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This is my very first fan fic. I will post it first in my blog, before I will post it in the fanfic area. I hope my friends here will read it first so I could edit some. This is a story about a simple girl who already recovered in the past heartbreak she encountered. She found herself adoring this famous guy, Robert Pattinson, but not in the same way like others do. He is a perfect dream to her..can it ever come true or forever he will be her dream?




"Charm, what are you doing?" Koharu said.

"Oh!" that's all I can say.Koharu, my officemate caught me again browsing the net looking for the account of Robert Pattinson, the man of my dreams..since his movie "Twilight" has begun.


"Hello, Charm?!" Koharu waiving her hand right in front of my face.
"Yes?" I said.


"What are you doing? Didn't you hear my question? We are still here in the middle of our working hours and yet here you are searching for that thing again.." Koharu let out a big sigh.

"I'm sorry."

"Right, you are sorry then you will do it again later. Be careful our boss might see you doing that and might kick you out of this office." I bowed my head.

"You really addicted to that guy..who is he? Right, right the man in Twilight..Robert, right? Let me guess you're dreaming again that you might find his account, huh?"

"I might you to him..even just for a while and if I'm lucky I might be become his friend."

"Oh that's good, Charm. live with your dreams," Koharu teasing me, "I hope you finally wake up and realize it will never come true."

"If I were you I would rather be living in real life than in fantasy, I mean, you are too way beautiful, many want your sweet yes. But then, here you are dreaming of a guy who is so impossible to reach and you want him to be your "friend" well, i hope that's all you want from him."

Silence eats me.Yes, Koharu, my officemate and my closed friend is true. I want Robert not just to be my friend, but more than that. I want him to be the love of my life. But, just like what Koharu said, dreaming of him to be my friend is too impossible, much more so if I want him to be the man of my dreams. So, I think dreaming to be his friend is I guess, closer to reality. But then in the end, no matter how close it is to reality, it is still a dream. A dream I know will never come true.

"Charm, are you still with me?" Koharu said.

"Huh?" I was shocked when Koharu called my name once more, "Yes! I am listening to you.Thanks for the concern."

"Yah, sure. Stop day dreaming okay? We still have loads of works ot do." 

 I nodded.


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Comment by Amor Murilllo on January 22, 2011 at 4:20pm
Love it please continue

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