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Let me stop to tell you that sustaining the human race was the worse thing I've had to do but its what made me find him.


I kept my head down the first day but I can already tell people began to look at me. I guarded my breath till lunch. I couldn't risk another human, unlike my brother. Danuel had all his attention on the girls he wanted to consume, what a jerk!


"Hey," I turned to find fog like the boy in my spanish class that noted me. "She's quite the beauty, Kenny." I was looking at me but this was the past. He paused to listen then continued, "Niomi." He sighed and the fog lifted meaning he can only be near. I promptly went down the hall to my locker hearing his steps come closer.


"Niomi?" I heared his voise. It was such an impationt voise I became annoied at the moment. I turned to face him. His hair was almost like gold. His eyes were light brown with his light skin. My eyes detailed his profile making him look strong but I dared to let his sent brake me.


"Yeah," I said lightly. His heart beated faster.


"Your new right?"


"Yeah," I said a bit less chiming, don't want him to have a heart attack.


"Oh umm, I'm Steve," he said anxiously. He held out is hand to shake but I refuse to touch a human. "Okay," he said puting down the offer, "well, umm, a few of my friends are having a party at my house and I wanted to know if you would like to go?"


"I'm not into parties." I shut my locker and walked away with my purple heels clacking on the tile floor.


"Aunt Lucy," I said walking into the dinner room, "Why do we have to go to school?" I sat down on the spotless chair waiting to hear the answer. All shes been doing is cleaning this immeasurable house we got in Colorado. Why dont we just act like we died in a car accedent and expore the world in these new eyes.


"You have the next week off," her voise came into the room lightly and beautiful as ever. She wore a pink skirt that reached her pale knees, her shirt had flower patterns, and her hair was a hot red. "We're going to visit the Cullens about your gift."


I've heared a lot about this big clan and I'm really exited to meet them. Aunt Lucy said she was Esme's old friend. They said theres 8 vampires, 1 smelly wolf, and 1 very gifted human/vampire. I couldn't wait to meet them and watch how amazed they would be with my gift.


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