The Twilight Saga

It felt good to run like a vampire should. The sents of the pine trees filled my lungs. My hair flowed in the light air. I wore skinny jeans with my favorite red tank top and a golden sweater to match my heels; thank goodness I'm not as clumsy as I was when I were a human.


We progressed toward a modern home in the middle of all this great land. Its was very beautiful but hushed. I heared mumbling inside and found myself taking a deep breath of a wet dog set on the front step. The dog. I thought and heared a laugh for a man. Then the door swong open and there stood a tall pale man they name Carlisle.


"Welcome friends," he smile at us. "Please come in." We walked into a very clean white room. Sitting on the white leather chair were a beatiful blond lady they called, Roselie and her dark haired love, Emmet. Popping out from the kitchen was a very short lady with dark spikey hair named Alice with her love, Jasper. Esmee was locked arms with Carlisle smiling.


"Welcome," she said with a chiming voise. "Eward, Bella, and Renesmee will be here shortly but sit for now." My brother and I did so while my Aunt Lucy stood remembering her old friend.


"How are you dear one?" Aunt Lucy asked.


"Very well, Lucy" Esmee said warmly. "How have you been?"


I muted every sound around me and found myself looking at a fog in a tall man form. His shoulders were big and he was muscular be not huge. His hair was a bit messy, I believe it was Edward. "Her gift is seeing the past but she doesn't know how long ago the event had appeared. After the fog lifts the person comes into view." He seemed to be explaining my gift to someone? In comes Edward and his family. What a perfect sight. They were so beatiful.



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