The Twilight Saga

You know your obsessed with twilight when....


*1.when you make your bath water extra hot to feel what
bella felt while turning into a vampire.

*2.when you hang your arm out the window to take pictures of
a volvo while driving.

*3.when you scoot close to your edward poster and pull your
covers off in the middle of winter.

*4.when every night before you get in bed you touch edward's
cool face on your edward poster....and the only reason you
don't kiss it is because you don't want to mess up your
edward poster.

*5.when you make up your own scenes in your head, and you
put a song from the twilght soundtrack in them.

*6.when on your 17th birthday you realize you are getting
older than edward, and you wonder if you are feeling the
same way bella felt on her 17th birthday.:(

*7.when you know when robert pattinson and taylor lautner's
birthdates are.

*8.when you dye your hair brunette, and you want to grow it out.

*9.when you wear outfits like bella daily.

*10.when you buy gloves like bella wore in the twilight

*11.when you try to find esme's island on an online map

12.when you actually google "adrenaline rush" because
edward told you to.

*13.when you write all the cullen's names in your notebook
in cursive over, and over, until both front and back of the
page is full.

*14.when on your english HW you write sentences that relate
to twilight.(Ex: The doctor's hands were very cold against
my skin.)

15.when you really want to name your future children after
twilight characters.

*16.when you shred your pillow and sleep in the feathers all
night just so you can wake up in the morning feeling like
Bella on her honeymoon.

*17.when you get a bruise and tell all your friends you got
it from Edward on your honeymoon.

*18.when you think of New Moon and Jacob every time you see
a full moon.

*19.when you buy a $130 jacket that resembles Edward's in
the movie.

*20.when you buy any jewelry that looks like the color of
Edwards eyes. (topaz or black)

*21.when you get excited when you see the color topaz

*22.when you run your hand through your hair like robert
pattinson and kristen stewart.

*23.when all you want for christmas and birthdays is
Twilight stuff.

*24.when you start to dress like bella in the movie.

*25.when you start to dress like alice would dress.

*26.when Hottopic becomes your favorite store of all time.

*27.when you are already planning a road trip to go meet the
Twilight cast and see Forks Washington.

28.when it storms you have the sudden urge to go play
baseball outside.

*29.when you put yourself in danger just to see if you can
hear Edward's voice.

*30.when you are outside at night and you are feeling a
little scared, you imagine that Edward or Jacob is with you.
And it makes you feel better.

*31.when you get a wolf as a pet and really want to name him
Jacob.(or Leah if it is a girl)

*32.when you start to actually like baseball because of

*33.when you watch a baseball game on tv and you really wish
that it was the cullen's playing.

*34.when you record yourself watching the Twilight, New
Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn trailers.

*35.when you were numb throughout the whole movie.

*36.when you want to go and see Twilight as many times as
you can before it comes out on DVD.

*37.when you first get on the internet each day, news on
Twilight is the first thing you look up.

*38.when you look up news on Twilight multiple times a day.

*39.when you see someone with the books or a shirt on you
have to talk to them and say something about it.

*40.when you are so obsessed you have to hide it from your
parents so you won't get band from it.

*41.when you watched Shark boy and Lavagirl just to see
Taylor Lautner.

*42.when you want to watch Cheaper By the Dozen again just
to see Taylor Lautner.

*43.when you want to watch any movie just to see a Twilight
character that plays in it.

*44.when you stayed up til' 2a.m reading the books every

*45.when you read at school even when the teacher is talking
about something very important.

*46.when Twilight enspires a story or poem you have to write
in english class.

*47.when you english teacher is even getting a little
annoyed with your obsession of the books.

*48.when you tell all of your teachers they should put up
twilight posters in their rooms.

*49.when you are outside in freezing weather and really wish
Jacob was there to keep you warm.

*50.when you couldn't concentrate at all the whole day when
the movie came out because you were so excited to go see it
that night.

*51.when you were so excited to see the movie you couldn't
sit still, you were shaking the whole ride there and all
through the movie.

*52.when you went blank when the movie started and didn't
recover until the credits were rolling.

*53.when you stayed to watch the credits everytime you went to
see it.

*54.when you nearly cried when it was over, but you wanted
to stay and watch it all over again.

*55.when you started hyperventalating when you saw Jasper
swinging around the baseball bat.

56.when you were squealing at almost every part of the

*57.when you squealed outloud and screamed inside when
Edward walked into the cafateria.

*58.when you didn't even dare think of going to the restroom
when you had to pee really, really bad.

59.when you can always relate something back to the
Twilight sage.

*60.when you hear a blonde joke you automaticlly think of

*61.when you see someone arm wrestling you think of Bella
and Emmett arm wrestling.

*62.when you google "quileute indian's" to see if they are

*63.when you daydream during school about Twilight.

*64.when you want to have your honeymoon on an island like
esme's island.

*65.when you think of skinny dipping you automaticlly think
of Edward butt naked.

*66.when you are pregnant you imagine you are Bella pregnant
with Renesmee.

*67.when you get body spray or lotion with sparkles in it to
make your skin sparkle.

*68.when you want a Twilight book bag to take to school and
everywhere else you go.

69.when you threaten your boyfriend you will break up with
him if he doesn't drive fast like Edward.

*70.when you boyfriend thinks there is something seriously
wrong with you and tells you you need serious help.

71.when your friends think you are seriously crazy.

*72.when your friends that havn't seen the movie or read the
books are terrified to because they don't want to become
crazy like you.

*73.when you urge your friends to go see the movie so they
will be so amazed they'll want to read the books.

*74.when you try to get as many people hooked on it as you
possibly can.

*75.when you think of Twilight during church.

*76.when you are sick with the flu and you think of Bella when
she was sick with the flu too.

*77.when you are running a fever and keep getting really hot,
then really cold. And you really wish you had Edward &
Jacob there to keep you comfortable.

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Comment by Munch on February 20, 2009 at 12:01am
That is so true! Lol I guess you could call me a little bit obsessive
Comment by madi(: on February 18, 2009 at 9:34pm
wow this is hilarious

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