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At 12:52pm on June 6, 2009, Alexandra said…
Sorry, my phone refused to let me wrote more, so I had to start a new comment. Okay, so I opened Kaycee and Kelly's presents yesterday, and oh my god! I always wear tank tops in the summer, don't know why, but said to my mom a few days ago we need more cause of how bad of shape a lot of mine are from being worn, but either way, the other day Kaycee acted like the was tucking my tag back into my shirt, but no, she was seeing my size and probably the store I went to. And I love them! And Kelly made me a pillow case. It's nice. Then we went to the store for groceries after Kelly and my mom made French toast for us all, but either way, I had to get a notebook, cause deven cut my letter short and I wasn't even close to done, and it was long, so I needed a notebook:) then Wyatt cane out and we hung out for a while, then Kaycee and Kelly came down and we all played Sorry, fun game, but I bit wyatt, I'll explain in the next paragraph. Either way, after that we ate taco salad, then I was showing wyatt all this music and couldn't believe be didn't seem to know one Beatle song! Then Kelly called and asked me to come to their house and I get there and it's dark! I walk in and the next thing I know there's a cupcake with a candle and they're singing Happy Birthday! I loved it and it was good, chocolate chip and banana nut together! It was yummy:) oh I forgot I made wyatt dance and walk with me in the moonlight... I was sooooo excited to have a almost full moon with tons of moonlight on my birthday! I love it, love it, love it!!! Then we were going to go to Kelly and they're house to watch one, but they were tired so I showed wyatt some old movies Ginger and me had made since she's the only one who would make movies with me. But then I started going into a breakdown and that's when I say all that'd on my mind and he didn't like it, but whatever.
Okay the biting thing. Last time be was here we would wrestle fir my ring and his phone, and sometimes I have a biting problem and yesterday was actually going through the skin a bit, but the weird thing is it doesn't bug him! But it's fine, I outsmarted him:) I put his phone in my bra, which you see I had to do with mine on the hike, but either way, be won't get it there and my ring in my mouthxD. I love outsmarting people:).
Oh my god! I fogot to tell the best present I've gotten so far! It's a Twilight poster, smaller than tv others, but 3-D! So all the characters move! I so have to get you one!!!!
I'm sorry your week was horrible, I was wishing it's be good and nice:( and OF COURSE! I'm gonna see all your matches or shows when you become a wrestler! I'll be your biggest fan! I can't wait!
Bella! I had a dream I went to Serbia and we spend all our time together! Of was amazing!!!
I promise I'll take tons of pictures of my party since I forgot to one my birthday:( and send you tons!
How come you are only eating fruit now? I love that you are reading breaking dawn and wear your necklace all the time:). Haha, you seriously skipped classxD. Oh my god! Those cloths sound amazing! I want to see them someday and wow! That's a LOT of pictures, haha. I have to go, but I love you and miss you sooooo much! I can't wait till you get to go to belgrade for the wwe thing next week! You have to tell me all about it! And you'll never believe it, Ginger told me happy birthday and I forgot I made a power point of all your pictures and watch them when I'm down and LOVE it, but I wish I was there and don't ever shorten a mail to leave me alone, I love your mails! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 12:14pm on June 6, 2009, Alexandra said…
Bella! Thanks for the birthday wishes:). My party isn't until today, but yesterday was fun. I'll try to tell you as much as I can on my phone, our Internet hasn't been working for 3 days and it's killing me not being able to just get on and tell you everything so easily.
Okay, I'll start with trying to answer your questions. No, your peter hassnt arrived yet:( but I'll let you know as soon as it does, everyday I sprint to the mail box, praying it'll be there. Haha, Deven did write a letter and we sent them 2 or 3 days ago. It was great and funny, she said, "way to go alex, now I'm dying for her to be here too and I have to wait a while year!". She loves you and is the only friend that loves you that much, but then again, I tell her the most.
