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Zombie Hunters Chapter 1:Secerts by Jeffrey D. Fowler (Unedited will post edited version later)

Hi my name is Jasper Daniel Ronly and I here to tell you my story but first I have to tell you what brought on my story. Lets begin in the year 2250. The world was at war with itself. Everyone was fighting one way or another because of World War Three. Russia, China, Japan and several other nations came together to attack us because of something a president did but I can't seem to find out what it was he did. All records of that were destroyed. We fought for about 5 year then we joined forces with Canada, Mexico and all of South America. Which helped us considerablly. But still after 20 more years of fighting we were back in the same position we were before weak and helpless. Half of the United States and Canada were captured and used by the enemy and we were forced to live in small one rooms houses and to eat nasty rotten food. But after a few months of that the president of the United States asked the top scientist and inventors for Nasa to make something to help with the war. He had thousand of invensions and ideas to go over everyday. But one scientist waited to tell him his idea until it was a success. He focused on the one thing we had the most of dead bodies. Which in my opinon is absollutly groose but you have to to understand. How hard the times were. So let me continue. He did experiment on them until he created the first as you would say in your times zombie. Here they were called reperposed beings until later times and they were called zombies again. When the scientest showed the president his creation he loved it and they found the most violent way to use them. See the way zombie lived was by eating human blood so when they realized they died if they didn't eat any they got there plan. In this time there were force fields so they would put a force field around were they wanted to attack they then flew zombies in there. They then would destroy all living things in the force feild and they would leave the force feild up so they couldn't get out and they would finally just die lack of resouces. See the zombies had to have human blood or they would die in twenty four hours. So we used that plan to win the war. But there was a fatal flaw in everything and it was realized twenty years later. When a scienitist used a body that had just died. When the zombie came back to life. She was intelligent. She could speak, run, and think for herself. And she didn't have to drink blood or eat human flesh. So she ate human food and the only difference form her and a human was purple lips that looked like she was wearing lipstick and black nails that looked like they were painted. Now the scientist still didn't trust her. They were smart for that. But one day she tricked a scientist to let her out and they did and she became the zombie queen. She let all the zombies out and let them run across the eastern hemisphere but. When that happened the united states and partnered nation tried to get humans over to the safest area and they got about fifty percent out the other remained in zombie territory. The western hemisphere was safe because of force fields surrounding it. Now I must skip to the year 2500. When the presidents then asked the scientist to create something to destroy the zombies. And they did they created altered human beings with extraordinary powers. For instance some could see the future and others could walk through wall and some could control electricity and there were millions of other thing they could do. Now lets skip to the point to were scientist started to try to add more than one ability and they succeed with two people. A girl which they gave the power of super senses and to see the future and a boy which they gave the powers of super agility and telekenesis and they were given these powers young about the age of 5 and they fell in love and had one set of twins. Who possessed all there power and I am one of those twins. Now we can begin with my story. I woke up in a room that stunk like death and rotting flesh. I looked to my left and saw my twin sister Raina. She was knocked out. We were tied up and I couldn't feel my right leg. I quickly used my telekenesis powers to untie the ropes on my hands. I have practiced that hundreds of times so I new what I was doing. Once I had my hands untied I untied Raina. I  new from experience to untie hers so if she wakes up we can quickly escape. I then looked into the future and saw the Zombie Queen walking into the room. I knew we didn't have much time. I picked up Raina and ran the opposite way I saw the Zombie Queen coming but I then saw zombies coming that way too. I turn around and quickly look around for a mean of escape. As I was looking the Zombie Queen walked in the room. She asked me "Who are you parents child?". I wouldn't reply but I noticed Raina was starting to wake up. I set her down and threw the Zombie Queen back thirty feet with my telekinesis and she stood back up and said "Telekinesis. You've narrowed down your parents to twenty-seven different hunters." I still wouldn't speak but she suprised me when she ran up and stopped right in front of me. I quickly made a wall of telekinesis between us. She laughed "For a child your smart. I might have to keep you alive." because she said that I looked at her with the most evil face possible and she laughs. As she was laughing I hear someone running towards outside. She was laughing if she would of stopped she would of heard it but she didn't. So after a few seconds a small