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At 8:48am on July 30, 2009, JJ said…
Hi Tatum. Sorry haven't been in touch for a while. Hope you and your family are well.

Well, our summer is turning out to be another washout. SHOCK!!!. Weathermen have actually apologised for getting so wrong. LOL

Finally back at work. BOO HOO!! and having a lot of college work to catch up with is a pain but its got to be done.

What have you been up to lately. Hope the weather is better with you.

TTYS Luv JJ xx
At 3:43pm on July 3, 2009, Mrs.Cope said…
Tatum, glad we're friends now. I'm here in sunny southern California. I love this song by Breaking Benjamin, although it heightens my yearnings for Edward!
At 9:13am on June 24, 2009, JJ said…
Hey Tatum. I keep forgetting you guys are having your winter. Glad your sister enjoyed her time. I thinks its nice to have something to look forward to.

Well as far as the decorating went, Stu (hubby) has had to most of it. Put my back out on Sunday and ended up in hospital yesterday morning. Had to get the ambulance out to take me. Could not get out of bed. That was embarassing. Had to give morphine and god knows what else. If having children are any worse I'm afraid I won't be having any. On a good note though the ambulance blokes were cute. Shame they had to see me not at my best eh. LOL

TTYS luv to the family. JJ x
At 7:03am on June 18, 2009, JJ said…

Hiya. Sorry haven't written in while. Hope everything is great with you and your family. How did you sister like the UK? Did she enjoy the concerts?

Have been busy decorating the flat. Love stuff like that. And have a new addition to the family. Megan - is is 10 weeks old.

TTYS luv and hugs JJ x
At 9:05am on June 5, 2009, JJ said…
Hey Tatum. Well chuffed for you. Am having to wait until payday to the haunted airman. Let me know how the others are.

Loved the trailer. Am so excited may not be able to wait (but I guess I'll to though) LOL Do you think Their make up looks different this time. And what about Jacob? Talk about perving. LOL

Wow. That sounds like a great idea. Wish I could come with you.

Well hope you have a great weekend watching your DVDs. TYYS take care. JJxx
At 4:46am on June 3, 2009, JJ said…
Hey honey. How you doing? Sorry haven't chatted for a while. Just havent seemed to have the time. Hope everyone is well and your sister is having a ball. TTYS x
At 1:30pm on May 24, 2009, JJ said…
Hey Tatum. Wow I'm really stoked that your sister is having a great time. She must have made an impression the first time then. Hope she enjoys the rest of her stay and brings back loads of DVDs for you.

Hope you having a great weekend to. Have been stuck with head in books as per usual. And then there is the house work. Mind you its just nice not being in work. Hope all is well. TTYS x
At 6:02am on May 14, 2009, JJ said…
Hey Tatum.

How you doing? Hope you and your family are well. Am at work at mo. :-((
Hope your doing something more exciting.

At 6:40am on May 7, 2009, Karen said…
HI Tatum, Thank you for wanting to be my friend. I am heading out for my busy day and will check in with you later!
Hugs, Karen

At 10:40am on May 2, 2009, JJ said…
Hey Tatum. Hope you having a woderful weekend. TTYS JJ x
At 11:26am on April 26, 2009, Rachel Crompton said…
hi, its fine, and thanks
At 4:39am on April 24, 2009, JJ said…
Hey Tatum. Wow that is dedication for you. I hope she has a really good time.

You lucky thing with the long weekend. We have Monday off next week and then the Monday and the Tuesday off at the end of the month. My summer hols are at the end of August. They seems so far away. Am sure the time will fly by. LOL

So, how many times have you watched twilight so far? LOL

Have a great weekend and say hi to your family for me.


oh ps Can you let me know what the haunted airman is like?. Was thinking about getting it to.
At 11:13pm on April 22, 2009, Cara Bunga said…
yeahh, just trying to get the hang of it, lol.

yeahh - i'm not on myspace that much anymore either :P
At 4:27am on April 20, 2009, JJ said…
Hi Tatum. Have managed to watch Twilight twice!! BOO HOO!!! Spent most of my easter weekend with my head in college books. Keep telling myself that it's worth it. LOL

Hope you had a great weekend! Enjoy twilight. Hubby is working this coming weekend so have the tv to myself. I know what I'll be watching. LOL

That sounds great, a familiy reunion. Have fun and hope everyone is well.

How's your sister? Is it Sheffield that she is watching Nickelback? TTYL
Jo x ;-)
At 5:41am on April 15, 2009, Caroline said…
Hi Tatum, yes I've ordered mine also from Big W due to the possibility of winning a trip to US which you are automatically entered into when pre ordering with Big W, only 7 days to go. I bought the movie companion last week which was really interesting to read and more involved and detailed than the directors handbook, which I also have. I've now got 7 friends reading the series, its difficult not to sound like a total nut job to some of these people trying to convince them to read the series due to the teenage stigma it seems to have here. I'm back at work now so haven't been on the internet much lately. Take care Caroline
At 11:17pm on April 9, 2009, April R Moore said…
hey there glad to make friends with you . and kool we have stuff in common. whoo hoo. hope you enjoy your easter too . and your weekend coming up. take care.
At 11:27pm on April 8, 2009, Caroline said…
Hi Tatum, yes I'm really looking forward to getting the DVD which I've pre ordered. Never heard Breaking Benjamin previously and like them also so thanks.

At 5:55pm on April 4, 2009, Caroline said…
Well I heard the younger ones at work talking about the movie but didn't realise it was based on a book. I went to hospital in February and my husband bought me Twilight that's how I got hooked. I'm getting some of the girls at work on to it now but they all said the same thing that they didn't really know about it but they are all loving the books.
At 10:19am on April 3, 2009, Princezs said…
oh.. I see...
I'm still studying, college.. I'm on a vacation now, I'm a sociology student and it's my 3rd year.. I used to work at the mcdonald's, I stopped because I need more time at school...
At 10:11am on April 3, 2009, Princezs said…
oh.. It's really hot in here, you know it's summer and everybody are going out to a nice beach....'s 10:30 pm right here but still the streets are crowded..

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