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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... Chapter 7

Chapter 7

"Good morning sweetie, it's time to get up," my mom announced cheerfully opening my blinds and pulling my blankets from my body.

"Ugh. Mom, please let me sleep!" I grunted, rolling over in my bed and pulling my blankets back over my head. The sun was barely even showing through my window! "It can't be any later than 8am! Why are you waking me up so early?" I asked pleading for more sleep from under my blankets.

"Well, she woke you up because I've been watching you sleep for about 10 minutes, waiting for you to wake up!" Annie said with a giggle, stepping from behind my mom and jumped on my bed.

"So, do you guys want some breakfast or anything? I can make you some pancakes or something," my mom asked as she got ready to leave my room.

"Sure, mom. Sounds great. Do you want anything Annie?" I asked pulling my blankets from my head and looking at Annie.

"Yes please! You pancakes are awesome, Mrs. M!" Annie said turning to smile at my mom.

"Okay! So, pancakes it is. I'll call you down when they're done," my mom said with a bright smile and then walked down to the kitchen.

"So, are you going to get up and ready, or am I going to have to drag you out of bed?" Annie asked, jumping one me after my mom left the room.

"I don't wanna!!" I yelled jokingly like a 5-year-old not wanting to get up for school, and burring my head in my comfy black pillows. "Why the heck did you get up so early anyway?! It's not very like you..."

"Come on! Just get up and dressed so we can eat breakfast. And I woke you up because I have a meeting with Mr. Young at 11am and I was thinking you would have wanted to come, but I guess since you want to sleep..." she said before I cut her off.

"Of course I want to go!!! But why did you schedule the meeting for so early? Couldn't you have done it for after lunch or something..." I asked.

"Well, I figured we could get lunch after and then we could catch a movie or something. I thought we could make a day out of it." she said with a smile.
To me and probably a lot of other people out there, this was usually considered to be somewhat of a 'date' but not with me and Annie. Which sucked big time, but I dealt with it because it was her.

"Oh, okay. That sound cool," I said with a laugh as I started to get up. I hadn't even gotten to my closet before she started to snicker. "What?"

"Nothing, it's just I didn't know you still wore those pajama bottoms I got you for you birthday last year... They're cute!" she said as she burst with laughter.

I looked down at my pajama bottoms. I hadn't even realized that I was wearing the black bottoms with little wolves howling at the moon all over them.
"Well, yeah! They're extra comfy!" I said as I went a little red and started to laugh with her.

Speaking of clothing, today Annie was wearing something somewhat normal. A pair of dark blue not-so-skinny skinny jeans with a graphic tee that had a lot of her favorite band names and logos on it, her favorite converse sneakers which are black Chuck Taylors with white and red designs and others that I drew on them, and a black and white beanie over today's straight hair...

"Well, I'm glad you liked them! Now, just get ready so we can go. I'll go down to the kitchen and see if your mom needs any help while you get dressed," she said nodding towards my closet.

"Okay, I'll be down in a few," I said as she left the room.

I just grabbed a pair of jeans, my avenge sevenfold tee that I got at their last concert, and some underwear before I ran to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. After that I got dressed and brushed my teeth and hair before putting my hat on and going back into my room to get my converse sneakers, i-pod, cell phone, and journal that I never really leave home without. I usually just fold it up and stick in my back pocket or in my jacket to write, or draw if I see something that inspires me...

I know, I sound more like an artsy person than a jock, and I'm proud of it! Even though I play football, I'm far from a jock. I'm more into music and art, like photography or drawing then I am sports and stuff like that. I guess the only real reason that I ever joined it was because of my dad, to make him proud, so he can say that the 'star football quarterback' was his son. It's not like I hated it or anything, I just didn't love it like he did when he was in school...
Music and art are my favorite things by far. I loved the natural beauty of everything and I liked to capture it in photos and sketches. I had about 30-50 pictures that proved that on my walls.

So, I got my journal, i-pod and I had to look for my wallet, which was in my book bag, then I went down stairs. It only took about 15 minutes to get ready so my mom was still flipping pancakes and Annie was pouring apple juice into glasses our glasses.

"Mm mm...Hey mom, the pancakes smell really good," I said out of the blue, apparently because it scared both of them, making them jump and Annie spill apple juice on the counter.

"Hey, don't scare me like that Daniel!!! Look what you made me do," Annie said glaring at me jokingly before she started to laugh.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I thought you heard me..." I said with a laugh.

"Well, we didn't, if you couldn't already tell," my mom said with a laugh as she flipped the last pancake on the plate and set them on the table with the butter and maple syrup. "The pancakes are ready. Come and get them,"

"Okay. Hey mom, Annie and I are going to go hang out in town today. We're probably going to eat lunch and catch a movie or something. Is it okay if we leave after breakfast?" I asked my mom as I took a couple of plates for us out of the cabinet and handed one to Annie and her.

"Yeah, that's fine. Be careful okay? And call me when you are planning on coming home," she said as she grabbed the plate and took a couple of pancakes for herself after Annie had handed her a glass.

"Will do mom," I said with a smile as we started to eat.

After we were finished with breakfast Annie and I left to where the directions Mr. Young had given her went. It was a small building, only 2 levels and it was a councilors office. We parked and went in and up to the reception desk where a kind looking woman who seemed to be in her early 20's was sitting in front of a computer.

"May I help you?" she asked with a perky voice.

"Yes, Miss. Read," Annie answered reading the receptionist's name plate on her desk. "I have an appointment with Mr. Young. I'm Anne Marie Williams," she finished politely with a smile.

