The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

One day in Forks Bella met Edward,and then she met Jacob her old family friend. But
what you dont know is Bella had a best friend named Alicia;yes they dont seem like the original
best friends but they are; It's Bella's last year in high school,and its the first day of 12th
grade for Bella,Alicia comes to forks high school.

"well looks like my new school" Alicia says will she walks in the school

Bella was walking into the office and overheard the conversation wit the new girl in the
office. So she went over and said.

"i can show her around i have nothing better to do?"asked Bella waiting for a response
"sure u can dearie,this is Alicia Saint"said the lady

Bella heard the name of the girl and was shock to hear that name come out.

"Wait Alicia Saint ???"Bella said
"Yeah thats me"Alicia said with a weird face on
"It's me Bella Swan"Bella said excitedly
"OH MY GOD no way Bella how are you"Alicia said as she hugged Bella
"I'm fine u havent changed one bit"Bella said as she smiled
"you havent either"Alicia said smiling
"lets get u to class" Bella said happy

Bella and Alicia had ever class together they talked none stop.they caught up with
everything that happend after Bella left.

"So Bella i see thats edward and his family"Alicia said pointing at Edward the the other
"Yes that is"Bella said
"Wow i see the guys are taken "Alicia said
"Yeah pretty much....but one person i know isn't taken"Bella said with a look on her face
"Yeah who?"Alicia asked
"My friend Jacob Black,maybe u can i don't know see if you can date him or just flirt
alittle with him"Bella asked
"Sure but after school i need to go to another school to help with tutoring other
kids"Alicia said
"Cool what school"Bella asked
"its some Private school in La Push "Alicia said
"Jacob goes there u might see him "Bella said
"Cool listen i have 2 go to the other school soon so i will call you later ?"Alicia said
"ok sure i will talk to you later"Bella said

Bella and Alicia went there different ways after the last bell rang for everyone to
leave the school.
Alicia got into her car and drove off the La Push while blasting her music half way there.When
she got there she seen a few guys there and other tutors.When she walked in the school they was
pair with students that they have to tutor.Alicia seen that she got Jacob Black as her tutor

"Okay where is Jacob Black"Alicia said

Jacob came inside the cafe and he heard his name being called.

"Yeah thats me what can i do for you?"he asked
"well your my student that i have to tutor first thing and second meet me in the history
room"Alicia said as she walked ou the cafe and into the history room

Jacob followed her into the room and just looked at her.

"You are different then my other tutors"he said
"Then that's a good thing,ok i dont play games i have no time for them,second you have to
work if you dont then i walk out the door and get my paycheck"Alicia said
"ok thats fine with me"Jake said as he sat in the chair

Alicia started to tutor him until it was time for her to go home.whenthe bell rang she got
her stuff and left the room.Jacob ran after her and walked by her side.

"Alicia maybe sometime we should hang out ?"he said
"Maybe we can but i have plans my with my old bud Bella"she said walking to her car
"you know Bella?"he asked
"Yes i do she is my old best friend and now that i moved to forks i see Bella now so"Alicia
said getting in her car
"Huh." Jacob snorted.
"What?" Alicia said, as she stared up at Jacob in her car.
"Oh. Bella and I, are great friends. She didn't tell me about you." Jacob clarified.
"Oh, really? Well, it's been so long. So, yeah." Alicia said.
"Well, I have to go, Jacob." Alicia said, as she started the car.
"Where you going?" Jacob asked.
"To Bella. She wants to hang with me." Alicia sighed.
"Oh? Can I come with? I'd love to hang. I have so much school work, it's gets annoying." Jacob said, as he walked to the passenger side of the car.
"Sure, sure." Alicia said, as she unlocked his door.
Jacob got in and put his backpack in the back seat. Alicia drove off, and she was at Bella's house in minutes.

