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Hi everyone.I got this from Tiger Beat the November 2012 issue.

You 're counting down the seconds to Breaking Dawn-Part 2.But you're also dreading it! Because even though you are drooling to see the final movie,once it comes out November 16,the Twilight Saga is over...forever! Here are 14 things to look forward to.

1 In an intense moment,newly born vampire Bella,played by Kristen Stewart,takes down a scary mountain loin!

2 A whopping 23 new vampires will be introduced and,even more exciting,some are not in the book!

3 You'll get to see Jacob happy for the first time in all of the movies!That makes Taylor Lautner happy,too."For me Part 2 is so great,because it's a completely different side of Jacob that we've never seen before,"he spills.

4 The scene where the Cullens teach vampire Bella how to pass as a human will make you laugh and cheer!

5 You find out how strong a newborn vampire Bella really is when she challenges Emmett,played by Kellan Lutz,to arm wrestle.

6 When Renesmee,played by Mackenzie Foy,uses her power of showing people her"ll hear an eerie sound effect,which is actually Machenzie reading poetry.

7 Instead of hating Rosalie,played by Nikki Reed,for being so mean to Bella,you will have a change of heart."She finally smiles."Nikki explains."The audience roots for Rosalie a little more."

8 Vampire Bella is even better than you can imagine."Her transformation from high school girl to fierce warrior is amazing!"director Bill Condon explains.

9 Part of her vampire transformation Bella wears a lot of high heels...even during action scences!

10 Vampire Bella is going to be a mix of other vampires."I know every single version of a vampire,and I took a little bit from everyone",Kristen explains.

11 Volturi vampire Alec {twin of scary Jane} has a special power mist that is super cool!"It's looks really good", director Bill Condon says."It has tentacles that can get inside you."

12 Instead of using different actresses,they use special effects to show Machenzie's face on Renesmee as she ages.

13 Machenzie really looks like Kristen,making their mother-daughter relationship even more believable!"Even our hands look similar", Kristen exclaims.

14 There are so many more surprises in store! Robert Pattinson,who plays Edward,explains,"This movie is stranger than all of the other films put together!"

The Shocking Ending!

If you're read the books,you know how the story ends,right?Wrong!

We are sworn to secrecy and can't give away the surprise endind,but everone- including the cast- can't stop talking about how perfect and shocking it is!"Director Bill Condon did this really amazing thing at the very end,"Kristen dishes."Fans are going to love it!" Robert can't think of a better way to end the movie because,he says,it wraps up the epic story that Twihards have devoted so many years to."The end is so sweet," Rob smiles."Everyone who watched it started crying.It does serious justice to the series."We'll tell you this,though,be sure to bring Kleenex.You definitely won't be disappointed!

I hope you enjoy this.I can't wait to see the movie.Tracy

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Comment by Fast and Furiousfan on November 4, 2012 at 1:25pm

i can not wait me and a bunch of my twilight friends have set up a whole banner in our school telling people to go see the final battle with us!

Comment by Lisa Ann Lancaster on October 21, 2012 at 9:02pm

i can't wait Nov. 16 because i can go watch the movie. I got two books of Twilight. I got the breaking dawn twilight. I got the book New Moon of twilight. I what get use of twilight books.

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