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I heared about this gifted family. Edward must have been the mind reader. He nodded to agree with me. Then there was his wife Bella, she was a shealed. He nodded again. Then there was their beautiful daughter, Renesmee. She could show her thoughts to others with a touch of her skin. Once more he nodded. I smiled proud that I figured it out.


"My name is Niomi," I said standing up to greet myself. "It seems you already know about my gift?" I asked to Edward since I've seen him in a fog.


"Yes," he said with a chiming voise. 


"Niomi?" I heared Bella call my name infront of me. "You umm... hungry?" She seemed bothered to ask but I could stay for a few more days without another hunt.


"I'm quite fine, thank you." I looked at my brother who now stood. He seemed the same way. Then I saw a figure of a huge rusty brown wolf infront of me making me withdraw my stand. Everyone stared at me with a disturbance look. The wolf stood tall in the room with a great groul making me want to leave this house. Who knew what creaters stood in this house?! Then the fog lifted and Edward found himself gripping tightly on my shoulders to calm me.


"Please friend," he began to say calmly like a huge wolf in the room was nothing but normal. "This is everyday for us. He is a friendly person although he could work on the smell a bit." Bella ran to my side for she understud what I saw.


"I need to go." I released myself from their grip and found myself in the woods with the small Alice next to me. She saw my future or what I want my fate to hold that is. Then there was the monsterest wolf that stood in the living room. I almost launched myself to attack but the big Emmet took me down before I got the opportunity. I could tell the wolf didnt like me already.


The smell digusted me but I avoided his presents. Hopefully they shell understand when I leave farely quickly. I just wanted to discuss my gift and leave with knowlage.


I placed myself in the nearset chair from him. I didnt know a 'dog' could affect me this much. I stared at a new fog that has appeared by my side. This was a child. A boy with dark hair and eyes. He looked confused.


Who is that?

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Comment by Katie Williams on April 29, 2011 at 6:39pm
r u going to continue this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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