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The air smelled like dust and dead roses. The air was warm although when I opend my eyes it was snowing. A snow flake landed on my finger and every little ice connected made something lovely.


I stood up carefuly feeling something odd. Looking around the old house was sad pictures of my childhood. Every frame had dust upon it as well as every surface that was untouched. I put the pizes together, they left me. . .


Chapter One:

Grey clouds made my day depressing. I walked carefully on the loathsome wooden floor bare foot feeling nothing, not even cold. I was afraid to leave this house but I was more afraid facing any human who walks pass me not to control myself.


"You think I would leave you?" I turned with exitment to see no one but a fogy delusion of my older brother. His hair was black, his eyes didnt shine like they use to before I 'changed', and his face held grief. I dont know if I was maniacal or was this a gift? He wasn't talking to me.


"Danuel?" I said with a choke but not one tear.


"I'm not leaving her for them to get," he sounded with irritation. He must have been talking to Lucas, the leader of our clan but who were to get me? "Niomi?" The fog lifted and I turned to answer my name.


"Danuel?" I repeateded.


"Your here," he said with exitment. He touched my bare arm and his skin was never more soft and warm.

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Comment by Lisa Owen on April 24, 2011 at 3:56pm
That was nice Bella

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