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At 11:24am on November 6, 2010, CHERYLL said…
Hi, I hear you on the pictures of Rob...I'm even worse than you... I never act my age and won't own up to it either. I buy mags just for the pictures and cut them out and tape them in my set of Twilight books...corresponding pictures with the chapters... I love my books even more with the movie version pics added in about teenagery. My hubby does the same eye thing about my obsession..... Yes you should save all your original, messy notes in a folder for every future book you write as well. I hope you post a few more chapters soon. I think for Christmas you should buy yourself one of those hand-held personal recorders so you can just speak into it and record your ideas instead of having to stop and grab a pen and a scrap of paper... then you can play it back later and jot them down...hows that sound?
At 10:40am on November 4, 2010, CHERYLL said…
Hi ... I get it now about your longhand writing and all the marginal should make sure you keep all those notes in a file and never toss them's your proof you wrote it and came up with the story. Remember how Stephenie had proof and had to prove it that she did not copy off anyone and came up with Twilight via a dream.... you never know when some nut-job will want to claim rights to your story and ruin everything....I will be looking forward to the future chapters. I can't wait until they get into Breaking Dawn I and we can finally see more of Rob on the entertainment news and rag-mags...I love that boys cuteness LOL
At 7:52am on November 3, 2010, CHERYLL said…
Hey Cherie, I have some encouraging news for you and your book...well sorta. I wanted to tell you this... last night I downloaded a book on my e-reader called Vampire Mine and I paid 99 cents for it.... cheap I know but actually there are tons of free ones available too...anyway back to my news.... this book was only 7 PAGES long from beginning to end including credits and chapters.... unreal...and I paid for it without knowing that fact. BUTit was had a good story and I was left wishing it went on for a couple of hundred pages... seriously short but had a plot and all.... just thought you would appreciate knowing that info. YOU could be writing a book full of short stories and or just several short books...whatever... but this person is making money on their 7 pager.... I didn't even know that was possible to be called a book....... I thought you had to have the story in your head all the while you were writing it but guess I was wrong...maybe that's why some authors take years to release one novel...huh?.... Are you telling me when you are up late at night working on your book you are writing it in longhand??? I hope I read that wrong and you are really using a computer to take notes and backing it all computer was on the brink yesterday...but doing fine so far today.... I've been reading New Moon again and am at the part where Edward, Bella and Alice just got home from naturally that's all in my brain.
At 2:08pm on February 23, 2010, Andra Lee said…

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