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At 8:28pm on October 1, 2013, Cameron said…


Raises an eyebrow "No No you keep those bras and panties in there" he chuckles "You know because you never know when your going to need them" he bites his lip he needed a recovery and fast "Yeah cause you might spill coffee and junk" he signs feeling safe with his come back he listens "Okay nice tips I'll keep them in mind"


rubs his fingers through his hair using them as a comb and then lays his head back down for a few moments before he turns around and watches her admiring her body 


"Oh I see I hate that you have to go through those things life shouldn't be stressful" reaching her house she opens the door letting them in taking the dog off the leash she smiles as the dog scurries off she washes her hands quickly and turns back to him "Ready"

At 8:12pm on October 1, 2013, Cameron said…


Blushes slightly following her "I would share anything with you" he stated while watching her every movement he usually wasnt so bold but there was something about her that kept him curious and he couldnt help but want to know more


looks at her wrist and frowns a bit "I been there before but trust me things get better" He takes off his shirt and lays on his stomach he figured he needed a bit of a tan and he should embrace the chance while he had one


smiles "That's cool I'm sure she's nice any girl named Ashley must be nice right?" She giggles and walks out the building walking down the sidewalk "Do you care to share why you dont want to go home" she looks away "I mean if your comfortable with that"

At 7:55pm on October 1, 2013, Cameron said…


Laughs "It's fine I didnt see a thing" He leans against the wall "Well it was nice for them to give you a locker I wish I had one" He joked and listens to her "Well you might as well say you work here thats cool"


smiles and offers his hand "It's nice to meet you Melody" he looks back at the water "I know what you mean I used to be depressed at one point in my life and then a good friend of mind told me to not waste my time dwelling in nothing and to get out and start doing something" he bites his lip "If that makes sense"


gets up and brushes herself off "Nice to meet you" Offers her hand to help him up "I understand it will only take five minutes to get there I have to drop my dog off first if you dont mind" she smiles 

At 7:40pm on October 1, 2013, Cameron said…


Laughs a bit and walks in seeing her in her bra he quickly covers his eyes "Well if you like the nick name I guess thats all that matters" He peeks through his fingers and sees that her she has he shirt on and uncovers his eyes "I assume that you work here" He smiles and looks at her 


smiles and looks out at the ocean "Ahh I see Well I usually come to the beach to get away from reality or just to hang out with friends" looks at her and smirks "And in this case to meet new people" he looks away "I'm Nick By the way"


smiles warmly " I was just making sure you looked pretty sad" She sits next to him and holds her dog "I'm Ashley" Looks at the Dog "And this is Sparkle" she looks at him "you know what always makes me smile" she pauses "A vanilla frappe from starbucks" she giggles "I always say it can turn any frown upside down I can take you to get one if you would like to"

At 3:58pm on September 29, 2013, Cameron said…


smiles "I'll buy you another drink I'm really sorry" Hands her more napkins and runs to get her another drink he laughs "Dude shouldnt be your nick name its just a habit I've picked up from hanging out with my friends to much"


"Your welcome" he sits down next to her "so what brings you to the beach if you dont mind me asking" He looks at her


Looks over at him and debates in her mind whether she should say something or not walking over to him she bends down "Are you okay"

At 8:44am on September 17, 2013, Cameron said…


walking through the door and smashing into her "Dude I'm sorry" he says and starts picking up the drinks and throwing them away grabbing napkins he comes back and realizes it was a girl "Umm I mean I didnt mean to call you a dude" He shakes his head handing her the napkins "Here I'll buy you some more drinks and I'll give money for a new shirt" he wipes his hands and signed at them knowing there sticky 


playing volley ball with a couple of friends he hears a familiar tune coming from a girls headphones continues playing the game and wins he runs over to her and sits down "If I may say so you have an excellent taste in music" He cuckles


walking her dog she looks around and breathes in the fresh air this was she needed after all the stress of school and work she needed just relax and take a few moments to have with her dog and nature 