Chapter 2

"Wow!" Jacob said, as he had his hands on the seat, crushing it. "You drive really fast. I like that." He smiled. Alicia blushed as she stared down at the floor.
"Thanks." Alicia said, as she got out the car and walking towards Bella's door. Jacob giggled. *knock knock knock* Alicia knocked on Bella's door.
"Coming!" Bella yelled. Bella opened the door with her eyes wide open. Alicia was smiling, as Jacob giggled.
"Hey Jacob! What are you doing here with Alicia?" Bella asked.
"She tutored me, then when we were done... she said she was going to see you. I told her 'Wow, you know Bella?' then bam... I'm here." Jacob confrimed.
"He followed me." Alicia laughed.
"Whatever. Come in, guys." Bella smiled.
Alicia and Jacob walked past Bella. Alicia gasped and Jacob snorted at her reaction.
"It's been so long!" Alicia looked around the room.
"Wow! I never thought I'd see a person go crazy over a house, but here it is." Jacob laughed. They started talking of school. Alicia asked again of the Cullens. Jacob stiffened.
"So, who's this Edward Cullen you speak of, Bella?" Alicia prompted.
"He's my boyfriend, more or less." Bella blushed.
Jacob just glared at Bella, seeing her reaction.
"Boyfriend, huh?" Alicia fished. "Why'd you say 'More or less'?"
"Oh, I dont know. He's just not someone you get use too." Bella said, looking down.
Jacob's face looked really pissed off.
"What do you mean 'Not someone you get use too'?" Alicia looked confused.
"Well, I don't want to freak you out or make you think I'm crazy."
"Try me." Alicia said, confident.
"Well, the Cullens, my boyfriend, is a.... vampire." Bella looked down while she talked.
"Vampires. Wow."
"You believe me!?" Bella looked shocked. She stared up at Alicia.
Jacob was shivering in anger.
"Well, its not scary cause..." Alicia hesitated
"I'm a.... vampire as well." Alicia confessed.
"WHAT!?" Bella screamed.
Jacob glared at Alicia then Bella as they talked.
"Yes, I am."
"Who changed you?" Bella continued to yell.
"Victoria" Alicia said, sadly.
"What? She was... holy crow!" Bella thought.
"What?" Alicia looked at Bella, worried.
"Alicia, Victoria is the one I told you of. She tried to get me because Edward killed James. Victoria and James were together. So, Edward killed James before he could get to me. And he killed em. Now, Victoria tried to get me."
Alicia just stared shocked.
"No wonder it smelled weird...." Jacob muttered.
"What! You serious! She got to me. I didnt do anything to her. I was just in Seattle on day at night and boom, she got me." Alicia said.
"I can't believe your a vampire. How long has this been!" Bella contiued to yell.
"Calm down, it's only been 13 years since that happen." Alicia brushed it off
"13 years!" Bella scoffed. "Well, at least your not like the Cullens age." Bella muttered.
"How old are the Cullens any way?" Alicia asked.
"Well, Edward is 108 years old."
"When did he turn?"
"I don't remember that well, he only told me once. It was 1901, when he was born, then 1918 was when the Influenza hit. He got sick and he was dying... Carlisle found him. Edward was only 17 that time. Carlisle changed him 1918 when he was only 17."
"Some story." Alicia said, dully. Bella snorted. Jacob was still pissed, you could tell by the way he looked, and the way he stared at everyone.
"Your a vampire, Alicia?" Jacob interrupted.
Alicia stopped talking to Bella and stared at Jacob. "Yes, Jacob. I am a vampire." Alicia clarified.
"I'm being tutored by a vampire?" Jacob thought
Alicia nodded, "Yeah. So...?"
"Do you know what I am? Don't I smell to you?" Jacob asked.
Alicia sniffed, and stiffended. "You smell bad, horrible."
"Do you know what I am?" Jacob asked, glaring.
Alicia shook her head, "No." Jacob snorted.
"I'll tell you what I am, Alicia. I'm a werewolf. From the Quileute pack back then. My grand father, Ephraim Black, was the chef of the pack, The alpha-- Bella calls it. Now, I'm second in command, the beta. Sam Uley, is the leader. There's more of us. It's because of you bloodsuckers, of the reason were like this. I nor them, choose this life--" Jacob continued, getting louder.
"Jake, please--" Bella begged.
"No" Jacob interrupted. "I'm still explaining."
Alicia looked worried, not for herself, but for Bella.
"We didn't choose this life, like I said before. You.. bloodsuckers--" he yelled into Alicia's face. Jacob stopped to compose his face, he gritted his teeth and sighed. "You corpses messed up, our living of life. You--" he pointed to Alicia. "Blame your living from the dead of me--" he poked his chest. "You made me this way." Jacob looked around. "Goodbye Bella.... Alicia." Jacob walked out. Then you heard the sound of something ripping apart. Bella ran outside. It was Jacob's pants, and you saw him... running as a wolf in the trees. Bella looked sad, and worried, so many emotions covered her face. Then... she dropped to the floor that she was standing on and cried. Alicia grabbed Bella off the floor and carried her to her room. Then...

Chapter 3
As Alicia carried Bella to her room, you heard someone gasp. Bella looked around. Alicia stopped and put Bella down.
"Hello?" Bella called out.
"Bella." Edward said, confused.
"Edward!" Bella ran to Edward and hugged him.
"Bella, who is this?" Edward looked at Alicia. Edward smiled.
"Edward, this is my friend from the past... Alicia" Bella giggled.
Alicia walked forward. Edward and her shook hands.
"Nice to meet you." Edward smiled.
"Same here." Alicia replied.
"Bella, I came because Alice said she couldn't see you. Where were you? With Jacob?" Edward asked.
"Yes" Bella said, sad. "He came, but then things got all crazy and he got mad that.. Alicia is a vampire and--"
"I knew it." Edward said, to himself. Bella giggled.
"Yes, she is, and Jacob blamed her and all the vampires for him being a wolf. I thought he liked being one." Bella thought.
"Yes, he does. Just not what made him become one." Edward replied.
"Well, what's going to happen?" Alicia bugged in.
"You could come meet my parents?" Edward asked.
"Sure." Alicia smiled.
Edward, Alicia, and Bella drove to the Cullens house in Alicia's Ford. When they arrived at the home, Alice was out front.
"Hi, Bella, Edward... Alicia." Alice greeted
"Hi, Alice" Bella replied.
"Alice" Edward said.
"How do you know my name?" Alicia asked.
"Alice can see the future. Not a clear thing of it, it's subjective." Bella told her.
"You remember!" Edward smiled.
"Yes, of course. Your like my future family." Bella laughed.
"Were going to be shopping buddies. You like pretty clothes. So do I." Alice smiled. Alicia laughed.
They all four walked in, and Jasper was the first Alicia saw.
"Alice, where were you?" Jasper asked.
"Outside, meeting my new friend, and Edward and Bella." Alice told him
"New friend?" Jasper asked, Alice nodded and stared at Alicia. Then all the Cullens: Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and lastly Carlisle walked in. Alicia, right now, is the center of attension. She blushed again.
"What?" Alice asked.
"She's embarrest of all this attension." Jasper explained. Edward chuckled.
"Hello darling. Is she a --" Esme asked Edward. Edward nodded. "Your a vampire! What age are you? Who changed you?" Esme asked.
Alicia stared at Edward, knowing he'll tell.
"Victoria changed her, 13 years ago." Edward explained.
Esme stared at Alicia with wide eyes. Carlisle walked forward, in caution. Jasper changed the mood to make it better for everyone.
"Hello, I'm Carlisle Cullen, this is my coven of vampires. You'll be safe here, if you'd like to stay. This is--" he pointed to everyone of them that he said. "Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, my wife, Edward, you know, and Alice, you know as well, and Bella, your friend." He smiled.
"Nice to meet you all." Alicia said, happily.
"Glad to meet you" Esme said, and she shook hands with her. Rosalie whispered something to Emmett and they both flew upstairs.
"Did I do something wrong?" Alicia asked, sad.
"No, they want to talk privately." Edward sighed.
"Oh." Alicia said, surprised

