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At 6:40pm on October 30, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


smiles "You are very sexy in the morning not a lot of girl can pull that off" he grins and stands up stretching then collects there plates and put them in the dish washer. He walks over to and kisses her cheek "So whats on your agenda for today" he asked as he walks over to the coffee and machine and starts to makes some


Laughs some "I was watching some videos there wasnt really any good ones though" he looks over at her "Okay we will go out to eat I suck at cooking" he laughs some more then gets up


smiles as he pays "Your so sweet" she says "But you didnt have to pay" she nudges his softly "But its sweet that you did thanks" she says standing on her tip toes and kissed you on the cheek she blushed some then points to a ride and smiles ride "We should totally get on that one" she looks at him excitedly 

At 6:36pm on October 30, 2013, Once in a Life Time said…

logan smiles and kisses u 'ok baby.' i take u up to our room and set u down on the bed climbing up next to u pullin u against me rubbing ur sides looking into ur eyes 'i love u baby girl so so much.'

chase smiles and hugs u back. 'i didnt have the will power without u baby. if i dont have nothing.' i look down realizing just how needy and stupid that sounded. 'i missed u so much. never do that again.' i pull back and look at u 'there apears to be a male sent on u thats a mix of u and myself.... is there something u didnt tell me?' i smile at u having an idea wat it is but wanting to hear it 

At 10:14pm on October 29, 2013, нєℓℓ αвσνє. said…

Kellin ; he smirked."So where's my other baby girl? Selena?"he smiled.

At 10:07pm on October 29, 2013, нєℓℓ αвσνє. said…

Kellin ; he smiled wide as she took his breath away. He kissed her neck softly."I love you baby girl."


(Does Kellin already know about the pregnancy or not?=3)

At 9:50pm on October 29, 2013, нєℓℓ αвσνє. said…

Kellin ; he kissed her cheek wrapping his arms around her waist,"Hey baby girl. Look what I brought you."he showed her the brightly colored flowers.

At 9:47pm on October 29, 2013, нєℓℓ αвσνє. said…

It's fine. I understand. But replies won't come fast though after this. I am sorry, though I am still grounded. So please bear with me...

At 9:38pm on October 29, 2013, нєℓℓ αвσνє. said…

Basically ; I will sneak on and reply to you as much as I can. But I'm lucky I didn't get put into somewhere else because you wouldn't have gotten a reply in over a month then. I thought I replied a while ago though I am sorry and I'll reply quickly now.


Kellin ; he smiled and kissed her cheek quickly, bringing flowers from behind her back.

At 9:36pm on October 29, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


continues eating "I slept good since you was there" he grins and looks at her "You look sexy in the morning by the way" he laughs some


smiles then laughs as you popped a muscle "Hungry??" he asked


smiles wide as they arrived there and grinned when he opened her door "Thanks" she says as she gets out

At 9:25pm on October 29, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


smiles as he felt her hands around him he turns around "Hello beautiful" he kissed her lips softly before turning around finishing breakfast putting it on the table he pulled her chair out and then sat down "how did you sleep" he asked as he begins to eat


smiles as he looks over seeing her awake "Good morning" he says as he flips the channel


smiles as the car starts moving she looks out the window noticing the little things she hadn't noticed before

At 9:17pm on October 29, 2013, нєℓℓ αвσνє. said…

I'm sorry! I've school, I'm trying to sneak on for everyone and I can't reply because I'm still grounded.

At 9:09pm on October 29, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…

Yeah sorry I'm just slow right now lol

At 8:50pm on October 29, 2013, Once in a Life Time said…

logan smiles 'its ok baby, just dont do that it again. i thought i lost u...forever. i love u so much too. and i got something for u' i smile and set u down kissing u deeply my hand cupping ur cheek

chase cries my head on ur breast my arms going around '' i say between sobs. 'iv missed u so much. i was begining to think id never c u again baby.' i look up at u and kiss u softly groaning softly at the feeling of having u in my arms again. 'im going to shave before anything else happens. im gross right now.' i smile at u as i grab my razor and shaving cream wetting my face and applying the shave cream before starting to shave. i smile at u wen im done 'better?'

At 8:27pm on October 29, 2013, Once in a Life Time said…

logan jumps up and hides the ring in my pocket and runs to u scooping u up into my arms kissing u softly 'i missed u ari.' i hold u close barring my face against ur neck holding u in my arms letting silent tears of joy fall

chase lays on the couch and sobs silently. tears rolling down my cheeks as i think of u and wat could have been and wat still could be. missing u so much it hurts. i sigh softly and wipe my tears getting up going to wash my face. i look at my reflection in the mirror and shake my head. 'a five oclock beard shadow and dark grey circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.' i run my fingers through my hair and sigh

At 5:57pm on October 29, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


sleeps close to a while and wakes up just before morning to go sit in the living room to write in his notebook he kept a notebook on his emotions his mom always told him that it was always a good idea to get all his emotions down on paper because paper couldnt talk but people can and if you dont want you business out you should write it down he smiles as he closes his notebook and heads to the kitchen to prepare breakfast


cuddles with her and sleeps peacefully all night then wakes up turning on the Tv 


Grins "I'm ready" she giggles 

At 5:52pm on October 29, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…

Just give me the information and song and I'll do it for you 

At 5:51pm on October 29, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


At 10:09pm on October 28, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


smiles "I know you will be" he kissed her arm and keeps her close he chuckles some "I think it was meant to be as well baby I'm just glad I met you" he smiles oce more and closed his eyes


smiles "Well lets go to be my llove" he lifts her up and carries her to his bed and lays her down and gets in himself and covers them up


smiles and gets into the car and waits for him

At 6:01pm on October 28, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…


Blushed some he was relieved she had said yes "Good I promise I'll be the best boyfriend ever" he laughed some and kissed her lips softly and cuddled more into her he couldn't believe his luck his life was perfect he had the girl of his dreams


Smiles and laughs a bit "Someone is sleepy" he pulls some cover on them and closes his eyes "Your so cute when your sleepy" he kissed her nose and chuckles he liked spending time with her


smiles and blushes red "I'm glad you like spending time with me Reid because I love spending time with you" she kissed his cheek and skips outside

At 5:52pm on October 28, 2013, ßê嵆l Ðårkñꧧ™ said…

Your welcome and eh I can do better when I actually have the time lol But I just have so much stuff to do plus this is my senior year in highschool so I stay busy

At 7:49pm on October 22, 2013, Once in a Life Time said…

yep. ill try to send the length u give me

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