At 12:38pm on August 20, 2013, Say Something said…

one person told us:

  1. Toby is talking to Aidan
At 7:34am on August 20, 2013, Say Something said…

out of my memory:

  1. Eponine is talking to Jared
  2. Nicole is talking to Louis T.
  3. Damien is talking to Elizivetta (name spelling i know)
  4. Fiona and her baby Autumn talking to Nick
  5. Sam talking to Daniel
  6. Ashley and her Selena engaged to Brandon
  7. Lilac taken byt Robert, new born baby
  8. Liam taken by Arria
At 4:27pm on August 16, 2013, Say Something said…

We will be out for the weekend, please keep commenting and DON'T LEAVE YOUR MATES!!  we will reply when we get back online!

At 7:37pm on February 14, 2013, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen:: -He walked into the room you was setting in. You was watching a cheesey love story. He chuckled. He loved seeing you. How beauitful you are every single day. He felt so darn lucky. Coming up behind you he kissed you head and smiled.- Hey babe i want you to come out side ok? -He walked with you out side-


I know this isn't the fourth of july. But I had this set off for you. Because this is beautiful and amazing just like you.

At 7:46pm on February 10, 2013, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen::-He laughed- I love you. -He nuzzled your neck and put you down showing you his popsickle sticks he pretends to fight crime with- ALWAYS A NINJA!!! MUWHAHAHA!!! -He chuckled-  So I think we are ready to plan the wedding? You ready? -He sat down and pulled out some magazines for you to go through and he took out a notebook and pen.- We havn't really got to yet. Plus I want you to meet some people in my family.

At 7:22pm on February 9, 2013, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen::-He picked you up holding you close running a hand through your soft hair resting it on your neck.- Mhmm it is your name. I wanted you to know I love you. You are worth it to me. -He smiled and kissed your cheek.- Your name is beautiful and I dont even think this does you justice on how much you mean to me. However, I hope it works for now. -Looking into your eyes he thought about just how wonderful you were. He felt complete and at home with you. Nothing in this world had ever given him this feeling before. It was warm and he loved it-

At 6:31pm on February 8, 2013, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen::-He picked you up swinging you around and kissed u- Mhmm I have missed you way more. -He smiled wide and lifted up his arm.- Read this -He had a new tattoo and wanted to surprise you with your name. He smiled hoping you would adore it as much as he did-

At 3:24pm on February 1, 2013, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen::-He smiled and kissed u lightly- Hey baby.

At 3:50pm on December 23, 2012, 1nal2z8x36h5j1nal2z8x36h5j said…

Macky: Alex .. and I are back together.

At 7:34pm on December 22, 2012, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen::-He smiled wide and took you into his arms strongly and kissed you- You honestly don't know how freaking special you are. -He chuckled-

At 2:22pm on December 22, 2012, Ƨαιит Ѵℓα∂ιмιяʓ said…

Allen::-He walked up behind you lightly then put his arms strongly around you nuzzling into your neck- Hey baby - He smiled and held out and got down on his knee- Sweetie. Ever since I saw you. You were the most beautiful gorgeous girl in the world to me. Your personality is amazing. I would love to be yours forever.

At 10:36pm on December 18, 2012, 1nal2z8x36h5j1nal2z8x36h5j said…
Macky: -cuddles into you-
At 8:27am on December 17, 2012, Unmarked *group* said…
Felix: i wont ever leave you always rember that i might not be on all the time butni will comment you i Sware *kisses you*
At 11:29pm on December 16, 2012, Unmarked *group* said…
Felix: I'm not on all the time during the day and be rally on anymore at night anytime Vogt to comment i never have time, shes the one that left me im sorry im not wat she expected i dont always have my sisters iPod or access to a computer I'd be there for her but she told me good bye she was the love o my life!! So watch wat ou say when you don't know what goes on, in always here for her if she needs me or wants me back and ill help be the father of the child but only i she wants

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