Chapter 4

Alicia and Bella are at Bella's house. Then.. Jacob comes.
*knock knock knock*
"Who's there?" Bella called out, as Alicia stiffened. She looked very nervous and angry as well.
"Me, Jacob. Your friend..." Jacob called back. Bella opened the door, and Jacob hugged her. Then, Jacob stiffened. Bella stared at Jacob, probably knowing he knows Alicia is here.
"Your friends here, isn't she?" Jacob muttered to Bella. Bella nodded to Jacob. Jacob huffed.
"May I come in?" Jacob asked, scrutinizing Bella's reaction.
Bella nodded to Jacob, "Yeah, c'mon in Jake." Jacob walked pass Bella staring straight at Alicia. Alicia got up and walked towards the kitchen. Jacob stared at her until she walked away, then stared at Bella.
"How's it going, Bells?" Jacob asked, happily.
Bella smiled, "It's going great! Now that Alicia is back. We can have so much girl talk!"
"What about Alice, isn't she going to be jealous. You know, she still has human emotions." Jacob stared at Bella. Her face dropped.
"No, she wont be jealous. She likes Alicia."
"Are you sure, Bella?"
"Yes, really sure." Bella stared at Jacob, confused.
"Well, just saying." Jacob walked away, onto her couch. He sat there, and turned on the TV to sports 'ESPN'.
"May I speak to you, Bella?" Alicia called. Bella walked over the kitchen.
"Yeah, sure. About what?"
"Your friend in there." Alicia directed towards the living room, with her chin.
"Yeah, Bella. I don't feel right with him here. It feels like he thinks I'm going to do something wrong. Since he knows what I am."
"Well, I can talk to him for you.. if you want?" Bella asked.
"I dont think it would work anyway. He doesn't like listening well. Does he?"
"Nope. He's not a person to reassure." Bella said, hopelessly. She knew from the past, especially, that he didn't like to 'compromise' with people that much. Especially vampires. No, especially not vampires. Jacob walked in the kitchen.
"You know I can hear you, right?" Jacob said, unamused by the conversation.
Bella's cheek went bright red, and Alicia just glared at Jacob.
"What do you want from Bella? Why are you here, Jacob?" Alicia snarled. Jacob looked really pissed off, his whole body quivering in anger.
"I'll tell you why I'm here, only. I'm here, cause I want you, away from Bella." Jacob snarled in anger. Bella just looked at both of them, not sure of what to do. Because, she's only a human.
"Bella and I are best friends. She trusts' me!" Alicia yelled.
"Not really good friends. She didnt even know what the hell you were!" Jacob yelled back.
"Well, now she knows! So, you dont need to worry!" Alicia yelled, getting louder.
"Actually, yes I do! I protect others from you bloodsuckers! You'll get so thirsty, that you'll use her as your food!" Jacob spit in Alicia's face.
Alicia changed out of no where. First, she was just yelling, know she's in a crouch, ready to pounce on her prey: Jacob.
"Please, no! No, no, no, Alicia dont!" Bella yelled, as Alicia jumped at Jacob. Then, one second, Alicia was in the air, then Edward held Alicia towards the wall by her neck. Bella stared in horror at Alicia. Then she stared at Jacob, and Sam was holding Jacob back.
"C'mon Jacob. Lets go outside, before you break the whole house." Sam said, in a husky voice. Jacob only stared straight at Alicia.
"I'll kill you. I'll do it right now!" Jacob yelled at Alicia.
"Bring it, dog!" Alicia screamed. Jacob snarled, and so did Alicia. Jasper walked in, trying to make everything fine, but.. nothing worked. Edward sighed. Sam pulled Jacob outside, as Jacob tried to get free. Edward stared at Alicia.
"Do you want me to let you go?" Edward asked.
"Yes, that would help." Alicia said, as she stared at Edward. Bella stood in the kitchen, her hands scratching the walls, holding on so tight, with big wide eyes.
"I'm sorry, Alicia. I didnt mean too." Bella apologized.
"It's fine. Wasnt your fault anyway. It was the dogs." Alicia snarled, as she stared at the door.
"Calm down." Jasper said, calmly to Alicia. And so, she did calm down.
"Sorry." Alicia apologized, as she stared at Bella. Bella shook her head from side to side.
"Its alright." Bella said, breathless. Edward walked over to Bella. Bella stared up at him confused. Edward put his right hand on her back and squeezed it tight. His left hand was on her neck, holding her to him. Edward lips just tapped Bella's and she went wild. She grabbed his jacket and held it so tight, he pulled her closer. Alicia stared down at the floor, awkward. Edward giggled, reading Alicia's mind of course. Bella stared at Edward's face, confused.
"What Edward?" Bella asked, while Edward giggled. Edward stared at Alicia while he told Bella.
"Alicia thinks 'we should get a room'." He continued to giggle. Bella laughed.
"Sorry, it's just... getting awkward, watching you to, by me, kissing." Alicia sniffed. Bella laughed more.
"Alicia, your funny!" Bella continued to laugh.
"Bella, your tired. You haven't slept in a long time. You should sleep." Alicia stared at Bella.
"I'm not tired, Alicia. I'm fine. Don't worry."
"Bella, your not conherent. Sleep." Alicia said, as she glared at Bella. Edward stared at the room, lost in thought.
"I'm not sleepy, Alicia. Don't going nuts. Calm down." Bella said, aggresively.
"No, Bella! You need your sleep. GO TO BED!" Alicia yelled. The room was quiet. Bella stared, with wide eyes at Alicia. Edward stopped staring off into space, and at Alicia. The room was just silent. They all were staring at Alicia. Alicia looked down at the floor.
"I have to leave, excuse you." She said, as she glided past Edward, and out the door. She slammed the door behind herself. Bella stared at Edward, with wide eyes.
"Edward, what in the world just happened? What I do?!" Bella was amazed and confused. Edward stared down at Bella, wondering what was going through her head at the moment.
"What are you thinking?" Edward asked, ignoring her question.
"What just happened to Alicia? That's what I'm thinking. That's why I just asked you, what happened?" Bella stared at Edward, irritated.
"She... has anger issues. She and Jacob are perfect for each other." Edward said, smiling.
"What are you keeping from me?" Bella asked, she glared at Edward, knowing he was hiding something.
"Nothing, love. Don't worry. You worry so much, all the time. C'mon, get you in bed, to sleep." Edward grabbed Bella, and ran up the steps to her room. He lied her on the bed, covered her with sheets, and sang the lullaby she loved.
"I can't sleep." Bella sighed.
"Try." He purred.
"I can't. Your not explaining to me what your hiding. I can't sleep, when I don't understand. I'm just, under pressure. Right now." Edward sighed. Bella closed her eyes, fake sleeping. Edward thought she was sleeping and started talking to himself.
"If you were with any other person, or any monster than me. You would live happily. You wouldn't be, in constant danger around me. If only..." Edward sighed. Bella drifted to sleep after Edward's speech. She thought as she slept.
'What did Edward mean? That I would be better off with any other monster or human. I would, and will only be perfect with only one but him. Why can't he just accept that I only need him!? I love him, and only him!'
"Edward, I love you." Bella said, in her sleep.
"Love, are you awake?" Edward asked, staring at Bella from the rocking chair in the corner.
"I love you..." Bella sighed. Edward got up from his seat and walked over to Bella's bed. He sat near her, stared at her face, and rubbed her hair back.
"If only, my love." Edward sighed, as he rubbed her hair back from her face. Bella's eyes open slowly. She stared up at him. confused. Edward just rubbed her hair, acting as if she were sleep still. She grabbed his hand, and put it to her cheek.
"What did you say?" She asked.
"What are you talking about?" He looked confused.
"If only, I were with someone else but you." She stared at him, knowing he knew what she was talking about.
"Bella..." He sighed.
"Tell me." She begged.
"Bella, it's... it's nothing. Forget it."
"How can I forget it, when I heard it, while you thought I was asleep last night."
"Just, forget it."
"No, I want you to explain it to me." She stared at his face, begging. "Please." she stared into his eyes.
"You know, I always fall for that face." He said, smiling.
"Of course, that's why I use it!" She laughed, and so did Edward.
"Bella, you are my love. I love you, forever. Never forget that."
"I wouldn't." Bella still had his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes, and rubbed his hand on her cheek.
"So, cold...." She muddered. She continued to rub her cheek with his hand. He groaned, he pulled his hand away, she opened her eyes, shocked.
"I can't, Bella. I can't control myself. You know that already."
"I wasn't trying to test you. I was just hot." She said, sadly. He stared into her eyes, and smiled. Pleased with what he saw.
"I love your eyes, Bella. Brown, fits you." He smiled wider.
"Thank you." She smiled, happily.

