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Haha so I'm new on here and I just thought I'd say a little about myself. I'm 19 and I live in Indiana! My name's Mary, which I hate but what are you gonna do lol? I'm pretty much hardcorely obsessed with the twilight saga. I love it so much! Nobody I know really likes it so I don't get to talk about it too much lol! Sometimes though little things will happen that make me think of twilight and then i go off on a twilight tangent. you know like how in new moon alice says that the volturi have occupied volterra since the time of the etruscans... well before last week i had no idea who the etruscans were. then in history (im a history major) the other day my prof starts talking about how the etruscans were in the italian peninsula before the romans. i literally yelled OMG! and everyone turned to look at me! and i just shrug and am like "ehh its a twilight thing. you wouldnt understand." and they dont! i wish everyone would read twilight! gahh! haha and also! am i the only one that gets made when people assume that the only ones reading twilight are preteen girls?! everytime i read that in an article i just want to scream! nope im 19!!! and i bet im more of a fangirl that 3/4 of those 12 year olds!!! haha but yeah! oh. team edward btw. i've also been making twilight signatures for forums and stuff lately. its kind of fun... im not very good at it yet since ive only made two, but here they are!!

if you want to know anything else just ask!!

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