Haha, I wish I had a video of me jumping on his back, it was sooooo funny! He never saw it coming, but now he watches for things like that. And yes we are dating. Haha, he was kind of lost with Deven's test, but we were surprised how much he was willing to tell her. Like the first question she asked him was "when you smile real big around alex, what are you thinking?". Then he just had to fuel deven who said "I love this game." which is embarassing me as much as humanly possible, but either way he answered, "how cute and weird she is.". There were more, like she asked him about his religion, but that wax just a fun random question. If be every lied to me and said he'd better not or else, hmmm... I can't remember what else besides asking if he remembered my birthday and then telling him he was wrong when he was right and him saying, "oh, not funny, I'd have to join witness protection if I forgot, she'd kill me." and deven agreed. Yes, he watched Twilight and the trailer of New Moon which he said looked good and he may read the saga! The kiss? I honestly don't remember how it went, I was so out of it I didn't even realize he was kissing me, which is pretty sad on my part, but besides that I thing it went okay, better the next time when I was completely awake. I don't know, but I always fall asleep on his shoulder, probably the medcine they give me to make me sleep doing it's job, I don't know. Last night I was close to a breakdown and he wouldn't leave till I was better, so he wouldn't leave till 2:30am!
Bella, I'm having so much trouble... all the dark thoughts are back, so I'm, once again having to fight the urge to not kill myself or make sure I'm awake so I don't hurt myself, which I can't anyway, you won't let me:) and I love that! I feel like I should have died in the wreck and it's terrible! I want them to go away! Cause the more they're here, the more I start believeing them! I won't even take my necklace off anymore to shower, sleep, nothing, I have to have you with me at all times, to help me. What makes it even harder is everyone acts like I was doing better so there's no possible way this could be happening again, and it makes me feel so alone at times cause you're the only one who understands. Wyatt's trying cause be wasn't around the last time I was like this and hates to hear my thoughts, but does anyway, deven likes to gear them, but her mom would let her come over this week or me over to her house. I hate these thoughts and feelings. But I just have to keep fighting them, that's all I can do, I guess.
At 11:55am on June 4, 2009, Alice Cullen said…
Thank you very much , it's just me
At 10:58am on June 4, 2009, Alice Cullen said…
At 11:30am on June 3, 2009, *Alexa Cullen* said…
Hey Bella! How are you?
At 4:27pm on June 2, 2009, Alexandra said…
Bella! I'm sooooo happy to hear from you! I was soooo sad! Haha, of all the things for me to not have, haha, but don't worry, I'm planning on changing it soon, I just had to change it till I found a better on, it was driving me insane not changing it, don't know why to tell you the truth, but I hate that it's blurry, really makes me mad, but I'll change it soon.
I'd die in serbian gramatics, just saying, but then again, I don't know any serbianxD But good luck, I know you can pass it, I passed French with an A, I was soooo happy cause I had been rushed, and that sucked! I really want to give you a big emmett bear hug right now too, I miss you soooo much that you're the only thing keeping me in my right mind and at least trying to fight all the dark thoughts. Wyatt's coming over soon cause he doesn't like the whole dark thoughts thing and I told him that you were the only thing keeping me going and telling me that the brain damage is good, cause without it I wouldn't know you and I can't bear that thought! I love you too much for that thought to come into my brain.
I know! One more year exactly! I'm soooooo excited! Haha, that's Wyatt's truck, and it is like Bella's, a little more rusty and a little younger, but you can definitly get a picture in front of it someday:) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
At 12:03pm on June 2, 2009, Alexandra said…
Bella I'm terrible. For like a day now, ever since I hurt my hip I've been remembering why I wish the wreck would have killed me and you're the only thought and person in my head that pushes that thought away. Cause I love you and know you and I need and love eachother and one day we'll be together goofing off and just hanging out. I felt terrible. My hip started hurting soooo much I could hardly walk and I started crying from the pain, then I remembered how sick I am of being practically disabled everytime I do anything physcial, andd having brain damage, and short term memory loss. How sick I am of being behind and never getting to just forget. I'm sick of thinking it's September and standing still in time while everyone moves forward. I hate hate hate it, and now my mom, I say something and the next thing I'm sooooo upset and mad I start crying and feel like she thinks I just need to get over everything, that it's my fault I put myself that I put myself through pain, and yeah, I probably overworked it, but all she does is upset me. But I've been holding my necklace and that helps push away the thoughts away for a while at least, I just have to keep thinking of you, I live for you. I have to go, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!
At 6:11pm on June 1, 2009, Alexandra said…
Oh, I just remember Nathan, I can't wait for our pictures, I'm excited, but if you ever want to see them this is his url, Don't know if it's set on private or what, but still. LOVE YOU!!!!!
