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Now we all know what a vampire is and a werewolf is. We all know they are in the supernatural and are somewhat myths. They make excellent stories and subjects. and they are both creatures of the night. Now my question is which one brings greater pleasure too peoples minds, the vampire or the werewolf? I guess I should start off with the wolfs. they are strong. they are powerful. they are huge and as have been said immature. but alot of the times immature rocks because it helps us laugh, it makes us happy. Now if your talking about the wolves from twilight, then they are kick butt awesome. Especially Jacob. he is hott, and very interesting. he may have his moments but he is one of my favorites. The runner up werewolf I think deserves a clap on the back is Sam. he literally had too go through the whole phase thing alone so that deserves some applause that he could do that and still be the man/wolf he is today. strong, steady, stable, and a great leader. he is basically a wolf version of carlisle.

Now on too the vampires. or as Jacob calls them the bloodsuckers. Now some of them are bloodsuckers. Like James for example, who does things only for the game of things and who tried too kill bella. luckily Edward saved her. then you have you vampires that basically are good, but still lose themselves sometimes but dont mean too, like Jasper. but he is still awesome. Then there are the funloving vampires like Alice. she is probably the best kind there is along with the other cullens, minus Rosalie's attitude. The volturi on the other hand are dark and mysterious making me very attracted too the coven. Now it comes down too the decision of Vampire or Wolf? who takes the prize? I believe that everyone is entitled too their own opinion so they should decide for themselves.

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