Bella and Edward lied on the bed for the rest of the day. Bella turned over, to stare at Edward.
"Why are you distracting me? What did you say, when you thought I was sleep?" Bella stared deeply into his eyes. He laid there staring at her at then, he leaned in and kiss her. The kiss was passionate. Like any other kiss they had, that was aggressive.Bella leaned away; for the first time ever. She stared at him, confused.
"What... are... you... doing?" Bella asked, between kisses.
"I want you." Edward said, as he kissed her jaw, down to her neck.
"What? What about all the protecting me?" She stared down at him, while he still kissed her neck softly. Holding her between his iron grasp. Bella was going to loose herself, in this. She shook her head.
"I was silly. Just trying to protect you, love. But, I could control myself.. for now." He still kissed her neck, while she was holding him tightly on his back. She is loosing herself in this position. He rolled her over, and he is now on top of her. She felt everything single piece of him. She loved every second of this. She held him tightly on the back, never letting go. She put her hand under his chin, to lift his head. He looked up at her, and she leaned in, so did he. She started to unbutton her clothing, he helped her. She stared at him shocked; as he opened up her button shirt. He opened her shirt, and saw her beautiful skin; pale, smooth, soft. He leaned in; kissed her stomach, and going down. Bella sighed. He started to unbutton her pants; he slide it down her legs. Then, it was all a blur.... (Picture:

The sunlight was just coming up, when Bella fell asleep. Edward rubbed her hair; then got out of bed. He walked over to her bathroom. (Oh yeah, Charlie isnt mentioned much, but he is on vacation). He put on extra clothes; that Alice bought him. Alice knew exactly what was going to happen, so she planned clothes. Edward put on the clothes Alice had bought him, and went into Bella's room. He sat in the corner, in the rocking chair, and watched Bella.
"I love you....."Bella sighed. Edward looked at her.
"Bella, love?" Bella turned over; to stare at Edward.
"Yes." She stared at him, smiling.
"Were you fake sleeping again?"
"Sorta." She laughed. She looked over herself; staring at her clothing. She saw: She's naked, with covers on top of her.
"Bella..." Edward sighed, as he walked over to her bed.
"What... happened... last night?" She stared at herself, then Edward. "Did we...?" She asked.
"Yes, we did." He answered.
"Wow. That was amazing! One of the best nights with you. We could.. go again...." She got up from lying on the bed; she pulled the covers with her towards him. He stared at her; shocked.
"Bella?" He said, confused.
"Yes, Edward." She said, sliding closer towards him.
"Are you okay, love?" He asked her; she looked somewhat tired, so he asked her.
"Yes, I'm perfectly fine. Why would you ask?" She stopped sliding closer, to stare at him.
"Well, love.. you look tired, and not coherent." He said, rubbing her shoulder. She stared at his hand on her shoulder; getting the wrong impression. She slide closer to him, kissing his upper lip. He moved closer, and so did she. She licked his lip with her tongue. He groaned, and stopped her. She tried to lean to him again, but he stopped her by putting his hand on her shoulder again. She grabbed his hand and put it on her face; smelling it.
"Your really not coherent, hon. Please, sleep." Edward said, rubbing her face with his hand that she held.
"Why, Edward?" She whined.
"No offense love. But, your acting.. sexual." He said, staring at her.
"I am? Oh, sorry. Im messing with your self control."
"Not really. But, your acting weird." He laughed, with his velvet voice.
"Sorry, Edward." She looked very smug; her cheeks turned bright red. Edward smiled, and rubbed her cheek; the one thats bright red.
"Blushing, lovely." He mumbled. Bella laughed.
"I guess I am tired." She yawned.
"Sleep love." Bella laid down on her pillow, and slept.