At 5:45pm on June 1, 2009, Alexandra said…
Bella!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo SORRY! I've haven't been alone or ahat home to get back to you and it's been killing me and I had to wait for the computer all day! Well, it's 3pm, but still. I love you and missed you sooooo bad, I wouldn't take my necklace off at all, not even when I slept, I kept talking and thinking about you soooo much, that Deven can't wait till you're over here now, she loves you, we talk about you and miss you and I was going to surprise you, but she even wrote you a letter, she's also gonna try and help me earn money to get you over here cause it's now killing her to wait for you like it does me. I've never seen her get sooooo attached to one of my friends, it's strange, in a good way, and oh I missed you soooooo much!!!!! Okay, I'll try and tell you about my days and answer your mail now.
Okay, so my days. Lets see. Oh, Thursday! Oh my god! I haven't replied since Thursday?! Bella, I'm terrible, I'm soooo sorry, oh my god, I want to cry, but I'll try to wait till after the message. So Thursday was the last day of school, and you know about the French and all, but that's not completely why I was in a breakdown, it was just what finally broke me, it was a build up over the month, but Deven came and I talked you and Wyatt and that calmed me. So, Deven and I had fun, she made me end my letter(I'll just send it and continue onto a new one) so we could send ours together, as I told you. Deven quizzed Wyatt for 3 hours to see if he passed her "test" and he did(shaking my head) seriously, her and my family LOVE to embarrass me, not joke. But what's really funny is how much you and Deven sound alike if you guys are on the same topic, talk about freaking me outxD We listened to the same three songs over and over and over that night, haha, but it was a lot of fun.
Friday, Deven and I got up and we saw you had emailed me and looked and LOVED!!!!!!! all your pictures and we sang and danced to the song soooo many times that she was started to sing to it too!!!! Then I don't know what we did, but god, Deven and Wes and everyone was more excited to see Wyatt than me. Everytime we heard what could be a car door they'd be down the steps before I could get up, at least Deven was. Then Deven, Wyatt, and I walked and I hit him so much he was scared to be around me for a whilexD Then I kept staring at him thinking, "God, I wish he was Jaimie so I could jump on his back like I do her." But he and Deven saw me staring, and asked what I was doing or thinking and I said, "Oh, just wishing Wyatt was Jaimie." and they asked why, and I said, "So I could do this." and I ran and jumped on his back and it could him off guard and we fell in the grass where I started making a flower necklace with Deven. Then I put it on Wyatt and when he took it off I wrestled him trying to get it back on, but was mad cause I know he could have done better with the wrestling, I love to do it like I told you, that's why I don't see why people hate it and I hope you become a wrestler someday so I can watch you! Then we took his phone and put it in a tree, came and sat for a while after we ate and then watched...Twilight! He said it wasn't too bad, he's more into action movies, but the fact that he even liked it that much shocked me, and oh! Have you seen the New Moon trailer?! I know you have and it's AMAZING! I can't wait! Only 5 months and 19 days! I think. Yes, at the movie's I put my hand on his, but Friday we held hands, and I was falling asleep on him, I was sooo tired. When Deven left I went to give her a hug and started falling asleep on her shoulder and she had to help me stand. Then another hour and a half later, after Wyatt's movie, I went to give him a hug and was half asleep from when I had fallen asleep on the movie and I thought he'd break the hug cause I was using his shoulder as a pillow, but he didn't, of course. If I could have stood without hitting the ground I would have walked away. But he tried kissing me, but it didn't register in my brain until he said I made it really difficult, that he had tried to kiss me and I hadn't reacted. So, when I was finally able to stand, still almost fell, I gave him a kiss, which surprised him, but whatever, I was soooo out of it.
