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At 5:55am on September 20, 2013, χtiɳa said…

I miss this place so much!!

At 3:15am on October 15, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Hi Amy, 

How are you?

I am finally back here from prac and uni. 

I hope you are well :)

At 1:29am on July 17, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Oh I reckon, especially when you are having fun, the time flies by!!

I actually went and saw Ted on friday with my brother and I loved it!! If you love family guy humour you would love it. I can not wait for batman, are you going to go and see it? :)

At 7:14am on July 10, 2012, χtiɳa said…

I'm good thanks. Currently on a break for 2 weeks and then back to work... so hopefully it doesn't go too fast. 

I am desperate to go and see a movie too, it feels like it has been forever since I went to the movies!! 

At 11:55pm on July 5, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Hey Amy, 

how are you doing?

I hope that teacher of yours isn't giving you too much of a hard time and has pulled back a bit on the workload. 

Aww thank you! And yes I did pass, thank goodness!! 

So I only have prac left to go and then I am finished, whoo-hoo!!

At 12:47am on June 16, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Oh no, how come? Is he a strict teacher?

I always hated physics, I prefer chemistry. 

I just know that I did write enough, I listed the answers but was not able to explain them in depth as they wanted. So hopefully I wrote enough to pass. 

After 4 years, all I want now is a pass, had enough of uni! 

Haha your Dad sounds like my Dad! Well I'm sure it won't be long till it come son dvd and you can watch it in the comfort of your own home :-D I know I will! 

That's good to hear. I have quite a few books to read at the moment, so I will get around to it eventually. 

At 1:29am on June 15, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Aww already! That sucks, sorry to hear that. So are you back at school?

Thanks, I hope everything went okay with the exam, as I am currently not feeling very confident. 

Ohh no! How come? I thought you would have been one of the first to see it as I saw you had the countdown pic on your wall. I have the 1st book, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I hope it is as good as everyone is saying it is

have you read the whole series?

At 6:21am on June 10, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Well that's exciting, summer holidays!!

So have many plans or adventures coming up? ;-)

Thank you, I hope I passed my exams *fingers crossed*

have you seen any movies lately?

What did you think of the hunger games?

talk to you soon! 

At 10:18pm on May 30, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Hi Amy!!

How are you?

I am so sorry that I haven't been on here in soo long, I just realised that it was in March when I last spoke to you :-(

I have been so caught up with uni that I haven't had time for anything. But I only have an exam left, next week and then that's it!! I can not wait!

So how have you been? What have you been up to?

How is school going?

Sorry again, I've missed you heapz!! 

At 9:46am on March 10, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
Because its all the colors and no color, its excitment and death, its grace and clumsy not to mention its the domonint color of my closet :P
At 3:43pm on March 6, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
It's all good my favorite colors black :)
At 11:08am on March 4, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
Why? What's your mood?
At 9:29am on March 3, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
Well right now what's your Fav color?
At 3:52pm on March 2, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
Ohhhhhhhh I gotcha :P
At 5:44pm on March 1, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
Depends on...?
At 6:24am on February 29, 2012, χtiɳa said…

Hey, how are you? How is school going?

So sorry that it has been ages since the last time I messaged you. 

Well I hope everything is alright with you :-)

Miss ya! 

At 6:52pm on February 27, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
Haha what's your Fav color?
At 3:29pm on February 23, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
I hear that! :P
At 8:17am on February 20, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
So what ya up to
At 9:50am on February 19, 2012, Ƭαммʏ~Ѧʋƨιc=˩ιғɛ said…
We have been freinds on here forever but never spoken

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