part of the glass wall shattered and a zombie hunter walked in. The Zombie Queen yelled at the top of her lungs "Intruders!" and the zombie hunter shocked her with electricity. He was young to probably fifteen or sixteen. Dark blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He was kinda tall I calculate he is about six-foot tall. When he finished shocking her. He picked her up and threw back down the hallway and asked "Are you two ok." and while he said that Raina stood up but I didn't say nothing. So he asked "Are you to weak to speak." and I look Raina and she nods and I say "No one call us weak." he misunderstood what I was saying and stepped forward and all the glass walls in the room shattered. Shocked he looked at us. Then Raina quickly picked up all the glass shards on the ground and made a glass tornado spin around us and while she was doing that I made sure each peice was as small as possible shattering each peice. We then sealed the two doors with three inch thick glass panels that fit perfectly. When I looked at the hunter he was up against the wall trying to keep from getting cut but he still had two small cuts on his right arm and one on his cheek. Which was good enough for me but me and Raina both then saw future. We saw zombies running down the halls and trying to break the glass. The vision then broke and we said "We have to hurry and What is your name." the hunter quickly replied "Dalton Hunt. Part of Zeta number 87." and we both nod and I say "Well come on Dalton. We need to get going." me and Raina walk out of the open used to be glass walls and floated down very gracefully. Dalton just jumped with a overly loud thump. We regroup about half a mile away from the zombie base that we just escaped from. Dalton quickly asked us "Do you two have any powers beside telekinesis?" and I quickly reply "We both have Telekinesis, Super Agility, Super Senses and Future Sight." a little shaken he asks "How did you two get all those powers." and I reply "Our parents were one of the first double power zombie hunters and we are twins." and he nodded yes back to say he understood. I ask "How far are we from a zombie hunter base." the closes base is thirty miles south west from here and we both nod. He then asks us "Can you tell if we are being followed with your enhanced hearing." and I shoot myself thirty feet into the air and freeze myself for a second to scan the horizon. I pick up no movement and I float swiftly to the ground. I say "There is no movement as far as I can see." but for mw that was really far and I had perfect sight. I then ask "Are we going to start moving." and we all start walking. As we walking I asked dalton "What are your powers?" and he very poilitly said "Electric control and Super strengh." he then started to cry a little and I instantly understood faster than Charolette. I quickly asked "Your parents died didn't they." he smirked and said "You can tell." feeling his worry that I would tell someone. I said "I think they also charged my mom with the power of empathy. Becuase I feel your emtions so clear it's like a second nature to me." he understood I could tell. Raina had decided to fly ahead. We could do that with our telekinesis. When Raina got to far ahead. I decided to grab Dalton and fly up there with her. I could tell he liked the feeling to fly. I was used to it myself but when I firsted started flying it was like magic. He was mesmerised for the longest time until I asked him "How far until we get there." coming out of his chrance took a few seconds but he did and said "We got to go a few more miles then we should be there." and he went back into his chrance very easy. I quickly caught up to Raina and notice her keep on scanning the horizon. She whispered just low enough for me to hear "Don't see anything up there." and I nod and whisper "I hear an attack call." and look to my left and see zombie hunter coming towards us in this hamster ball. It was like one of those balls hamster ride in except there was a seat in the middle. There three coming. Me and Charolette quickly got into battle mode. We made a bubble around us with our telekinesis power and shattered the tree into thousand of needles for weapons. Dalton was asleep. He must be tired becuase of the thirty mile walk. He be punished if I weren't here. They drove up and stopped and commanded "Identify yourself." and I smile and Raina rolled her eyes and I reply "I am Omega 1 this is Omega 2." I gestured at Raina with my hands and quickly finished "And this is Omega 3." I finished confindently and they started laughing "That Zeta 87. Your funny who really are you." I looked over at Raina and even she was shocked to so we pulled out our idenifaction packs together. When we threw our packs down they spoke saying at the same time "Alpha 9's have just took control of this area. Omega is now in control over Zeta." they then bowed there heads and said "Of course any commands leader." and I reply "Yes I would like to speak to Zeta 1 and get some descent food if possible." and they reply "Of course." and they start riding there cars back while we flew or floated very carefully back to the Zeta base. When we got there I noticed there security little  no nobody at the door. I ask "Why is there no security features." but they were gone. Dalton was still asleep. When we got inside I saw that everything was old and outdated by about thirty years but as we were walking to Zeta 1 office we walked through the male sleeping quarters and I saw Zeta 87 bunk and set Dalton on it and comanded the bed to block sounds and it did thankfully. We then continued