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At 4:10pm on June 1, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
yes were still partners and hes comin over in like less than twenty minutes. lolz im sooo excited. got to tell you so much but i have to go!!!!! next time i get on i'll tell you everything!!!!!!!!
At 4:10pm on May 31, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
lol sounds like you had an amzing time!!!! missed you oh so much!!! so good your spreadin twilight joy!!!!! =D lol i been good just sooo tressed with rxams and junk hate it. lolz hav dance practice today =\ other than that been amazin
At 11:39am on May 31, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
hey hey whats up??
At 7:18pm on May 26, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
youll probably be readin this late but hav funs cant wait to read it ttyl luvs ya
At 1:37pm on May 26, 2009, robert pattinson and edward said…
At 6:55pm on May 25, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
thtas okay. but plz plz let me read it ome cant wait. luvs ya
so how was your day??? hav fun at your aunts
At 5:09pm on May 24, 2009, Georgia said…
Check My Buddy Poke.
At 3:36pm on May 24, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
im workin on it now actually!!!!!!! i wanna read yours too plz plz plz it just sounds good send it to me when your done wit the first chapter!!!!!!! hey wheres georgia been???
At 10:47am on May 24, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
ome he does not fall in love again impossible noooooo
At 10:29am on May 24, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
im good and i loved your preface i sent you my toher thought lol =D
love it love it love it
but a sad topic!!!!!!!
At 8:34am on May 24, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
yeah they walked in on them and then they said if it ever happens again their gonna make them to break up but i was like you guys love each other but i get what they sayin cuz that waz disrespectful to be doin it in their house. and ooooooooooooo i wanna read it and im sure ppl will llove it whats it about??
At 4:05pm on May 23, 2009, Bella Cullen said…
im good thanx : )
At 4:01pm on May 23, 2009, Bella Cullen said…
hey hows it going ??
At 6:03pm on May 22, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
well we have off on monady for memorial day but other than that i only have 18 days left of skool and its summertime. lol cant wait. im still lookin for a job. lol =D ohh fun wish iwas goin somewhere but im not like always. lol
yeah my friends bf was tryin to push her to have sex and she didnt want to cuz she had a feelin someone was gonna walk in the door and she kept tellin him to go home but he was like why cant i have my way for once and as soon as that happened her mom came in her room and was like your grounded to her and her bf was out. my friend was tryin to gain her parents back after they found out she lost her virginity to him like a while ago and she just got off punishment. sooo her bf is like really hatin himself i thought he was cryin in school and he wont talk to her. soo yeah and plus she on the choir trip now in ohio and they cant really talk soo it sucks and i just feel for her
At 3:35pm on May 22, 2009, Carina Cullen said…
I love your profile pic!
At 5:30pm on May 21, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
nope shes like been real sad and all. i wish i could do something but i kno i cant help them but its mostly her bf hatin himself for what he did
no i havent talked to him but he whistled at me while i was walkiin home. lol
so how was your day???
At 4:42pm on May 20, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
i had a pretty good day. it was kinda fun but my friend is sad cuz her bf is like very distant and avoidin her. i hope everythings cool with them but idk. its serious but they love each other.
you have to read the host its FREAKIN AWESOME. i read it like in september and i fell in love. its better than twilight. sorry i kno thats a lot to say but it is. you have to read it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 4:05pm on May 20, 2009, Georgia said…
So Are You Unbanned Now? x

What Time U Calling? x
At 3:53pm on May 20, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
lol yeah hes fit. hes got nice abs and an amzing body. he has nice toned arms and i told him that it was bs that his muscles were real and he was like its a natural. lol hes got like long hair down to hiis eyebrows and hes white. lol and has a bad tan line its even worse in the summer though. lol
how was your day?? good i hope!!
At 4:12pm on May 19, 2009, x♥eRiKa♥x said…
very good day!!! you?? rob does look hot doesnt he!!!! hes freakin the hottest guy ever!!!!! im in love with him but ryan cant kno and my friend refers to him as my bf!!!
M[me] you look like frakin stalker
R[ryan] im waiting for my friend
M i need to talk to you
R i need to talk to you too
M are you gonna be my dance partner?
R idk im not sure if i wanna learn how to dance!
M its sooo easy
R yeah i kno but im not sure if you wanna do it
M well be out in a little bit
R i will
[walked inside my house changed and went back out but my sister wanted to come so she came and we knocked on his door he opened it and i invited my self in]
M so do you wanna be my partner
R idk
M what do you mean you dont know??
R idk if i want to do it
M you have nothing better to do
R well im not sure if im gonna be here this summer cuz i was gonna get a job
SIS do you have a job??
R no
SIS excatly so just do it!!
R maybe
M nooooo there is no maybe its yes or no and just tell me
[ the entire time hes bout ready to laugh it was kinda funny]
R im not sure
M ryan you were supposed to already have an answer!!
R yeah but i was at the shore soo i didnt see you
M i kno sooo are you gonna do it?
R idk i dont dance like that
SIS its slow dancin!!
R exaclty i dont dance like that
M well its sooo easy and its pretty gay moves just do it
R how many dances do we have to learn?
M bout four or five
[laughter lol it was sooooo funny]
R alright ill do it
M are you sure?
R no
M ryan come on just tell me yes or no
[several minutes pass by in silence lol]
R okay ill do it
M are you sure?
R yes
M positive?
R yes
M abosuletly sure?
R yes
M positive?
R YES but if you kepp askin me i'll say no!
M just makin sure your not gonna leave me halfway through

that was our convo

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