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At 9:14pm on October 16, 2010, Jasella Cullen said…
hey wasup are you writing a sequel to fallen angel plztell me you are
At 5:21pm on March 23, 2010, ☮Alice nicole cullen ☮ said…
i do love it and to tell you the truth i was about to freind request you and glad to be your freind keep me updated :)
At 1:19pm on March 20, 2010, Cahryn K. Cullen (Ellice) said…
Hi there, LisaEver!

So guess what? (oh, and I got your email in return, thanks so much for your help!)

So back to the guessing. I've been working on an original story, called The Mystical, and while I had originally pulled it off the internet because I hope to get it published someday, I've recently been informed of my rights as an author, and so I've created a separate site specifically for my story, where I've made the first five chapters available to be read. It's pretty much so that I can see how it would go over with the intended audience, and well, yeah. I'm hoping that you'll go over and check it out and join, and if you like it, please don't hesitate to let me know!!

Here's the url:

OKAY!! Thanks!! And mucho luvo,

~Cahryn K.
At 3:41pm on March 4, 2010, Cahryn K. Cullen (Ellice) said…
Omg. I just noticed something. You used to teach High School Chemistry??? Er.....could I email you with questions that I have???? *pleads with puppy dog eyes*

I'm taking general chemistry now--repeating it, actually--in college, and though I'm doing much better, there are still a few things that I find challenging. Do you perhaps ....suppose...that able to give me a few helpful hints here and there when I'm stuck? I promise you I won't overload you with crazy requests or ask you to do my hw for me or anything like that...

~Cahryn K.
At 3:33pm on March 4, 2010, Cahryn K. Cullen (Ellice) said…
Hi Lisaever!!! Thanks so much for your comment! You don't know how much it means to me that you actually took the time to reply--and on my page, too!! I look up to you as an author, and you inspire me, plus I LOVE your stories, so thank YOU!!! *grins cheekily*

In case you have the time, I think you had begun reading my fanfic Aurora Bourealis: The Story of Renesmee Carlie Cullen, but I'm actually not sure. If you did, though, it's finally updated now. So you can check it out if you want. *shrugs indifferently*

*whispers* (Which is my way of saying that it would mean a whole lot lot lot to me if you really did!)

~Cahryn K. ^_^
At 7:36pm on February 5, 2010, Vampire rock princess said…
At 4:27am on January 11, 2010, TeamCarlisle+Esme said…
hey sure i can send you the link (ive only got the first chap up so far though)
i'll put the second chapter up too :)
At 10:34am on December 31, 2009, ɐıɟɟos ǝ{ıɯɐ} said…
Heyy ! You are rilly da BOMB ! Th next Phenomenon ? Yeaa ! :DD Loves :DD
At 4:35pm on November 5, 2009, Tracey said…
Hey Lisa!
If you get a chance Check out my new TSAJ Book 2 Banner by Leesa! Again....words cannot desribe what an awesome job she did. She read the entire story and I gave her free reign in terms of what she thought the banner should look like...She's making an animated one for Book 2 as well since so much happens! I'm researching for my next fanfic since I am picky about things being historically accurate. Would you like me to send it to you when I'm ready? It will most definitley be a while....LOL!!!
At 6:08pm on October 30, 2009, Beannie69 said…
Hey Lisa,

Sorry I've neglected The Twilight Saga--as well as some of my favorite authors (you of course ;)

Had a busy summer...all my kids are now in school so I've been enjoying the 'empty nest' until I embark on my start in the work force. I've been lurking around the fanfiction site. (Like I need anything else to obsess over)