Hours past, Bella slept; while Edward went to the Cullens house.. and see's Alicia.

Edward walked into his home, seeing Alicia sitting down on the couch.
"Hello Alicia." Edward greeted her. Alicia turned around, and smiled.
"Hey, Edward!" She smiled, wide. Next to Alicia, was Alice. They were talking of shopping, and lots and lots of clothes. Alice smiled, smugly at Edward.
"How was your night, Edward?" Alice asked, giggling.
"Fine, thank you." Edward said, normally. Emmett walked in, with Rosalie wrapped around him. Emmett looked at Alice, then Edward.
"Am I missing a joke, Edward?" Emmett looked at Edward, confused.
"Not much of a joke, Emmett." Edward stared at Emmett.
"Well, its something... that your keeping...?" Rosalie said, to Alice and Edward.
"Not something you should be worrying about." Edward replied. Alicia turned from the TV and finally looked over at Edwards face.
"I have a pretty good idea, of what you guys did. Nice." Alicia winked.
"What?" Alice and Edward asked, staring at Alicia.
"Why tell it? So, Emmett could get at you..and Rosalie giggle?" Alicia continued
"Just say it!" Alice said, to Alicia.
"You and Bella had sex. Big whoop!" Alicia said, to Edward and the rest of the Cullens that came when she said 'Sex'. Emmett looked over at Edward, giggling.
"So, Edward... you and Bella had it." He started laughing, "How was it..doing a human?" Rosalie slapped his side. He stared at her, "What? Just asking, babe." He rubbed her side. Rosalie smiled, smug at Edward.
"It was... none of your business." Edward said. Esme stepped in front of Edward.
"You and Bella?" She asked. Edward nodded. Esme covered her mouth, smiling.
"Aw. How was it, honey? Is she okay?" Everyone looked at Edward; knowing he'll tell Esme, of all people.
"It was like, nothing I've ever imagined. Yes, she's fine.. but, not completely." Esme looked confused, Carlisle came in; looking confused also.
"Son, what do you mean 'Not completely'?" Carlisle asked Edward.
"She is asking, how can I say it.. sexual. She never acted this way before with me." He said, staring only at Carlisle and Esme.
"Sexual. Its probably her hormones kicking in. She is finally for you." As Carlisle said that, Emmett and Alicia laughed in mumbles. Rosalie giggled at Emmett, and Alice just smiled. Jasper walked from downstairs and hugged Alice; as he stared at Edward.
"Wow, Edward. You and Bella. Wasn't it tempting?" Jasper asked. Edward stared at Jasper.
"Not really, she was the one being tempted." Edward said, as Emmett laughed again.
"Do you need to excuse yourself, Em?" Alicia said, laughing as well.
"No, Im fine. C'mon Rose, lets go hunting." He and Rosalie jumped out the back door, to hunt. Esme walked near by Edward.
"Aw, you and Bella. Where is she? Charlie is on vacation." She asked, staring at Edward.
"She wasnt coherent when she woke. She was like, still drugged. Something like that, but she.. wasnt herself." He stared off into space.
"What do you mean 'Not herself', Edward?" Esme asked, interested.
"Well, she still wanted me." He giggled to himself, remembering it. Esme started to laugh.
"Aw, she was feeling love. For the first time. Your lovely Bella. How sweet." Esme kissed Edward's cheek and walked to Carlisle. Alicia got up.
"Have fun, Alicia." Alice said. Alicia smiled towards Alice, and stepped in front of Edward.
"Wow, you and Bella. Sweet. Well bye." Alicia left, and closed the door behind herself. Edward turned to stare at Alice.
"Where is she going? To Bella, shes sleep." Edward said.
"No, silly. To Jacob. She tutors him." Alice smirked.

(With Alicia and Jacob)

