays eyes on her. She is going to spot Charlie's eyes and Charlie's curls faster than he did, and he spotted them in a heart beat. And when she can breath again, she is going to be so over joyed to know her. It is almost cruel to keep Renesmee from her grandmother. But I could live with that. That loose end is kind of like the many loose ends left at the end of the Harry Potter series. I strongly felt like we were owed one more Harry Ginny kiss. I want to know if they live in Grimwald Place for Godric's Hollow. But I felt like the story had ended because Tom Riddle was finally dead. I don't have the same kind of closure with the Twilight Saga.

Now my theory why SM thinks she is finished. (I hope I am wrong because I would love to read more.) If you remember originally there were only two books Twilight and Forever Dawn not four. FD the original sequal to Twilight took up after Bella has graduated and had a similiar plot BD. There are some key differences. First the events in NM and Eclipse did not happen. Edward never left. Bella never fell in love with Jacob. Laurent never tried to eat Bella so the wolves didn't kill him. In fact, he is still happily living with the Denali coven. Victoria didn't get the bright idea to make an army of new borns and attack the Cullens. So Victoria is still alive. The wolves and the vampires have never fought together before. Jacob did imprint on Renesmee and that is probably what pulled the wolves in to side with the Cullens to protect her. So instead of Irena reporting Renesmee to the Volturi, it was Reilly who reported her for Victoria. So in FD Victoria, the last loose end from Twilight is the cause of all of the conflict. The wolves kill Victoria in FD. With Victoria dead, the last antagonist falls, and we have the end of the story.

The twilight saga has two streams of conflict flowing through it. There is the romantic conflict which encompasses the lion's share of the story. And there is the violent conflict. The romantic conflict started when Bella first lays eyes on Edward and ends as they continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of their forever. The first stream of violent conflict starts when James decides to hunt Bella and ends when Edward kills Victoria. The second stream of violent conflict starts when Irena decides to report Renesmee to the Volturi and is left hanging. With Victoria dead in Eclipse, the violent conflict from Twilight is concluded. Now I know that the romantic conflict is still ongoing, but the violent conflict has ended. So in Eclipse the last antagonist from Twilight falls. This means that we introduce a new antagonist in BD. So in BD the romantic conflict is resolved; however, the violent conflict starts all over again.

Twilight and FD had one stream of romantic conflict and one stream of violent conflict and both streams were resolved together. Twilight, NM, Eclipse, and BD have one steam of romantic conflict and two streams of violent conflict and the second stream is left open.

I am afraid that for SM the story always ended with FD. In its original concept both streams of conflict ended together providing a satisfying ending. As the story was expanded to include NM and Eclipse the violent conflict became disjointed to us, but she still sees the original continuity she envisioned. She can with great satisfaction write "the end". We are left scratching our heads saying, "and then what?" We know that violent conflict is still open. Not too mention we are the over 21 crowd. We know very well that "I do" is not the end but the begining. There has been so much external stress on Edward and Bella's relationship that there has been very little time for internal stress in their relationship.

I am afraid that right now SM is plotless. There are lots of subplots and mysteries, but she needs a good plot to be moved to write another book in the saga.

Now I am going to list somethings that give me hope that there may be more. These are just little hooks that she left that she might be thinking of using later.

In Twilight and especially Midnight Sun (MS) Bella seems like she has many vampire like qualities. She can smell blood. She is very constant and does change. Etc. In the last discussion group there was a long thread about it being no big deal that Bella could smell blood lots of people can smell blood etc. That isn't important. What is important is that Edward's reaction to it. Authors aren't typically in the habit of tosing out red herings and this one definately flopping around on the table. I suspect that Bella could have some Vampire blood. Who knows Renesmee's great great great grand childern may have no idea that they have vampire in their blood either. Wouldn't it be cool if her Vampire great great great ... grandfather were still around.

SM knows way too much about Didyme. She has no idea who is Embry's father, but she know the whole story behind Aro's sister and Marcus' wife. It seems strange to me to have that much back story for a character that isn't even mentioned in the saga.

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