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and heading to find your stories.
At 1:10pm on October 19, 2009, María Romero said…
Well, there is so much to say... When I sent you a friend request I had just finished reading Fallen Angel. I found it friday night, and I could NOT stop reading it! I read it all at once, and as soon as I finished the last sentence, I realized the birds were singing... It was morning! I had breakfast and, as I couldn't leave you yet, I started with Taken.
Sometimes I feel the need to read something special, a book or just a piece of paper with the words my soul, my heart or my mind can find what they are looking for. I was thinking about that, and I found your story... (The same thing happened to me a week ago while I was visiting another city. I had the pull to go to a book shop, and I found a Paulo Coelho book called The Pilgrim. I can assure you there are a lot of teachings there!)
-I hope I can express myself properly, due to I'm from Argentina and my first language is Spanish-
About the stories:
I must say I love the way you write! First of all, I want to mention the quality and level of your writing, the way you express yourself, the structure of the sentences, the vocabulary, among other things I pay attention to, because I'm studying your language. I read so many fanfics here, but this is the first time I had to look some words up in the dictionary( You got A+ ahahahaa)
The plot:
Amazing! Excellent!!! I found so many things that I knew, but I needed someone to refresh my memory. Knowing that other people believe in what you believe, makes you feel stronger. One of the things I treasure in life is pure love, and I found it in your stories so beautifully described!!!

I love Rachel and Ben, the depth of the characters, of the feelings, the situations... (I must say I feel in love with BEN!!! -really, *blush* ;) - ) There are so many quotes to remember...There's something special in each chapter that touched my heart. I could say you put your heart and your soul in what you wrote. Thank you for reaching mine.
The same happened with Taken. I love R and Jacob. I read so many fanfics about them, but again, what you did with them is marvelous! A very important topic was displayed in this story, that made me really happy: The Edward "issue" about his soul. It was like the last piece of the puzzle that was missing. I got frustated when I read the Twilight books and S Meyer mentioned this, but she didn't solve it at the end of the saga. She left an empty space that you filled with the words I wanted to hear (read).

Thank you so much for sharing with us the beauty inside of you.

I'll start reading your third story as soon as I can.

See (read) you soon, bye.

At 7:13pm on October 17, 2009, ☮♥Twilight(Team Edward)Danielle said…
ok will do and if ur ever in new orleans hit me up
At 10:36am on September 30, 2009, lil_miss_cullen said…
thanks for the congratulations..

well.. the news had spread around the world..i see.

yes.. the whole manila was flooded... our house has 3 floors... the flood was so high it almost reached our second floor and we were'nt in the house that time... my mama, my papa and my sister, we were separated from each other..

but now we're doing fine... we weren't able to save our tv and computer.. but it's alright....

now i'm gonna continue reading Compassion=)
At 6:12am on September 30, 2009, lil_miss_cullen said…
yey!! i'm gonna start reading it now... i got a or sometimes a+ in all my subjects!!!
At 10:02pm on September 27, 2009, Tracey said…
Hey! Yeah, I have a few ideas mulling around my head. I've got one idea going all human with the Cullens, and then a civil war fan fic of course all human. The civil war fan fic I'm going to have Bella in, the other human one I have a new character up my sleeve. There are just soooo many Edward and Bella stories that I want to write another one. I've found a few different stories with Edward on Twilighted and and I really enjoy them! Don't get me wrong.....There are some awesome absolutely ingenius Bella and Edward stories and I love them so! I love the Taken banner that Leesa did! It rocks! Thanks so much for the support Lisa! You are the best! Oh, I've extended book 2, I decided I wanted a more conclusive ending. When you have time, take a gander and let me know what you think!
At 1:19pm on May 31, 2009, Monty said…
hmmm yeah I like that one better :))
At 7:50pm on May 30, 2009, Mrs.Cullen said…
At 3:51pm on May 22, 2009, ania0212 said…
I love ur story:)
At 10:15pm on May 1, 2009, lil_miss_cullen said…
.. i already added you!
thanks for the heart warming message you gave me while requesting for my approval..
=) i'll gladly read "Fallen Angel"
=) thank you so much and may God Bless you always!
At 5:16pm on April 28, 2009, Juliet Lautner said…
I answered your questions on my fanfic as best i could...let me know if you still have more...

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