Then Saturday, Jaimie, Nathan, and I went to my aunt's, the one with the 132 acres that lives across from Washington State Park(really Washington County). And we walked her property to get to Big River, god that was a LONG walk, then the river was high and the current got me and took me down stream a bit before I got stuck on a tree and climbed up the small cliff. I took like 400 pictures, so I'll be sending a lot and you sooo have to add Nathan as a friend on MySpace, he took more pictures than me, always does, and then he puts them on there, so there will be a lot, and there's a few from back when we went on the railroad tracks and easter, it's fun. But then you could she Jaimie and me, and all the cool places on the trail. I'll give you his url thing at the end of this paragraph cause his name on there is Stryker or something and you just have to see his pictures! Okay, but what I was saying. We went to the look out, climbed back down the 1000 steps trail, I fell in the mud twice before Jaimie and I held hands and did the buddy system. We drank water from the water fall, soooo can't wait for those pictures! Then went on the hike, I fell in water, he took a picture of that too. Then on the way back I got sooooo caught in the current that Nathan was holding me to keep me on my feet since I was definitly not. Then we changed, ate dinner, sat outside and talked, while Jaimie was in the shower Nathan and I walked and talked in the moonlight about nightmares and how much he's seen me change since he met me the day after my wreck, why he came even though he didn't know me, Jaimie, and it was very relaxing.
Sunday Weslee was there and Wyatt came to my aunts, and Wes, Wyatt, Jaimie, Nathan, and I went into the river again and went with the current the went to our waterfall in the park again, then went to AuntToot's again, then came home, had a BBQ, then Kaycee, Weslee, Jaimie, Nathan, Wyatt, and I swam in my pool once it was dark and we had fun. But Jaimie and Nathan looked at the time and had to leave abruptly and that threw me off balance, it's hard with brain damage for that to happen, but Wyatt stayed till 1:15am cause I was just drilling him with questions, like, what's your favorite season and why, then I stopped talking and I was in the creek or river I'd been to in my dreams once and I could hear my mom, and all of I sudden I said, "Wyatt, are we in a creek?!" and he said no, so he left cause I had fallen asleep or was falling asleep.
Today I haven't done anything, I tore my body up the last few days, my hip, head, and everything hurt and I'm sooo tired, but the New Moon trailer woke me up, I keep watching it over and over on my TV, I love it!!!!!!!!! But besides that nothing.
Okay, so your mail now. Haha, I meant your middle name not your nickname, sorry. Haha, I told Deven you'd hate that name... but she won't listen, so when I talk about you I say Anja instead of Bella and that saves you, cause if I say Bella she says, "Annabelle?" and say "Yes, but you know she's gonna hate that name" and I was right. Haha, I'm glad you like the Ariel picture too:) I thought you would.
I know! I hate those people! They don't even know you and they judge you! I HATE them! I don't want them to know you if they are going to be like that, they don't deserve to know you, you're way better than them, I lvoe you too much to even care what they say, I hate them... new subject.
Taylor? Oh, he's a waste of oxygen, that's what, I got in trouble Sunday cause I hit him, but I said it was for the time before when he had made me sooo mad I was thinking of ways to kill him. Cause when I had woken up he had had his door chained, so. He even had the nevre to say if I hit him again he'd punch me in the face, like to see that one. God I hate him, I'd only introduce you so we could gang up and beat him up, but he doesn't even deserve that honor.
Okay Bella, I won't say it again, I promise... So, you add the 70 cm to the meter? I wish our system was like yours, make life sooo much easier since only 3 countries in the world use it. Yours is better, by far, I'm like 5' 4'' and 3/4 so pretty much 5' 5''. That's what Deven thought your shoes were. Haha, now Deven wants to burn you a CD of them, to add to the two my dad wants to burn, sorry you'll get soo much music through the course of the year. Well, I don't feel well, so I'm gonna go, oh, but first, I'm glad your mom and Eva like me. My parents love you and this weekend I'll get a picture of all of us for you. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I'M SOOOOOOO SORRY IT TOOK SOOOOO LONG TO GET BACK, I'LL NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 4:34pm on June 1, 2009, Emma Rose Cullen said…
hey girl!!!!!
my dad is normal lol...........i am doin ok..........i problem after another.....i miss talkiong to u i never get to talk to u any more..and i really miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!1....luv u lotz talk to u soon girl...byezz!!!ttyl
At 10:19pm on May 28, 2009, Alexandra said…
Sorry, Deven wants to know if you've heard of Fall Out Boy? Love you!!!!!!!!!!!
At 9:06pm on May 28, 2009, Alexandra said…
Deven just asked why you don't combined your names and say Annabelle? Haha, I think that's what she's gonna start calling you cause Bella confuses her cause she thinks Kristen StewartxD Here's a picture, courteous of Deven and me:)

At 4:22pm on May 28, 2009, Alexandra said…
BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote in my letter yesterday so I wouldn't be leaving too many comments for you, but I never stop thinking about you and holding my necklace. And today was not good.