"Oh, yes. Mr. Young said to go right in when you got here!" she said with a smile, seeming excited for some reason that I had not the slightest clue of, but we just went with it.

"Okay, cool!" Annie said. "Um, where is his office?"

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry! I'm fairly scatter brained today. It's right this way" she said with a laugh getting up from behind her desk and coming around front to guide us up to his office, which was on the second floor.

"Seth, Miss. Williams is here," Miss. Read said with a smile as she opened the door and let us in.

"Oh, good morning Annie, and I see Daniel is here with you. It's nice to see you both again!" Mr. Young said extending a hand for both of us to shake in turn.

"Good morning Mr. Young. Thank you for having us," Annie said with a formal touch.

"The pleasure's all mine, and please. You guys can call me Seth," he said with a smile. "Now, sit down and make yourselves comfortable. Do you want anything?" he asked as he sat down himself and took a sip from his coffee cup.

"No, I'm fine, thank you though," Annie said in reply.

"And how about you, Daniel? Would you like anything?" he asked turning to me.

"No Sir, I mean Seth... I'm fine. Thank you," I said with a little laugh at the end when he made a face when I called him 'Sir' before correcting myself and calling him 'Seth'.

"Okay then. I suppose you had a few more questions? Ask away," he said readying himself for the questions.

"Well, first of all, I was just wondering if being a 'guardian angel' made me any different then I already am... Like for example, could I heal people or anything along that line? I hope that didn't sound dumb or anything..." Annie asked with a nervous tone. She really didn't like to sound stupid or be put in situations like these where she was asking questions.

"Actually, you do have healing powers. It's only one example of the new things you can do. I think the only thing that people expect when they hear the 'angel' part is that you are immortal, or dead, and have wings...because those are just myths. But like I said, you do have the ability to heal people, as well as telepathy, and your senses get stronger, well basically. It's a little more confusing then that, but I'm just giving you the basic-what-you-need-to-know-right-here-right-now version of this," he said with a laugh and paused to see Annie and my reactions.

"Wait, how and when will this happen exactly? Will it hurt her or do anything noticeable? And if not, then how will she know that it happened?" I asked sort of confused, trying to understand it better and trying not to show how worried I was that it would harm her.

"Well, the 'change' really isn't very subtle. You may get sick and/or have body aches for about a week and get headaches more frequently then usual because the strengthening of your senses, but when you get used to them you will be fine and it won't hurt. You'll just have to be careful about how loud you listen to hurts. Trust me I know," he said, explaining it to Annie and me, and started to laugh at remembrance of a time which must have consisted of him listening to his music and getting a headache or something because it was too loud.

"Oh, okay. It doesn't sound that bad... Let's say, I accepted that I wanted to be a guardian angel, how long would it take for the change to take place after that?" Annie asked with a curious smile and glint in her eye.

"This, is different for everyone. For me, it was a week after I found out, for Jimmy it was about a month, and for my fiance, Grace, who was the receptionist who greeted you two a few minutes ago, it was a mere 2 days. So, it could be different for you as well," he said with a laugh and genuine smile.

"Wait, Miss. Read is a guardian too? Is that why she was so excited?" I asked.

"Yes, she's a very enthusiastic soul as it is, but when she found out that you and Annie were coming in today she was extra perky this morning. She loves to see new people become guardians. She loves being one herself, so she wants as many people as possible to be as happy as her," Seth said with a laugh. I could tell that he was really in love with Grace. The way his eyes lit up when we mentioned her... it was similar to the way mine did when someone mentioned, I saw, or was with Annie, only his reaction was way stronger than mine which made me happy for him.

"So, anyway. What do you say? Do you have any more questions or have you made a discussion?" he asked a little anxious, but happy all the same.

"Well, I already had my mind made up. I just wanted to ask a few questions. And I really do want to be a guardian!!!" Annie said enthusiastically, he eyes lighting up as she started to laugh.

"That's great!!" Seth said with a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah, it is!! You know, I knew you would choose choose this Annie. I'm so proud of you!" I said giving her a huge hug. "Seth, did you know that I've literally watched her effect people's lives by merely talking to them or letting them vent and cry on her shoulder. It's amazing! I can't wait to see what she will be able to do now that she also has extra powers to help her!" I exclaimed. I was so excited for her.

"Thank you so much Daniel! And Seth!!" Annie said on the verge of bursting into laughter and tears at the same time as she got up and hugged each of us and held onto me. This was when Grace walked in with a laugh and went over to her fiance's side.

"Hey honey, I'm guessing she said that she had made up her mind and that it was a yes on her being a guardian angel?" Grace said with a laugh looking up Seth with a huge smile. He nodded and smiled down at her. "I'm glad," she sighed contently.

"Well, I suppose we'll be going now. Thank you guys again sooooo much!!" Annie and I gushed as we broke away from each other and turned towards them before leaving.

"I suppose so. You guys call us any time! If you have any more questions," he said looking at Annie, then turned to look at me, "or even if you just need to talk. We'll be here!

"Oh, and don't be afraid, you have people all around you and you don't have to be ashamed or scared to come for help or anything," Grace said with a smile. leaning her head onto Seth's chest.

"We will, don't worry! And if she doesn't I know I will," I said jokingly with a laugh.

"Bye, have a good day, and be safe!" Grace said as we left.

"We will! You too!" we said over our shoulders and waved, going back out to my car.

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