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At 3:39pm on October 8, 2012, j o r d y n a l e x a n d r i a said…

Sigh, I miss you.

At 12:25pm on December 31, 2011, Sweet Emotion [Kenz] said…
At 3:49pm on December 27, 2011, j o r d y n a l e x a n d r i a said…

I'm sorry I'm never on here!

I miss old chat, also.

Okay so you should join THIS chat.

and have others join as well.

Nick made it. 

At 2:54pm on December 10, 2011, Melissa said…
Ah yes. I have the same problem. Lol.

Yup. So that's why I needed that substitute to make it interesting. :p

Of course you would.

They do. I stopped lying though. Well unless it's really needed. Causes too much drama xD

Me? Kinky?? Never :p

My poor little whiny bf
At 10:36pm on November 28, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Eh, don't know if anyone is going to be reading this. But in case anyone (especially Alexsh) does.... I am going to be online this weekend. :3

At 6:21pm on November 12, 2011, j o r d y n a l e x a n d r i a said…

Oh, you know. The girl you donated some 'stuff' to. That I put in a turkey baster.

And yeah.



Congrats! You're a father.


I have been.. not here. I got tired of this place. Other websites.

Also, I sort of got a life. Kind of. Not entirely, which is why I still log on. Haha.

Life sucks, though.

So I'm thinking about getting rid of that 'life' and just staying with my internet. 


I'm super! Thanks. :3

Glad to hear your decent.

I do miss you, though!

At 10:02pm on November 11, 2011, Melissa said…
You should!! XD
Writing -_- and god. I bet you would :p
No he's just straight up ugly. But he IS flexibly. He hangs out with the cheerleaders.
He would. He's a huuge liar.
What do you think I'm referring to?
Totally does. Just not to my darling bf. I can't let him be right. Lol. And that's exactly why it's more important
At 9:45pm on November 11, 2011, Melissa said…
Lol. You are. Share your brilliance.
I don't do anything in that class anyways. xD might as well have something good to look at while I'm doing nothing. XD and who knows if the players liked it, but I can't believe they'd do anything with that gay guy.
The only person who knows, lies more than I do. As far as they know, I'm too sweet and innocent to do anything like that O:) and yep. First ever. He tried giving me suggestions and gave up. Told me my way was better and I do too! It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.
I know I couldn't. :p not many can. Well...maybe I AM a sadist x3 but he's not complaining. That's true. Your statement WAS the most important.
At 9:01pm on November 11, 2011, Melissa said…
Of course. Lol. Everyone loves you. :D
And my normal teacher is okay. But she doesn't compare to that substitute. I'm still mad that I missed him. A few of our football players have experimented with one of our gays, but he's ugly so I don't see why they would.
You can be considered anything you wanna be :p and the one to his jeans. Didn't really cut me so much as leave a big red mark. That was the first time I ever did that for him too. I kept randomly stopping which made him start to beg xD
Oh you know it, but I'll try to control myself. ;D he's supposed to be. Only to an extent though and I'm not sadistic at all :p and yep. You're just more proof to his statement.
At 8:38pm on November 11, 2011, Melissa said…
Um....I love you? :p
I wanna see him now. Grrrr >.< Dang, I got very mad the other day. My teacher left after my class and she got the most gorgeous sub ever. Tall, light brown wavy hair, he was a football type of gorgeous. I wished so much that she would have left before my class.
I didn't get caught with my hand under my jacket and in his lap on a crowded bus today ^-^ I was able to tease the crap outta him for the whole ride. But his zipper cut my hand. -_- so everyone who sees it knows exactly what I did.
Nope. I'm not into details about that stuff unless it's my own xD and my boyfriend says he's a masochist, but I'm not sure. I love hurting people and he always complains when I hurt him. He only appreciates my habit to bite and scratch until it hurts too much. And I don't think so. He said something like that yesterday when I asked him, but I didn't believe him lmao
At 9:06pm on November 9, 2011, j o r d y n a l e x a n d r i a said…

Hi you! 

It's been a while, hm? 


How are you?

At 12:04am on November 7, 2011, Melissa said…
Hmm, now I don't know about that! Lmao jk
Totally off topic. But it makes me wanna see this guy. xD
Not at all. But god, we keep almost getting caught. Ah, it just makes it more fun for us. We snuck into the employees only hallway of the mall once and started making out. I didn't think I could move that fast when we heard the employees only door open. It scared me to death. I'm too nice to break the rules ^-^
Lol. That's evil of you! :p my bf's the same way to me. He loves my innocence for some reason. And again, totally evil, but I can't say much because I'm the same way.
At 9:07pm on November 6, 2011, Melissa said…
It was witty enough. Lol. Most couldn't think of it xD
Just look up the pic of a Vietnamese person. Black hair, almond eyes. But it looks like he has wrinkles or something. >.br /> Yep. Well more like the sweat pants we get for being seniors. He wore them on a class trip we took 2 hours there and back on the bus. I told him it was a stupid idea but he didn't listen to me. And ended up having to cold his jacket at his wait on 2 separate occasions to hide what happens when we get any little bit of privacy whatsoever together.
Now that boy IS innocent :3 and teasing is a very fun thing to do. :p
At 7:34pm on November 6, 2011, Melissa said…
oh god. Lol. What have you done? :p
I don't think so. Personally, when I first saw him I though "omg! That looks like a muh shot"
Why doesn't it count. And I know I am. I call myself an innocent little angel all the time. What surprised him was my ability to text things that gave him problems he couldn't wear sweat pants with. Who's the most innocent person you know??? And you're a big tease too? :)
At 7:21pm on November 6, 2011, Melissa said…
You never know. Lol. Some of these guys are crazy. xD
I didn't tell you. :p he learned to stay away from gays and now has a whole group of people who are protective of him that keep him from being molested. ^-^
He is the last one. But I finally gave into a relationship so I still call him new. Tsk tsk. Poor thing was super surprised to find out that I wasn't as innocent as everyone thought. It's not like he's complaining though. except for the fact that I'm one heck of a tease.
At 3:55pm on November 6, 2011, Melissa said…
That might work. Lol. But better yet, get a pushover to ask the dumb neanderthal. ^-^ that way, I don't get hurt.
I wouldn't doubt it :p
True. They avoid the gays now. :D
Not really, don't forget that many girls find you gorgeous ;p my boyfriend would not like me saying that, so I can't. xD you don't even know how much more fun my new guy is. 2 months and we still haven't done much though.
At 1:32am on November 6, 2011, Marcos R. said…
heey =) havent talked in a while!
At 1:59am on September 30, 2011, Ɩвяαнιм said…
nothing really. you ?
At 7:25am on August 31, 2011, Melissa said…
Oh yay! :D
At 7:24am on August 31, 2011, Melissa said…
Well our district is super cheap xD I might have to see if I can convince an idiot to try it out and tell me of ours stalls. Lol.
LMAO!!!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard in awhile. It would be hilarious if someone tried that.
I did! :) the class after I was like "do you know what gay is? Well that guy you rode in the elevator with is gay. ^-^"
Omg. Lol. Welp, if he ever even considered you, YOU CAN HAVE HIM! Been there, done that...well not THAT, but gay guys are no fun for girls.

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