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Try to listen to Kim Chui's song entitled "Crazy Love". I always felt that way. I always knew that we could never be and i don't know why i kept holding on to him. He is the only one who could make me smile no matter how bad the situation was. He means every little thing to me. The only man i ever loved this way. We're just friends and i am at most content with that. What saddens me is the fact that we're friends only on the matters wherein he needed something. I was blinded to the point that I was only fooling myself. Trying to get attention when I knew it was never going to happen, doing everything but it meant nothing and loving without him knowing. He does do little favors for me, but if you weigh it on a scale, i have the heavier part. I count everytime that he notices or talks to me. Weird isn't it? Addicted much? That's the point, I was so addicted that i forgot what really matters. All i ever talk about is him. My grades flunked, my mind wandered everywhere, and I forgot my friends. I came to know that "Life isn't about him alone". I don't know why i love him, i don't know what he did to make me feel this way. I'm doing myself a favor. Time to stop and figure out what's really important. It hurts, yes, but it's for my own good. Anyways, thanks to him, I know that I have a heart that loves with every beat. I wish him all the best in life, thanks for everything or anything that made me happy. This is for real. It's over. One thing i'll never forget...
"you made me love you"

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