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At 1:21pm on March 21, 2011, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
You just lost the game.
Also, it's "And I won't beleive this lie, I know there's someting more inside."
At 9:10am on March 16, 2011, nikita gandharva said…


wanna chat???


At 12:56am on February 14, 2011, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…

I actually figured that out about ten minutes after I added a comment to your page.

And I love you too :)

At 2:33pm on February 13, 2011, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…

Your new picture freaks me out.

And you just lost the game.

At 9:24pm on January 17, 2011, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
The game.
At 10:17pm on January 12, 2011, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…

Malloreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Hi! HI! HI! HI! HI! HI! That does not have nearly the same effect as it does on Facebook.
Also, I could not possibly be your long lost twin. Older sister, maybe, but I'm like a year and half older than you.

ALSO, most of your description of yourself thingy seems to contradict its self.
Also, you just lost the game.

Also, the music playing on your page is annoying and creepy.

At 5:42pm on January 5, 2011, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
Love you too :)
At 7:51am on December 8, 2010, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
You can't GO mad, m'dear, if you're already way past mad and moved onto "i don't want to go back in the padded room"
and we rp-ed on saturday/sunday, that's like four days ago.
but you are correct, we don't rp enough anymore.
At 10:11pm on November 29, 2010, SofiaEatsUnicorns;; said…
I really dont think I want to XD.
I love that face too! :D Its all,


"I can see inside your soul!"
At 10:48pm on November 14, 2010, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
awwww......... there's not more mention of hitting people with drumsticks now........... :(
At 4:51pm on October 29, 2010, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
I've replied to your replies of a few things.
First: My friends like ditched my after school today(grrr....)
Second: Yes, well I'm not always the fastest person. (that sounds a bit dirty......)
Third: The car was parked. But I tried again after school and I think I might've broken somethings......
Fourth: I'm gonna make this long again. Because I can.
Fifth: I'm bored again. And you're on the phone too much.
Sixth: You're not on again.
Seventh: I would've saved you from the fangirls, or better yet, we could've found some more Andy Six ones and then there'd've been an all-out war.
Eighth: I can think of an eighth now. The war mentioned in Seven would be pretty darn funny.
Nineth: I can't think of a ninth now....
Tenth: I just had a Dr. Pepper. I've accually had like four today, and probably will have more tonight at the dance.
Eleventh: I just saw it yesterday.
Twelfth: Yes you did, now I didn't though.
Thirteenth: You want to know how to skateboard into a car?
Fourteenth: Halloween's on Sunday...
Fifteenth: I don't either. But I did find red in my closer.
Sixteenth: I really think I broke something....
Seventeenth: I don't have anything in my head at the moment.
Eighteenth: Math is evil.
Nineteenth: I'm just cold in general.
Twentieth: My left hand hurts... a lot.
Twenty-first: Bob is absent.
Twenty-second: I could still keep going.
Twenty-third: I won't
At 10:03pm on October 28, 2010, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
I've decided a few things.
First: I comment on your page a lot.
Second: You're a secret agent and that's why you randomly disapear so much. You have to save the world.
Third: I cannot skateboard. I tried this morning and ran into a car.
Fourth: I'm going to make this rather long
Fifth: I'm very bored.
Sixth: You need to get on and stay on.
Seventh: You probably won't. because you're off saving the world.
Eighth: I can't think of an eight
Ninth: A fire blanket's sole function is to keep fires warm when it's cold out.
Tenth: I want a Dr. Pepper.
Eleventh: I'm watching Mr. Magorium's Wonder Empuorium and now I wanna jump on a bed.
Twelvth: I spelled that wrong.
Thirteenth: I really wanna know how to skateboard without running into a car and falling on my butt
Fourteeth: I need to find a top for my Halloween costume.
Fifteenth: I do not own anything red. Other than a shirt that's like three sizes too big
Sixteenth: I have alreayd made this quite long, but will make it longer.
Seventeenth: I have Blister in the Sun stuck in my head.
Eighteenth: I really hate Math
Nineteenth: My right hand is really cold.
Twentieth: My left isn't....?
Twenty-first: Klompen isn't a word.
Twenty-second: I could keep going.
Twenty-third: I'm not going to.
At 6:20pm on August 5, 2010, thewayyoufallasleep™ said…
you're asleep again, aren't you?

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