The Twilight Saga

"How long was I out for?" I notice his eyes were black that only met he was here long enough to become voracious.


"Longer then anyone Lucas has ever seen," he looked down a little disgruntled with himself. I remebered the fog that formed him talking about leaving. "He wanted to leave you here. He thought we were too late. You were down for almost a week."


"Who was to come and get me?" I whispered. "I saw. I think it's my gift." I tryed to smile.


"Aunt Lucy, she's changed."


"Isn't that good news," I said with a smile. I miss Aunt Lucy.


"You dont get it," he said threw his teath. "She's not the same. Now lets go."


I didnt yearn for more conversation. I walked to the pitiful bathroom that was once mine. I could smell my human sent on the shower curtens. My lungs cought fire when I inhaled the sent. I smelled so sweet. I turned and looked in the reflective glass.


I was so beautiful. My hair was dark brown and flat. My body and face was lustrous in the sun. My eyes were a deep red.  My lips were full but had essential color to it, making me put a little lipstick on. I wore a white night gown that wasn't exacly approved at this time of day but it was too great to take off. I was perfect.


I walked back out to the front room. Danuel nodded to me making sure I was ready to go. I wasn't ready to face the human world.

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