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At 11:31am on October 7, 2012, CHERYLL said…

Hi Cherie,

It's been awhile but so nice to hear from you again. Im glad to hear you are adjusting and

healing and accepting the new path life has thrown your way. You have the whole world at your feet now and don't rush back into anything no matter how inticing it looks or feels... take it slow and enjoy your children and take care of YOU first and just keep

close to your family and keep your standards high.... you will go far.

I just got thru reading your final chapter and although it was short as you have declared

you nailed it baby!!! What more can I say... it ended perfectly and made me happy and satisified and thought it was well written and to the point and united all those loose ends.

BRAVO!  I could never do that... you are so talented.


At 10:21am on July 15, 2012, CHERYLL said…

OMG... so very sorry about your heartbreak.... all's I can say is it will pass and you will be better for it and try with all your might not to get bitter or hold grudges...move on and better yourself...maybe you will meet your own Edward or Mr Fifty.

YES I have read the 50 S books L O V E them so much and wish they did have to end.

They were eye-opening for me hee hee...who knew?

I will try to encourage you whenever possible... like this...don't think about how awful it might be living back home w/the's just a stepping stone and she can help babysit while you earn some $$ for your own happy!!! stay sweet!!!

At 8:19am on July 14, 2012, CHERYLL said…

Hi Cherie

I'm so shocked to hear from you...what's been happening with you? You mentioned starting a new chapter in your life...what's going on? I hope you're okay.

At 1:00am on April 29, 2011, La Tua Cantante said…
new reader please keep me updated love your story
At 3:35pm on January 25, 2011, Karen Karakaya said…
Get well soon, Cherie.  Glad to hear you weren't blocked & I'm looking forward to the next chapters...
At 4:04pm on January 22, 2011, cindy prijatel said…
can you add me as a friend love the story can wait for more
At 8:49am on January 17, 2011, Hayley said…

Hey Cherie


Loved the last chapter, the suspense is killing me for when they first have a smooch ;) Keep up the good work!



At 11:46am on January 16, 2011, CHERYLL said…

OMG That was the best chapter yet... I love that jealous side of Bella and BIG surprise Tanya was involved as a hotel employee ha ha ha that was great. Edward got a kick out of seeing Bella all wrote it so PERFECT and just the way that makes me feel happy... thanks a million !!!!!!! The story is really getting better and better are the BEST at this Cherie....never ever quit writing, it's your destiny.



At 12:16pm on January 15, 2011, CHERYLL said…

I saw this and thought you would like it for an incentive...Vampella... ha ha ha...

I hope they are still together and not another split to deal with... I can't be happy if they are not welded together....that's just me.

I've been fortunate not to be sick all through the holidays when everyone else around me was coughing their heads I feeling poorly but not bad....going to make soup and read my book..... until tomorrow then ...bye bye xxxxxxx

At 12:06pm on January 15, 2011, CHERYLL said…
At 10:24am on January 14, 2011, CHERYLL said…

I really had to laugh when I read the comment your hubby made about your son... I can just picture it (so cute) funny. At least it's a family thing in your house...that's the beauty part about the Saga...right.... there is something there for everyone. 

I agree with your comments about how SM ruined the male image for us women...we will

always be looking for the traits instilled in Edward that regular guys just can't live up to. BUT that's exactly the point...why we cling to the words she writes and love how perfect the whole love story goes. Unless she finishes Midnight Sun there will never be any books to top her Twilight Saga.... unless you step up and create a beautiful love story

and get it published... I have faith in you. 

At 10:03am on January 13, 2011, CHERYLL said…


   I'm excited about your new projects, wouldn't it be fantastic to buy them off the shelf at

Barnes & Noble? It could happen. I don't know but maybe you should "strike while the iron is hot" especially if the project is about vampires...and get that going while readers are seeking for a romantic GOOD book to you write.,.. just a thought.

   I know that "look" you were speaking of that Edward has for's indescribable...perfect even. That's why all us women LOVE him so much.

Did you happen to see the new picture of him and her on their honeymoon night? I saw it on E last night...They said the new pic was coming out in a magazine this Friday...

tomorrow.... can't wait.

