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At 11:38pm on July 4, 2010, Neo Anderson said…
Hey Phuu! :)
Hopefully You Have A Facebook...
Find Me Love :D
At 6:31am on November 11, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hey Phuu, how you been lately?????????????????
At 11:50am on May 22, 2009, Neo Anderson said…
HHHMMM !!!! i have been is kicking me ass badly (In A Horable irish Accent) :) thts why i havent been on here much :(
What about You? :)
At 4:59am on May 21, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hello Phuu,
sorry I haven't spoken to you for ages!
I been pretty good. How have you been?
I just been doing many assignments lately for university.
How have your university studies been?
Sorry I got to go and wash the dishes before we eat dinner tonight.
Talk you later Phuu!
At 10:01am on May 15, 2009, Neo Anderson said…
HHHHHIIIII!!!!!! OMG!! I miss talking to you......... Whats Been Uppity? :) When Ya Get A Chance Talk to me Hun! LATER!!! :)
At 2:58pm on May 3, 2009, Evon Powell said…
Hi Phuu, I'm sorry i didn't write you sooner, i haven't been online in a while, and i don't remember how my day was on the 15th. But yesterday it really sucked, the BULLS lost, now we have to wait til next year. And today is going pretty great, i just got home from church.Sooooooo that's my day, HOW'S YOURS!!!!!!!!!
At 8:38am on April 30, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hello Phuu,
I'm sorry about about your presentation not going as well as you wanted it to. But I'm sure you did better than what you think.
How has your day been? Tonight I went to a musical concert thing that people in my city performed put together and performed. It was really funny! I had the best time!!
At 1:48am on April 24, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hey Phuu,
My mid year exams are in June.
Today I finished my essay!!! go me!!
I hope you catch up on some sleep soon.
Good luck with your presenation I hope it went well.
At 6:41pm on April 21, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hi Phuu,
it sounds like you had a bit of bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
Yesterday was an okay day for me, nothing exciting happened though. I just did some uni work. Today I'm meeting up with some friends at 11:00am so that should be fun.
What are your plans for today?
Type to you later.
At 6:34pm on April 19, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hi Phuu,
it's okay, I am glad that you understand.
Indonesia must be similar to places like Darwin (Aus) and Fiji where there is a wet season and a dry season.
I haven't seen snow either but the snow country probably only about 6 hours drive away from where I live. It would be pretty wonderful to see it snowing.
One thing I like is looking at sunsets. I think they are fascinating. I like for a walk late in the evening and watch the sun diappear into the night.
Type to later Phuu!
At 11:45am on April 16, 2009, Neo Anderson said…
Aww phuu! :)
No worries Hun dnt be confused :) heather and I were just joking around :)
At 12:17am on April 16, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hi Phuu,
OFCOURSE WE ARE FRIENDS!! Neo and I were joking, we weren't being serious. Sorry about that!!
Yeah, I thought confessions of a shopaholic was a good- quite funny in some parts.
The Harry Potter movies are good. I don't mind any genre, in regards to movies.
What's the weather like in Indonesia were you are? The weather here is quite sunny and warm.
At 9:13am on April 15, 2009, venice said…
At 8:23pm on April 13, 2009, Neo Anderson said…
My day Waaaaaaaas NAh! its Ok I guess......Other than being tooootally obsessed with twilight and like........going to a million sites :) n e way :) before i bore you with wierdness.... :) Whats wrong with my buddii list? :( lol
AAAAAANNNNNNDDD of course i have to begin with how was your day?
And How are you doing :)
At 8:16pm on April 13, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hi Phuu,
It sounds like you have been having a good time this week. Good for you!
The last time I went to the movies was last saturday actually. I went to see 'Confessions of a shopolic'.
However, I don't go to the movies that often, the last time i went to the movies before that was when I went to see twilight 31st Dec 2008. So I had not been to the movies for over 3 months.
Do you have a favourite movie?
At 7:30pm on April 12, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hi Phuu,
Sorry that it has taken my so long to reply.
My brother has one more year of study and then he will be finished studying for his degree in accounting.
I choose to do nursing because I don't think that I would like an office job, so nurisng would allow me to be up walking around. I also choose nursing because I think that I would enjoy seeing to other people's needs. Seeing blood doesn't really bother me, I'm not queasy. You are right you do have to have a lot of patience and tact when dealing with people when you are a nurse.
Sorry I don't actually have anything else besides the twilight saga for communication.
My name is Heather.
I had a good day yesterday because it was Easter Sunday and I got to eat some of my chocolate easter bunny.
How was your day?
At 11:24pm on April 11, 2009, Neo Anderson said…
(tear) you nvr came back (busts out in croc tear) :)
HHHEEEY there phuu! hope ya stop by sometimes! :)

P.s....Somebodies stealing my twilight Buddii! (points down below my other comment) xD :) j/k

At 9:12am on April 9, 2009, Neo Anderson said…
HHHHEEEYYYY!!!!! whats up ( starts doing the carlton) HEHEHE!!
im awesome!!! what about u ms.Cullen?? :)
At 2:14am on April 9, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hey Phuu,
my brother is studying accounting at uni at the moment as well.
I'm studying nursing at Charles Sturt University.
At 11:15pm on April 8, 2009, Heather Alice said…
Hi Phuu,
I hope that you had a good day at work.
Australia elects it Federal governemnt every three years, so the last governement was elected in 2007. The next elections will be in 2010. The Australian Fed governement mainly consists of two major political parties, Liberal and Labor. People vote for either party, so the party with the most votes forms goverment. Both parties have a leader which is appointed by the members of each party. When either individual party wins government the leader of the particular party that won becomes the our country's Prime Minister.
Do you usually work from Monday to Friday?

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