Alicia drove in her Ford towards La Push. While driving their she thought, 'Ugh, what if we have a fight? Bella would freak if she knew... Jacob Black, if you ever give me another problem with Bella the topic.. I will rip your leg off, DOG!' Alicia smiled at the thought. She did her evil laugh, to herself. She looked around, feeling silly and continued to drive down his road; until she saw a red wooden house, that looked like a barn. She parked in front of his house. Jacob walked out with a smile.
"Bel-- What the hell are you here for?" He asked, with his arms crossed.
"Im your tutor remember?" She said, hopelessly.
"Well, I quit that." He said, as he walked away. Alicia got out her car, and ran in front of him.
"Vampire, remember? Look, Im sorry." She said, as he faced a different direction.
"Why are you sorry?" He said, looking towards her.
"Because, I see what you think Im doing.. you think Im trying to get Bella away from you. That, I could eat her as my food. I dont do that, I follow the Cullens instructions. I only eat animals. Please, just please.. lets get along." She stared into his eyes, and he stared into hers. "Please, for Bella..." Jacob stared into Alicia's eyes, deeply...
Finally Jacob sighed, "Sure, but only for Bella. Friends?" He said, as he had his hands out. She shook his hands. Jacob had an expression on his face; like he smelled something bad.
"I know how you feel." She said, as she had the same face on.
"Well, I guess we could go study...?" Jacob said, putting his hands down.
"Bella told me you have motorcycles.. could we ride them instead?" Alicia asked, walking towards the shed.
"Yeah, sure. Funny that she told you and not Edward..." Jacob sighed.
"She didnt tell Edward?" Alicia asked, staring at Jacob.
"Well, he had to find out on his own." He said, laughing.
"Why, what happened?" She asked, more interested.
"I mistakenly told her..way back, I'd rather her die then change to one of.. you." Jacob said, staring down.
"Wow. She got upset didnt she?" Alicia said, smiling.
"Yeah, pretty much." He said, as they walked into the shed; he grabbed the motorcycles and put them in the truck of Alicia's Ford. They drove off to where Bella use to ride at. They spent hours, laughing and talking to each other. Like they weren't enemies, but friends. Then, another hour passed...
"Well, I have to go. See Bella." Alicia said, sadly.
"Could I come. I promise to act friendly..?" He asked; with puppy dog eyes.
"Sure." They put the bikes, back in his shed. They drove to Bella's house.
*knock knock knock* Alicia knocked on the door.
"Were immortal for god sakes." Jacob said, climbing up her wall. Alicia followed. They walked to Bella's bed, to see her covered with white sheets. Bella rolled over, and opened her eyes; to see Jacob and Alicia standing over her.
"Ahhhh!" Bella screamed.
"Shh! Its just us, Bella!" Alicia said, quietly.
"Oh my goodness! What the hell are you doing here?" Bella asked.
"Well, I wanted to see you the normal way." Alicia said, as she stared at Jacob. "But, Jacob climbed up your wall.. so I followed."
"Wow." Bella rolled over, forgetting the no clothes. And her leg popped out. She looked up shocked, and embarrass; covering herself.
"I already know.." Alicia started to laugh.
"I dont. Since when do you sleep with no pants.. Bella?" He asked, interested. Bella stared down; embarrass.
"Nothing, Jake... nothing." Bella sighed.
"Your such a bad liar, Bells. What is it?" He asked, happily.
"Should I say it, Bella?" Alicia asked.
"Yes, you should." Jacob said, glaring at them both.
"Um.. Jake. You'll take it, bad." Bella said, sadly.
"Please Bella. Have I ever hid something from you, ever since you know what I am?" He asked, probing.
"No, Jacob, no." Bella said."Tell me Bells." Jacob said, sadly now.
"Jacob, I just-- you wont like it. You'll get mad.. Please, just dont." Bella sighed.
"Well, I told you before. Im not giving up, until I get an answer. So, you better tell me now." Jacob said, crossing his arm, and leaning on the wall. Bella stared up at him and Alicia.
"Please..."Bella said, begging.
"Please what, Bella?" Jacob asked.
"Dont make me say it.. Please." Bella said, sadly.
"Well, Im waiting." Jacob stared at her, waiting.
"Okay, okay.. I'll tell you." Bella sighed.
"Are you sure, Bella?" Alicia asked, shocked.
"Yeah, I guess..."Bella sighed, "Jacob." She gulped.
"Im waiting..."Jacob said.
"Edward and I.. uh..."She looked at Jacob, and seeing in his expression he knew exactly what happened last night.
"Isabella Swan..."Jacob said, his arms uncrossed; walking towards Bella. "Please tell me you didn't"
"What Jacob?" Bella asked.
"Dont act dumb, Bella. Why in the damn world...would you have SEX--"he screeched, "With a damn vampire. An immortal. ARE YOU INSANE!?" Bella eyes were wide, with fright. Alicia looked at Jacob, waiting until he lost it, so she can come in.
"Jake.. I, I told you, you didnt want to here it."
"Why would you do that, Bella?!" He sat next to her, and she held the covers tight on her body to cover herself.
"Why would you barge into my room? Both of you!" She side-tracked; staring at Alicia and Jacob.
"Because, I can! Now, tell me, why!?" He said, looking her up and down.
"Because you can! Who the hell do you think you are?!" She yelled in his face.
"Guys..please..."Alicia said, slowly. Jacob turned to her.
"Now is not the time, Alicia."
"Jacob, it is time for you to stop. It's her life. She's married to Edward. You have no choice of who or what she is doing." Alicia said.
"Actually.. I care for her. Unlike you!" Jacob said, turning towards Bella.
"Any who--" Jacob said.
"Wait a second pup! You dont talk to me like that!" Alicia said, walking towards Jacob.
"Well, Bella and I were talking so, actually I can."
"No, no you cant! Excuse me, Bella." Alicia grabbed Jacob's arm and pulled him out the room. While Bella got of her bed, and walked towards her dresser. She put on a t-shirt and sweat; the usual. While Bella got dressed; Jacob and Alicia were talking outside her door.
"What the hell is going on with you, Jake?" Alicia asked, staring at him.
"Well, she's my friend and--"
"And nothing. She's married. Get over her. Find someone new!"
"I cant. I only love her. And, I told her before but, she married that bloodsucker anyway."
"Well, she loved him before she even met you at the beach." Jacob stared down at the floor. Alicia's words had gotten him sad. He walked out of the house; and shut the door behind him. Alicia stared hopelessly at the front door. She knocked on Bella's door *Knock knock knock*
"Yes?" Bella called, warily.
"Its only me, Bella."
"Okay, come in Alicia." Alicia opened the door, and saw Bella wearing clothes. Alicia giggled.
"Wow. Now you get dressed..." Alicia laughed.
"Well, you both came in. How could I get dressed with Jacob there?" Bella said, sitting on her bed; staring at Alicia.
"Yeah. You got me. But, are you okay? After him bugging out." Alicia sat next to Bella.
"Well, he did over-react to it. Like I knew what was going to happen. Im married for god sakes. He needs to get that, though." Bella said, hopelessly.
"Its okay, Bella. He just has feelings for you. Even though your into someone else."
"Im married!" Bella yelled; as she got up and left the room, closing the door. She walked down the stairs, towards the kitchen. Alicia followed. Bella got into the kitchen, and microwaved pop tarts. Alicia finally got into the kitchen and sat on the chair.
"Are you okay?" Alicia asked Bella, while Bella chewed. Bella swallowed her piece.
"Why in the world would I be okay?" She asked. Alicia stared towards the stairs.
"What?" Bella asked, staring towards Alicia and the stairs.
"Vampire..hmm?" Alicia sniffed, "Oh, its Edward." Alicia stared at Bella. Bella's cheeks went bright red. Edward walked in and saw them too.
"Edward!" Bella got up and ran towards Edward; she hugged him. He rubbed the top of her head.
"Hi, there!" He laughed. She stared up at him; dazzled by his eyes.
"I missed you. You dont know what I've been through while you were gone."
"Actually, I do. I'm reading Alicia's mind. She's going through it." Bella stared at Alicia, and chuckled.
"Im sorry that happened, love." Edward said, staring at Bella. Bella stared back at Edward.
"Its alright. But, he got overprotective. He's not married to me." Bella sighed.
"Its alright, love. He'll get over it." Alicia got up. Bella stared at her.
"Just going out. Give you some privacy." She walked out.
"Want to go to our house?" Edward asked.
"I like the sound of that, 'Our house'. And yes, I would love too." He grabbed her hand, and put her on his back and ran to the Cullens.