You see, I went to my last day of school and my French teacher(hold on, have to go back a few days first.) Tuesday, I learned a WHOLE UNIT and got a 10 PAGE PACKET on it due the NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!! Well, I finished it and then you know what? She wasn't there when I got there!!!!! So, now today she makes me take a PRETEST, UNIT TEST, AND FINAL!!!!!!!! I didn't know barely any of it and was wanting to cry and break stuff and it when I got home I just started crying and wanting to kill myself and cut myself but I had to be dreaming, but then I started holding my necklace and I realized I wasn't dreaming, I realized I had just hit my breaking point and need to calm down, though I'm still shaking. Wyatt's texting me trying to keep me calm. So, I'm gonna move on to that subject.
Yeah, it is kind of weird, but my parents are EXTRA careful win it comes to me since my wreck, they want to know who I'm with 24/7 so they know if I'm in good hands if a breakdown were to start and all. So they met him and things went good.
We hung out all Sunday afternoon just walking and talking, me embarassing him and hitting him, I do that to everyone, but I make it hard when it comes to him, he said it's impressive how hard I can hit, but of course it is, I beat up Taylor:) Then we went to the movie's with his cousin, and all would have been good, but know, I had to start going into a breakdown. I think it was the noise the movie was making, it was really loud. I started wishing for you or Jaimie were there cause when I go into a breakdown I alway lay my head on Jaimie, or give her a hug, or hold her hand, arm, whatever, or all three. So, I start shaking, heart racing, want to jump out of the seat and kill myself. I tried to ignore it, but ha! like that worked! So eventually I got the guts to lay my head on Wyatt's shoulder, doesn't that I really like him, yes I like him, not love though, silly Bella, haha. Then I calmed a bit, but not enough so I put my hand on his and then calmed me almost all the way. That was good cause I was scared I was going to go into a panic attack and bite someone, like I did Jaimie and Nathan. It was good, and the movie was interesting, it was "Terminator Salvation". I told you this in my letter last night, but tomorrow we're having a movie night and Wyatt's gonna watch Twilight!!!!!!!! But I have to watch he's favorite movie in return. He'll like it, I'll make him like it:) We're both pretty excited.
Haha, you would die laughing listening to me sing that song with my american accent, or mid western accent, haha, but at least it's not a southern accent, then I'd always be saying y'all, hahaxD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! You're seriously going to send it to me in the mail?! OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED I JUST WANT TO SCREAM AND DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I willxD I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I go into great detail about in my letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though you already know it all!!!!!!!!!
I can sing to the whole song, but the begininning still screws with me and makes me mad sometimes, but I absoluty love it! Deven likes it too. OH! Deven's coming over!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited!!!!!!!! She know's more about you than anyone besides my parents cause she seems to get it, to understand. Most don't know why I trust someone I never met and I just walk away and don't talk to them anymore cause I love you sooo much and I don't feel like putting up with jerks like that.
Oh, haha, I beat Taylor up like that when I did like him... that's the bad part about it. Oh, I know! You'd think they'd care, but he just figures he'll stay at a friend's house when they kick him out, never working cause he won't work with a black person and that's not really easy to not come by. There are so many different races in America. Taylor and I are always competing, so he wanted to have Jaimie, but I couldn't.
Deven's here and says HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'll make this quick. You're new nickname will be Rose, cause to be honest, I hate the name Marie too, that's just what came to mind.
Haha, you're talking to his girlfriendxD Haha, that's great and I love that you have a mind twin too! Bella, I would give you up if that meant you could have Alice back alive, you know that right? It wasn't right for Alice to die and I wish she wouldn't have, trust me on that, I hate you being sad.
1.)Hey! Deven and I just thought of this, How tall are you?
2.)And in the picture of you when you're near the pole or post, your myspace picture, Deven wants to know what your shoes are cause she LOVES them?
