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I know nobody cares, but I'm gonna speak:

I want to be an author. I REALLY want to be an author. Like it says on my profile, I'm probably younger than you think. :P

Have you ever noticed?
All young authors (as in, under 18) have written either fantasy, or non-fiction. I am writing a novel that is neither of those, yet it's still fiction. I'd tell you what it's about, but I'm all paranoid about someone stealing my plot line, so...maybe I'll just post a small excerpt.


- - - - -

What do the rusted chains of an old swing feel like? What do the icy contours of an ice sculpture feel like? What does the burn of a long-heated stove feel like? What do the grains of dirt on a dusty, old fashioned road feel like? What do they feel like?
Those aren’t questions I can answer.
All my nerves have been numbed to the point where no pain can be felt. Nor can much feeling reach into my handicapped nerves ands end shock waves to my mind.
Everything is numb.

You could say that I’m an orphan. I do suppose that much should be evident, especially since I have been in seven different foster homes. But, that would make me a foster child, instead.
As if that’s important when my life is a huge tragedy.

- - - - -

What did you think? Please comment and tell me if it's any good, because I seriously have a self-confidence problem. :D Thank you for reading, I appreciate any feedback!

Seth: What?
Me: No, not you, I was just SAYING, 'dude.'
Lisa: WHY?
Me: 'Cause it's an awesome word!
Seth: You're a freak.
Me: Oh, gee, thanks, Seth.
Seth: Glad I could be of help.
Lisa: *laughs* *high fives Seth*
Seth: *sarcasm!* Because you are so scary...
Lisa: Why do you always have to good line?!
Seth: I dunno. I guess I just--
Me: Because he's just AWESOMETASTICAL like that.
Lisa: What?! And I'm not?!
Me: ...
Seth: ...
Me: Um...
Lisa: And you're supposed to be my loving guardian?!
Me: Well, yeah, but I just love Seth more!
Seth: I don't know if that's a good thing...

Lisa is a violet-haired Mexican from Canada, she belongs to me. Seth is Seth Clearwater...he doesn't belong to me...

Peace, dudes.

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