(At the Cullens home)

"Edward and Bella are coming!" Alice said, happily.
"I wanna see Bella." Emmett said, laughing.
"Oh, Bella! She and Edward.." Esme chuckled.
"Well, she's human. Who knows whats going to happen." Rosalie mumbled.
"Oh Rose. We'll take care of it." Alice said, "Im just happy, I saw it coming!"
"Why would you be happy, Edward and Bella did it?" Rosalie looked towards Alice, confused.
"Well, because... Bella is human. She may have a child. If she had her peri--"
"Alice. Stop with the girls talk." Emmett said, disgusted. Rosalie chuckled and rubbed Emmett's hair. Edward appeared with Bella walking beside him. Bella looked around, embarrass. She stared down at the floor, with her cheeks bright red again.
"Hello Bella!" Alice said, running to hug Bella. Alice put her arms around Bella to hug her.
"Ouch!" Bella said, in pain. Alice looked towards Bella.
"What? I didnt hurt you. I didnt put much pressure on you." Alice looked at Bella.
"No, my umm....belly." Alice's eyes went wide. Esme smiled; as she covered her mouth. Rosalie stopped rubbing Emmett's hair and stared at Bella. Edward looked down, shocked at Bella. Emmett was the only one; smiling.
"Aw. You might have a baby." Emmett smiled still. Bella looked at Emmett.
"A what?" She asked.
"Baby, silly. Alice had a vision... but, it was blurry"
"A baby!?" Bella said, shocked.
"Yeah. Whats so wrong about it?"
"The baby part. Im still only eighteen, Emmett. My mom and dad will kill me! They wouldn't accept!" Bella's eyes were wide with shock.
"Well, they cant deny.. your married." Emmett smiled, again.
"And!" Bella yelled, "Ouch!" She placed her hand over her stomach, and started to rub it.
"Calm down. You'll hurt yourself." Emmett said, shaking Rosalie. Esme smiled at Bella.
"Im so happy for you Bella!" Esme walked upstairs.
"Well, be careful. Your human still." Rosalie continued to rub Emmett's head. Alice started clapping; and jumping up and down.
"Yay, Bella!" She jumped in front of Bella.
"What Alice?" Bella asked.
"Your baby! Your having a baby! Yay!" She continued to jump.
"I, I, I cant. My mom and dad will kill me, Alice!" Bella said, stopping Alice from jumping.
"Your mom will accept it, your married. Your dad... will be angry but accept it later on."
"Are you serious?" Bella said, excited.
"Yes, Bella, yes!" Alice started hopping again.
"Stop it, Alice. Im getting dizzy." Alice stopped, and laughed; her wind chime laugh. Edward smiled, coming back from his thoughts.
"Bella, are you sure you want this?" Edward asked.
"Yes, it came from you. Why wouldn't I want it?" She smiled, and so did Edward; his eyes troubled. Bella starting thinking, 'Whatever Alice saw in her visions, I dont think Edward approves.'
"What are you thinking?" Edward asked; because Bella's face looked like she was thinking something really hard.
"What did Alice see in her visions?" she asked.
"She saw you and I, and our child." When he said this, his jaw tightened.
"There's more to it. What happened?" she said.
"While your giving birth, I-- nothing." Edward sighed.
"Tell me, Edward." She begged.
"I change you..." He sighed.
"Oh!" Bella said, surprised. While saying that she thought, 'Im going to be a vampire! Wow!" She smiled. 'No wonder Edward doesnt approve. He doesnt want me to be a monster. He'll have to deal with me as a vampire.' Bella put her hand on Edward's shoulder.
"Im sorry." She said, looking down.
"Why are you saying sorry?" He asked.
"You dont want to change me dont you...?" She said; he put his hand under her chin to see her face.
"Not really. Its you giving birth. The baby will destroy parts of your body."
"Thats all?" She asked.
"Yes. I dont want the baby to hurt you." He said, staring at her.
"Oh, I love you." She hugged him
"I love you too." He hugged her in return.

(With Jacob)

"Why would she DO a freaking vampire?" Jacob said to Billy.
"Well, Jacob. Its her choice. She's married, you know."
"Yeah, but.. a vampire!" He shook his head.
"Yes, I know. Im a little disgusted too. But, we must deal with her decision."
"No, I wont..." Jacob got up and walked out the house.
"Son please! Dont do anything towards them!" Billy called to Jacob. Jacob was already in his wolf form; running to the Cullens house.