I'm still listening to my Christmas present...Twilight audio books... I love having the story read to the "story lady"... it puts me to sleep though...maybe someday you could get a set for your daughter to listen to.

Take care xxxxxxx


At 10:14am on January 12, 2011, CHERYLL said…

Cherie I love when the story is more about Edward and his take on everything and I know that would be a lot harder to write but I know you can pull it off. Unreal that I could influence

a line in your book YAY...I love that you post so I can read the chapters on my Sunday afternoons. I like the way you describe how you just let it flow...and the words come pouring out... see you don't need to fret, it's all inside you and will come natural for you...not so much for others.

I'll be waiting...take care xxxxxxx

At 4:38am on January 12, 2011, Hayley said…

Hi Cherie


Just wanted to say how much i loved the next chapter, i cant wait till they get together in a room alone!!! ;)


Top work, keep it up, lots a love xxx

At 10:42am on January 9, 2011, CHERYLL said…

Together at last !!!

Oh Cherie this was so good. I swear I don't know how you do this...come up with a perfect

follow up to the last chapter and make it build and build and keep everybody interested.

That's TALENT. I want to keep reading so you must keep writing...I don't care if you are posting chapter 100 or 1000 in the HAVE to keep writing. For me it's such a relief that they are together and I can feel the love Edward has for her so you are doing

something right...can't wait for that first smoldering kiss she feels all the way to her bones ha ha ha

You are so sweet to mention me at the end of the chapter BUT I don't deserve any're the one making this happen and I'm just thankful I ever started reading it.

Thanks for giving me something great to read today...going to reread it again.

take care xxxxxxxx


PS: I love your vamp bite tattoo

At 11:03am on January 8, 2011, CHERYLL said…

Hi Missy are you hard at it? Believe me I would be just like you if I was writing a book (or

anything as far as that goes). I would be going over it a million times and would never be satisified... guess were "perfectionists" huh ?

Oh my I didn't know you got a vampire bite your MIL was bent out of shape. You will have to post a picture of it and show me.

That book I read actually says inside the cover " if you love Twilight you will enjoy"...

I downloaded onto my e-reader so maybe you can find it online or at your book store

it's "Immortals" by Lauren Burd...she writes just like YOU and her story is nothing like Twilight except for all the same words and def will get some ideas on how to handle your other projects. Please let me know if you read it and what you thought.

I wish you could post earlier so I could have something good to read tomorrow... take care. xxxxxxx

At 8:41am on January 4, 2011, CHERYLL said…

Hi... I hope you do go ahead and post the next chap... can't wait. When I read what you have written I swear Stephenie M could have written your write just like she does and we all know how great that is. I read another book titled "Immortal" by Lauren Burd... she writes the exact same style was uncanny the way the words read straight out of the Twilight books... the story was not the same but all the same expressions and usage of text was so evident.

Do you watch the show "The Bachelor" ? One of the girls on there looking for love has fangs...when he offered her a rose last night she accepted and acted like she was biting his neck and he giggled...the other ladies hate her fangs...can't wait to see what happens there.

At 9:51am on January 3, 2011, CHERYLL said…

Hi there Cherie, I just got through reading the latest post and LOVED it. You do a fantastic job and it never goes the way I think it always surprise me and leave me wanting more...YOUR story is better than most books I have been reading lately...I'm serious too.

It may have taken you forever to get this chapter out but it was worth the I'm wishing I could just "turn the page" and keep reading...sighhhhh I will be waiting for more.

Sounds like you did get some fab gifts too... we deserve them anyway...we "earned them" (LOL)

Take Care and thanks a million xxxxxxxxx


At 8:51am on December 29, 2010, CHERYLL said…

Hi Cherie, I figured you were having computer troubles... been there -done that... I did have a nice Christmas and got a few Edward items for my collection...along with the set of audio books I wanted. I haven't tried them out yet but I did watch my new DVD of Eclipse... my fam knows what I like so I was very happy. How about you... what did Santa bring?

I can't wait to read more of your story... I'll be waiting.

Take care and have a Happy New Year !!! xoxoxoxo


At 12:55pm on December 21, 2010, CHERYLL said…

missing you

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