Well, I gotta run, LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 10:26am on May 25, 2009, Alexandra said…
Haha, yeah I wrote the other mail so I wouldn't forget any details of the things I had thought, "I can't wait to tell Bella this" while I was doing it:) Haha, yeah, I completely drained my phone playing it on YouTube on it over and over and over and I still listen to it, a few parts I have memorized and I start singing too, though don't know what I'm singing but who cares, it's AMAZING! I love it! You should so find me a link, and burn it next time, even if that's far away:) I just LOVE it, haha. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!
At 4:16pm on May 24, 2009, Alexandra said…
Bella! I LOVE that song! I keep listening to it over and over, It's so good! It does remind me of you, I just wish I knew what they were saying, but whatever, by the time I'm done listening to it I'll probably have it memorized but won't know what I'm saying, but who caresxD
Abbey's party was great! All day her boyfriend had her blindfolded where ever he took her, so she didn't even know she was at her house when she started taking off the blindfold, but before she could get it off we were popping poppers, yelling surprise, and squirting her with water gunsxD It was great, she went running out of her house screaming! It was so funny! Then later after she had beat down the piñata we were putting candy in our dresses, it was a hawaiian theme:), and she was wobbling trying to not drop it allxD I'll send a picture of her standing there with her dress full of candy giving me a funny face. But oh my God, you know how I said we were mind twins, wow, that shocked us. You see, I didn't know what to get her for her birthday, so I walked into the store and said, "Okay, what would I want?" and then it hit me, New Moon! She doesn't have it and wants it cause she's read the whole saga! So I grab it, found this lotion and spray that's scent was Vanilla Rasberry and said, "The smells good, if I like it she will." Then said, "I like dark chocolate, I'll get her some." and did. So she opens her presents and about screams and says, "Oh my God! I was staring at this today saying how much I wanted it!" And then said the scent was good and she liked dark chocolate. I didn't know all this, just went on what I liked, though us both thinking of the book the same day freaked us out.
So, Weslee, or Werewolf is what I call him incase I say that by accident out of habit. We went swimming and we being goofs, but got sad talking about grandma and grandpa because we were on the same boat there. We both lived next to them and practically lived there and were saying how mad we were at what my uncle did. When grandma died he wouldn't let us get our stuff, which was laying on the top and just everywhere and by the time we got there they had turned the house upside down and we couldn't find any of our stuff! And it's not a big deal, but that was our childhood, our life, and they took the last pieces we had of what we did most of our time and threw it out. I don't know it just really upsets us. We just want to go and say hi to grandma and grandpa and say, "We're here, where are you? We came to talk and play, like we use too. Hello?" Then let the sadness hit us that they aren't there and just have to move on. But I held my necklace and it's like the pain is still there, but it's not as strong and is being washed away, like you're all I need and I can forget and remember at the same time and live happily, it's weird.
Haha, I've been listening to the song while typing it and parts I can almost sing along to it perfectly, it's a little hard though, since I don't know the language. Man, I need to write more in your letter, I haven't in a long time, I've been so busy, and have been telling you everything in detail, but I'm sure there's a lot I can put in it. Though I'm gonna remind you Bella Marie, that you better not keep holding back whatever's making you sad or feel bad, or whatever it is. I wanna know, I'm there for you, but can't be if you won't tell me what's going on with you. We really do need to chat on facebook sometime, that was nice doing instant messaging to eachother. Oh, you said you had like MSN??? Like instant messaging? I'm not sure, but I think I have that, or could easily get it.
Just realized a mistake in yesterday's email. When I said that Wes had said"I already have tons of people saying they like my eyes, and they are the guys saying that." I meant aren't cause all the girls are telling him that:) Well, I'd like to write more, but I'm really tired. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 4:39pm on May 23, 2009, Alexandra said…
Hey Bella! I'm not mad you didn't get back sooner, I'm actually mad at myself I didn't write everyday to tell you what's been going on. It's been a very stressful week.
You see, what happened is my stupid French teacher found out that homebound won't pay after the 28th of May(last day of school), so she's going to teach me a whole unit and have me take quizzes, 2 unit tests, and a final in 4 DAYS! She's INSANE! So every night I have to try and fight sleep and do homework, homework, and oh, more homework to finish stupid French with short term memory loss. So that's why I haven't written in days. Actually one night, I sat there and had "Ok, is alright with me" by Eric Hutchinson oh repeat, he's the one that sings "Oh!" on the CD I sent you(he's all I've listened to for DAYS. But either way, in order to stay awake I started playing it as loud as I could on my computer, then got it going in rhthym with my stereo and turned it up as loud as it would go and put each speaker, since there are 2, 5 inches on either side of my head and did that till my ear drums were so numb they hurt. Then called Deven so she could keep me up while I worked and she said this week, "We're really going to get along, aren't we?" and I said, "Yeah, I'm positive you will." But it's ridiculous! I can hardly function!