(Running with Jacob; in his wolf form)

As Jacob ran to the Cullen home to do something he always wanted to do; even before Bella chose Edward. He wanted to fight Edward. To get all of his anger out of him; to just fight Edward. While Jacob ran, he thought, 'I cant wait to just hit him. Oh yeah! I'll kill him for all I care. Bella would get pissed, but who cares; she's human.' He laughed; in his wolf form. As he ran up the path to the Cullen home, he phased to his human form. And changed into clothes. He walked into the house; like he owns the place.
As he walked in; he heard Alice mumble, "Jacob is here, Bella." he smiled, happy they know he's hear. Bella came from upstairs; and hugged Jacob.
"I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Jacob. I'm sorry." she stared up at him, smiling apologetically.
"Yeah, yeah. Um, where's Edward?" he asked. She stared at him, confused.
"Why do you need to know where Edward is for?" she asked.
"Just tell me." he stared at her. The rest of the Cullens came down the stairs. Jacob stared away from Bella's eyes, and at the stairs; seeing Edward, expressionless.
"Hello Jacob." Edward said, expressionless.
"So, you and Bella huh?" Jacob said, skipping the greetings.
"What about us?" he asked.
"Dont act dumb, bloodsucker. You read my mind and know what the hell Im talking about!" he shrugged out of Bella's hug. Bella got grabbed by Alice, to the couch. They both sat there; Alice's face was out of it. She was in her visions.

Alice's vision: Jacob looked angrily at Edward. They walk outside, in the front lawn of the Cullens home.
"So, you had sex with Bella, huh?" Jacob asked, with his hands crossed.
"Why does it concern you?" Edward asked, warily.
"She's my friend, it concerns me!" he yelled.
"You have a bit of a temper dont you?" Edward smiled.
"Shut the hell up, blood sucker. I came here for one reason and one reason only." he yelled some more.
"What reason?" Edward asked. Jacob growled and turned into a wolf.
"To fight me...?" Edward asked. Jacob nodded in his wolf form; and huffed.
"Why?" he asked; Jacob started growling, communicated with him.
"Because what Bella and I were doing?" Jacob growled and nodded.
"That doesn't seem like a good enough reason for this Jacob. You already know, me and her are married." Jacob started walking slowly towards Edward, but in a circle; ready to pounce. Jacob growled once more. Then, two seconds later, Jacob growled again and jumped at Edward.

Alice gasped. Bella stared at her.
"Alice, you okay?" Bella asked, touching Alice's cold shoulder.
"No, you have to stop them." Alice whispered; so only Bella would hear.
"Why? What's going to happen?" Bella whispered back.
"Their going to fight, outside." Bella's eyes went wide, and stood up and walked in the middle of Edward and Jacob. Putting her hands out in front of both of them. Jacob looked down at Bella's hands, seeing her left hand; the ring. He growled. Edward grabbed Bella, and put her behind him.
"No!" Bella yelled.
"Stay away." Edward warned Bella. "You'll get hurt." Bella walked out from behind Edward and stood in between them again.
"I dont care. Your not fighting. Jacob." Bella stared at Jacob.
"What?" Jacob asked; not looking away from Edward.
"You want to fight him, because of what happened between him and I...?" she asked, confused.
"Yes." Jacob huffed.
"It doesn't concern you. Were married." Bella said.
"And?" Jacob prompted.
"Were married so you have no need to do this."
"Yes I do, your pregnant! By a parasite! A bloodsucking vampire, Bella. So, stay the hell out of this!" Jacob yelled; finally looking at Bella. Bella shivered.
"No. Your not hurting each other. Just because what's inside me, DOES NOT CONCERN YOU!" She yelled back. She yelled, "Ahhhhhhhh!" she fell onto the floor. Alice ran over to Bella, and put her hand to move the hair away from her face. Bella's face was purple-blue.
"Bella!" she yelled. Edward had his eyes on Jacob, but walked over to Bella. Esme, Rosalie, and Jasper were over Alice looking at Bella. Bella was laying on the floor, curled up in a ball; holding her belly tightly; shaking.
"Ouch!" Bella yelled.
"Bella? Speak to me. Please. What's hurting?" Alice said, petting Bella's cheek.
"My belly." Bella confirmed.
"Why does it hurt? Where?" Alice asked for more.
"I dont know. The baby has to be kicking. Stretching maybe." Bella rubbed her stomach. Alice picked Bella up from the floor and onto the couch. Rosalie placed a sheet over Bella to make her warm. Edward sat next to Bella, by the floor. He stared at her, while she stared at him. She rubbed his cheek; he closed his eyes.
"Are you okay?" he asked, opening his eyes to look at her.
"Yes. It was stretching or kicking, maybe. But, Im fine now." She smiled, half-heartedly.
"When Carlisle gets home, we'll have him check on the baby." She smiled thinking, 'Our baby. My little kicker. Edward Jr.'
"Okay." she rubbed Edward's hair, feeling the soft texture of it. Edward sat there the whole day, entertaining Bella while she lay there, talking to him; about their past. Jacob eventually left, pissed off of what happened. Alicia left to Paris, to other vampire covens. To seek adventure; and freedom.
"Remember when you first took me to the meadow, and I told you not to move?" Bella asked.
"Yes, of course I remember." Edward smiled.
"When I touched your chin, your eyes; underneath your eyes at the purple-ish bruise like shadows, and your cheek; so cold and warm at the same time, and then your lips; so cold, smooth like velvet. Like your voice." Bella laughed, remembering the times. Edward smiled, as he thought back.
"I remember the night I came to your house, and heard you say my name." Edward sighed, happily.
"And the time you stayed over, and heard me in my sleep say 'I love you' when you already knew that." She smiled.
"And the night when you thought you were dreaming. Like, you were having a nightmare. I had to convince you, you were awake."
"Oh yeah, I remember that." She chuckled. "And, the time you proposed to me. In your bedroom." He kissed her forehead.
"You love me far to much, for my own good." Edward sighed, having his forehead laid on her forehead. Bella closed her eyes.
"I love you more than you could ever imagine." She rubbed his face again; from his ear to his cheek bone. Over and over again. He stopped her hand, and placed her hand to his nose, and inhaled.
"So, mouth watering.." he sighed.
"So I see, I'm still your 'brand of heroin'." She chuckled, and he joined as well.
"Yes, I'm still fascinated by the boutique." He kissed her nose. She laughed.
"I love you." She smiled.
"I love you, too." She stared up to him, and he looked at her. She was dazzled again by the beauty sent upon her; she leaned in, closing her eyes. He leaned in as well, closing his eyes, and they kissed passionately.

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