The Twilight Saga

You Stay

Most People in your life will always say they will be with you no matter what happens
in life.
But something happens and some of those people stray away from you.
They say that what happen is too much for them to handle and leave you to handle the
problem yourself.
You spend your whole life looking for that someone that will stay, even through the
bad times.
Many guys swear they'll never leave, that they love you.
Some might mean it, but most leave you with a broken heart and yet another tear shed.
But then a guy that you like comes to you and says he loves you.
Time to ask that important question.
Will you stay with me through the good and bad, the tears and the laughs?
He holds you closely and says, "I've been here through all your tears and laughs, and
made you laugh during the bad times. So yes, I will always stay with you."
And so you have finally found what people call love.

By: Elizabeth Teague=)

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