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At 5:15am on June 1, 2012, Sarah Rose Black :D said…

Heey it’s Safae my best friend will continue to post my story cause i’m really busy with school so i hope you still want to read my story :D


PS.this is the account of my best friend :P

At 9:00am on July 18, 2010, alcat2021 said…
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At 6:19am on June 17, 2010, Edward_F_A_N_ said…
At 12:32pm on June 13, 2010, Doc B MD said…
I agree I don't think that Bella would want to be around Jacob and his new love. But it would be sad that she would just go away. As chief of the tribe I bet that JAcob would see thatr Bella had a place to stay with one of their children. Thanks for sharring, Doc

At 12:44pm on May 25, 2010, Tricia Red said…
hello :) thank you for welcoming me :)
At 9:09pm on May 21, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Spegs, I agree entirely,
Wasn't Carlisle's choice excellent. Catherine did a great Job. Thanks for sharing Doc

At 1:38am on May 20, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Spegs,
I sure agree with you. But I would provibly move Alice up a notch. I think that Edward's loss is a major one, since I would have put him right behind Jasper. As to their placement, I would have put Jasper and Edward (not available) on the sides where they could hit them in their weakest spots. And then have Alice and Carlisle seal off their possable north and south routs of escape. Thanks for sharing Doc

At 2:02pm on April 30, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Spegs,
I love your new Avatar honoring Stephanie. You are so right she is the true hero of "The Twilight Saga." GREAT CHOICE. And you make an excellent point about Bella's special mind and her shield. Thank You for sharing, Doc

At 4:26am on April 30, 2010, Ressie Rosebelle cullen said…
hey thx for writing a comment on my profile :D
At 11:13am on April 29, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Your new avatar is fun. And I think that Stephanie would be happy to know that you are using her photo, since she is the real star of the Saga series. Bear Hugs
At 11:10am on April 29, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Spegs, You make an excellent point. To me the most evil characters would be either. Aro because he participates in sending people and vampires to their death, with out having any compassion for life (vampire or human) even though he is intelligent enough to know he shouldn't. Or Jane (the sadistic) sociopath who takes pleasure in torturing others.

The defense for Aro would be that he is only doing what is best for the Vampire world. But as you point out he true motive is strengthing his power base. His Killing Carlisle and Esme (Which he had to have included in his plan to kidnapp Edward, Alice,and Bella) was a despicable decision.

But watching Jane smile as she started to torture Bella was despicable as well. Thank you for sharing, Doc

At 12:47am on March 19, 2010, Doc B MD said…
New Rose Discussion
Jacob's Invitation To Bella's Wedding: Was It Right Or Wrong Of Edward To Extend It ? Of Jacob to accept it? (Re-post)
Being Discussed At the official "Twilight" book discussion site:
Ning tells me they have our home page glich fixed: It is at : If you haven't "asses as a friend there I hope you will, Doc
At 7:07pm on March 16, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Spegs, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ? I am at the address below, Doc
At 11:39am on February 24, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…

Dear Spegs,
What excellent observations. Spegs "Her clumsiness. Doc I never thought of that. But it is an excellent point. Bella fell down just trying to get to her car. And in gym. It would obviously be a powerful component of her poor public image GREAT POINT!!
Spegs, "From the agony of knowing." Doc Another brilliant point. There is an agony which comes from being in love. Part of it may be from knowing that you aren't totaly in controll of your own life. Thank you for sharing those insightful obsevations with us, Doc

At 6:46pm on February 23, 2010, Renata Filipa Da Silva Cullen said…
oh thanks *Smiles*
yes i love it her, it's very fun and i can talk with fans like me *jumps and smiles*
At 5:43pm on February 9, 2010, Renata Filipa Da Silva Cullen said…
oh tanks. it's very nice from you *smiles*
sure we can be friends *hugs*
i'm portuguese but my name it's brazilian, and means Reborn *jump and smile*
kisses *
At 5:02am on February 7, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…
p style="text-align: left;">

NO TV!! Your folks sound like Stephanie's. I wonder if you will turn out to be the next Meyers or Rollins. Thanks for the compliment, I like the pictures too, Doc
Some where your Edward is looking for you. Quote: What took you so LONG!" Alice to Jasper.

At 5:58pm on February 5, 2010, Renata Filipa Da Silva Cullen said…
hi *smiles*
At 6:26pm on February 4, 2010, hifni said…
who r u??
At 6:18am on February 4, 2010, Jacob Black said…
its fine

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