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At 7:45am on September 18, 2011, ☀Lisa☀ The Vamp-a-holic :[ said…

Welcome to Vamp-a-holic :[ a group where you can speak about any vampire movies, books and TV programs. Feel free to post photos, share your thoughts and make any discussion you want on vampires, as long as there's not already a thread on that same topic.

We hope to get to know you on the comment wall where we discuss pretty much everything.

Have fun!

Vamp-a-holic :[

At 2:14pm on August 17, 2010, ShannonP said…
Hi, haven't heard from you in a long time and have been dealing with some family stuff. I miss you though, just wanted to say hi and let you know I was thinking about you and I hope all is well with you.
At 11:02am on July 4, 2010, Hannah ♥ said…
Hahahahahahaha!!!! I'm glad!!♥ I got into Twilight because...I actualyl dont' remember.It wasn't because of Diggory. =)
It was Goblet of Fire.He was Cedri Diggory.
Ummm the first 4 movies are quite good. Pretty close to the books except Goblet of Fire but that was still good.Order of the Pheonix was bearable for me..barelly.And I absolutley hated Half Blood Pince.Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!♥ Yeah Twilight was laughable especailly when he sparkled. I mena I love teh Hp films it's just that I think OOTP and HBP left alot to be desired.HBP expecailly. Hahahaha um no JKR is not killing off Hp.The last book came out 3 years ago and he didnt' die. =D There are 7 books and there will be 8 films. Oh yeaaaah teh whole bible religion thing that Hp brought up that was the stupidest thing eveeeeeeeeeeeer!!! "That made me WANT to read the book" LOL.Yeah of course.Eeep I want to read that.Hehehehe you to.Sorry for teh late reply. =D
At 8:40am on June 21, 2010, Marie (MiMi) said…
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, even though my new story isn't posted here! Glad you're enjoying it!! Marie
At 1:29pm on June 1, 2010, Marie (MiMi) said…
Hi Ad! Thanks for the note. I love to watch my daughter sleep, especially after a hard day when she's been impossible. My little girl doesn't look like the Nessie in the story... she's kind of a freak of nature. She doesn't look much like me or my husband. But the clothing thing... that's her to a tee. And the room. And she's afraid of tigers. Well, OK, there's a bit of her in Nessie, lol. Marie
At 4:35am on May 29, 2010, Alicia C said…
hey thanks for the add! I'm so glad you like my story! =] heres the link to the other site that i have it posted on:
At 11:29am on May 27, 2010, ShannonP said…
Aww, I'm glad you got to go and celebrate after all! That was nice : )

Have you watched that whole episode of Glee yet? I thought the Twilight/vampire stuff was cute, lol! "This will get Rob Pattinson's attention!" lol

That was incredible casting to have Idina Menzel play Rachel's mom! The two look so much alike it's incredible! Idina has such a huge voice, I would have loved to have seen her onstage when she played Elphie in Wicked!

Sorry, I'm a total Gleek! You've brought up one of my favorite subjects here, lol!
At 11:41am on May 26, 2010, ShannonP said…
He seriously did nothing for your birthday? He went to his friends?!! And you're still talking to him? Wow . . . that's . . . wow! I'm speechless.

It looks like your friends here didn't forget ya though! That's one of the reasons I love this site, so many awesome people here (you included!)

Love that green happy birthday, Rob is cute as always and green is my favorite color, lol!
Other than your clueless husband, I hope your day was good.
At 9:51pm on May 25, 2010, Rachelle~Lady Esme said…

That's what friends are for sweetpea. Thanks for the add.
At 8:46pm on May 25, 2010, Rachelle~Lady Esme said…
It's Your Birthday! Happy Birthday Shimmer Sister. Enjoy!

At 7:21am on May 25, 2010, ShannonP said…
btw, I saw that Lindy was talking to you about Rob's music. has a pretty good playlist of his music if you're interested. You can't download any of it, but some of it is worth a listen.

incidentally, did you know that Billy Burke (Charlie) is coming out with a cd? you can check out the first single and video at Billy is one gorgeous man, but his wife in the video is absolutely beautiful!

Hope you have a great birthday!
At 7:18am on May 25, 2010, ShannonP said…
hiya birthday girl!
about the pics in your screen, i dunno. I don't know if there's a setting you can change. I don't think so. I think it's more about the size of the pic you upload. When I save my pics on my computer, I try to find only bigger pics because the thumbnails are harder to see. For that reason, when I find a pic I like I open it in a separate window and see what size it really is before I decide to save it or not. So I save mostly larger sized pics, and that's all that I've added to my photos here. I have some smaller ones on my computer though and I think if I uploaded them they would be thumbnail sized like yours. But like I said, I don't know for sure.
At 7:11am on May 25, 2010, ShannonP said…

Just thought I'd send a couple of the boys to say Happy Birthday!

At 2:01pm on April 12, 2010, ShannonP said…
A little gift to get you started, lol!

At 10:54pm on April 6, 2010, ShannonP said…
Hiya, thanks for adding me! I liked the Hitchhiker's Guide as well, and still love the 80's rock.
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