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There was a girl named Jessica young. Everyone called her Jessy. She had and wore nothing but black. She had pale skin with a hint of tan. Some people called her goth, but that was an understatement! She kept to herself. She had no friends. She also never laughed,smiled,or giggled. She just sat and read her book, but that all changed when she moved.

It was a sunny day in Key West Florida and we were packing up our stuff to move. I was going to miss florida, but it made my mom happy. We are moving to Culumbus Ohio. My mom's new boyfriend,Cole lives up there and we were moving into his house. They have been togethere for five months. Personally i think she is moving too fast, but im not aloud to bring it up again.
"Mom maybe you're moving to fast with this guy?" She stared at me for a minute before speaking.
"I'm not moving to fast! Moving to fast would be getting married. Hahaha." We both flinched at the word married. Her laugh also sounded off. The moving van was already to go. So I turned on my IPod and opened my book and said my last good-bye.

The moving van pulled up to a small little house. The outside was a deep rich red brick. A wood porch and a stone driveway. To cute for me to live in. At least it was two stories.
"Jessy... Come help me with these bags and stuff." My mother was never really good with heavy objects. Just as I was about to answer, Cole came out.
"I thought I heard you you guys." I had only seen him a few times, so when he came out it took me a second before i realized who it was.
Cole was a tall man, tan and broad. He had golden brown hair and blue eyes. He was just a few inches taller than my mom with pink lips. Every time mom sees him she says, "My heart stops and then love." It was pretty weird hearing her say that even though she says it ALL the time. I was still not used to it.
I grabbed all of my stuff and headed up the walk way to the house. "Hey there Jessica!" said Cole. He still didnt call me by my real name. "It's Jessy." I said in a whisper just loud enough for him to hear. "Sorry...Jessy." He said my name with a smug smile that I couldn't place.As he passed me I could smell odor and a hint of lilac that almost made me barf. I don't see how mom could stand to be around that. He walked straight up to my mom and kissed her in front of me,the neighbors,and the moving guys. I felt so embarrassed that I ran into the house,went to my room, and shut the door.
I closed the door, threw my book-bag on the floor, and finally looked at my room. All I saw was pink. The walls were pink with yellow flowers. The bed had pink and yellow sheets. In the corner there was a stack of dolls so high they touched the ceiling. I couldn't stop staring! I was so upset that i screamed at the top of my lungs.
I guess I yelled pretty loud because my mom and Cole came into the house and were bangning on my door. "Jessy!! Honey, what's wrong?" my mom said. As if she didn't know what was wrong! "Yeah...Jessy. What happened?" said Cole. I ignored Cole's question and answered my mom, "IT'S PINK! THERE IS PINK EVERYWHERE!!! I THINK I'M GOING TO THROW UP!" i screamed. "Jessy, let us in honey." said my mom.

So I opened up the door and gave the both of them the stank eye as they walked into my room.

My mom inched her way into my room as if she was afriad I was going to run away screaming. Cole came in behind her and stood close to the door, as far away from me as possible in the pink room.

Mother walked up to me, grabbed my shoulders, and shook me gentely. "Jess. You need to calm down honey. I'm sure Cole didn't you that you don't like pink-" Oh yeah sure, like that was possible. I wore black everyday and he knew there was no ounce of color in my old room. I'm sure he had no idea. "- I'm sure it was an honest mistake. Wasn' it honey?" asked my mom.

Cole looked up startled, as if he didn't really know my mom was talking to him. "Oh. Yeah. It was an honest mistake. I had no idea you didn't like pink." Yet as he said this, a little smugness entered his eyes and I finally understood why he gave me that look outside. He knew about the room and did it on purpose to mess with me! My eyes narrowed into slits as I realized his trick. I was starting to like this guy less and less.

"See honey I told you, honest mistake. Don't worry though, we'll go to HomeDepot later and buy some paint and carpeting. Ok?" I didn't take me eyes of of cole as we had a silent stare down. "Ok Jessy?" My mom grabbed my chin and forced me to look at her, waiting for an answer. "Yeah mom that's fine. As long as he doesn't come with us." I said pointing at Cole. His eyes narrowed for a second then returned to normal as my mom turned to face him.

"Is that alright with you?" She asked. Her face was very child-like as she begged him with her eyes to say yes. After a moment or two, he reluctantly agreed that it was fine and walked out of my room.

"Ugh! Look at what you did!" My mother said, all child-like features disappearing from her face as they were replaced with anger. "Now he's upset because he's just trying to get you to like him! You are so difficult!" She threw her hands up in exasperation. She was pacing around my room yelling at me, while I stood in the middle of my room with my arms crossed over my chest just barely listening. Until she said something that caught my attention.

"If you don't like him now, what are you going to do when I marry him this October?!" She stopeed pacing as she realized what she said. She turned around quickly, a look of shock on her face. She wasn't supposed to tell me that. My arms drop to my sides, the same time my jaw falls open with a little poping sound. Tears welled up in my eyes and I knew I had to leave be fore she saw my cry.

I ran out of my room not being able to stop the tears. "Jessy! Wait come back! I-I I'm sorry!" But I'm already out the front door running to anywhere but that house. As I take off down the street, I didn't even realize the shadow following me.

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