Bella Marie Matthews! That's what your new middle and last name are now cause that's just what I happened to type when I need to say your last and middle name, though you don't have a middle name, but either way. Bella Marie Matthews! What did I tell you?! You can't shut me out and not tell me something cause you don't want to ruin my happiness. I want to know everything, Bella, if I can physically be there you have to tell me what's going on, no matter how important or unimportant it is.
Haha, I'll personally introduce you to my cousin Taylor. Oh, trust me, I've beat him up many times, but with my hip, face, and head, I can't at the moment. But we've been known to wrestle, bite, punch, hit, kick, slam eachother into walls, throw stuff, and a million other things to eachother, and we did it to hurt, bad. But when we did like eachother we would wrestle and he'd still come out bleeding, I refuse to go easy on him, I can't stand him. He actually told Jaimie the month before my wreck we had said she wasn't allowed out here, so she didn't go to Texas with us and wouldn't come out cause she didn't feel welcome, but that was back before she realized he lied, cause there was once a time when he told the truth and you could believe him. And yeah, he doesn't get punished for ANYTHING! I hate it, it's sickening. They don't even seem to care he's dropped out of school!
Okay, so, now Wyatt, that's the guy we were talking about. Well, nothing's really happened, he's gotten more comfortable around me, though Thursday we both work Clean Stream shirts and that really freaked him out, not lying. But he's coming out Monday so he can meet my parents so we can at least hang out this summer. Haha, you and Deven are the only friends that really know about him. I may mention him, but never reveal much more than that. Actually, he just started texting me about my pool.
Oh! Weslee and I went swimming yesterday and we were wrestling in the water and talking and laughing, it was great! I was telling him about Wyatt's eyes cause they are like Weslee's and I'm always telling Wes I love his eyes and someday some poor girl's gonna get lost in them and he said, "I already have tons of people saying they like my eyes, and they are the guys saying that."xD It was sooooo funny and all I could say was, "Told you so."
I'm soooo excited, in like 10 minutes I'm leaving to go to Abbey's surprise 16th birthday party! Her birthday's today, so that's gonna be exciting! I'll have to tell you all about it! I promise I'll listen to that song as soon as I can. I have to go but I'll write more later, I'm not done:) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 8:51am on May 17, 2009, Ashley said…
At 3:05pm on May 16, 2009, Emma Rose Cullen said…
hye omg! i miss u soo r u? what r u up to?
At 3:52pm on May 15, 2009, KitteyKat said…
Hi Bella...Just wanted to say hi!...How have you been?...recognize this pic? I got it from ur website...hope that's ok?
At 3:52pm on May 13, 2009, Alexandra said…
Bella! I have to make this really fast, my teacher's coming, arg. I hate having to rush. Well, I promised you again after that, and it was a stronger promise that I'm never going to break ever. Yeah, I hate the stalker too, he's been messing with me for two days, but not a lot, just here and there.
OH MY GOD! I can't believe some of our favorite names are the same!!!!! That's crazy! Haha, I always have to be different when it comes to names. That's why I like it with the I, though the E's nice too:) Where are you going out of town?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I can't even keep track of days anymore! I could have sworn it was the 12th and I keep having to say, "Now Alex, it's Wednesday, not Monday." I repeat it over and over and over again. Yes, your letter is actually getting long, it's soooooo easy to write to you:)
We opened the pool today! And I got in to clean it and it was soooooooooooo cold! It felt like thousands of ice needles were sticking me till my legs went numb, but they are slowing getting feeling and heat back in them:) I finished the Host today, whoo! Haha, I'm so glad I was able to read it all. You didn't have Breaking Dawn in Serbian at all yet. Gosh, for it being so big you think they'd pick up the pace here.
I have to run, Chemistry homebound, oh, and I just didn't know until I saw the pictures if you had gotten your necklace fixed, well I could rememeber when you had and when you had taken the pictures. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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