to Zeta 1's office. When I got there I just walked in Zeta 1 asked "Who is that." and I don't speak but he turns around in his chair and realizes "You must be new. . . lets see I have Zeta 99 open." and he looks up at me and I start laughing "I don't need a number. I'm Alpha 9." and he stands up and salutes me like a well mannered solider should. He said "Sir anything you need sir." I laughs quietly "Finally someone that has some manners." and he nods one quick nod to say yes. I then say "Check your network." and he replies "Of course sir." he looks at the screen and reads what it says "This area is now in control by Alpha 9. Zeta is under control by Omega." and nod and say "Yes i'm in control. Raina is not into the control thing but she is also in control." he nods and asks "Who are the Omega's excatly." I laugh and answer his question "The Omegas are a elite team of fighter consitting of me and Raina, Vesper Applewood from Beta number 3, Anastasia McLoss from Delta number 4 and Dalton Hunt from Zeta number 87."  when I said the last name he jumped in the air with shock. He quickly said "You've chosen Zeta 87 as one of the Omega's?" and I nod and say "Is that a problem?" he then quickly said "No no problem i'm just wondering why you picked him." I understood what he mean't. Why did I chose him. I mean why really did I chose him. I then spoke "I chose him becuase he means what he says unlike some people who are high ranked but mean nothing they say and he really did save mine and Charolette's life." Zeta 1 then looked shocked again he said "Zeta 87 saved your life . . . . I am going to upgrade him to Zeta 2." and I laughed and say "He's already Omega 3 he can't be Zeta any more." he periced me with his eyes it felt like bullets hitting me painfully. He then said and asked at the same time "Well aren't you Omega and Alpha." and I look at him very seriously and say "Yes but i'm one of the ten Alpha's. One of the great Ten Alpha's." and he grimaced at me and I laughed. I quickly finished my bussiness with him by saying "When Dalton wakes up. I want him measured for armor and if anything happens to him it's on your head." I quickly walk out of the room and find Raina dressed like she would be in Alpha's base. With a long flowing blue dress with a leather jacket over that with knives tucked safely inside. I quickly asked her "Where did you get the clothes." she smirked and said "I ordered them. It wasn't to hard but they didn't want to approve it." I nod they don't want to approve anything that goes out here nothing ever hardly get delivered except the once a month food delivery that is mandatory which I moved up to tomorrow becuase they need the supplies or there going to not make it much longer. I went to the room they gave me lucky with Raina's clothes they delivered mine and my control pad. Which is like a mega computer but is the size of an Ipad in your time. I looked at the blue prints for this place on it and noticed that it was small only two sleeping quarters male and female and one command center and a commons area and a food hall. Way to small so I order the materials to expand the place and got all the upgrades real fast but they were instantly denided but I overrided it. Which was funny because when one of the ten Alpha's overrides something Alpha 1 has to approve it. Which he always approves my and Raina's stuff because he has to or we will stop doing him favors like we are doing now so he has to say yes. We then go to the lunch room and we are served bread and soup and that when I flip and call Alpha 1 and cuss him out and He sends a instant food delivery and the food was here fast. Everybody started cheering when they pulled enough lobster and shrimp and salads for everybody. I only ate a little and let the others eat most of it. But as I was walking out of the lunch room. The upgrades started to arrive. So I walked over to the ships from Alpha's base itself with the newest upgrades avaiable for this place. When I got to the ship Alpha 999 walked out. I knew him. He was low ranked but he taught me and Raina how to fly these ships. Which was fun. He walk over and gave me a hug and asks "How ya doing kid." and I laugh "I'm in Zeta. How do you think I am." he laughed sincerily. If I had a friend in here he would be it. He asked me question about the zombie queen and what she did. I told him the truth that me and Raina really got captured by the queen that she is stronger than we thought. He understood. We then talked about Alpha 1 and his newest pawns. See ever so often Alpha 1 will pick a few soldiers or hunters that he likes and he has them do things that in the end gets them killed. I was one of his pawns that he decided to keep alive. He hardly ever does that but thankfully he did. But as we were talking the alarms blared the Zombies were attacking. We quickly ran to the watch tower. Raina was there waiting for me. We both new what to do. First we standed back to back and made a wall with our telekinesis and locked it there and asked "Please tell you have weapons on that ship." He nods and we walk back out there to his ship. Which is having all weapons brought off to attack the zombies. When Dalton wakes up and walks out sleeply and asks "Whats going on." I walk over to him and say "Are you ready to fight some zombie." he then jumps up and says "Yeah." and he starts running to the front line and I order him to stop. He turns around and says "You order me." and I reply "Yes," I then throw my id pack and he passed out when he heard Alpha 9. 

The End Of Chapter One

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