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At 7:17pm on April 10, 2014, Edward Cullen said…

hey, guess who is here ? :D

how r u ?

At 6:36pm on October 10, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

thanks!!  i am studying to be on schedule with classes now :)

and too bad that u have that throar infection, be sure to take the antibiotics until the doc tells u to, and not just until the symptoms dissapear - the doc usually tells u a couple more days after the symptoms dissapear-

Please take care of yourself beauty

ttyl :)

At 6:34pm on October 6, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

hey, i had a good result in my exam. ,so i am relaxing now :)

hope to hear from u soon 

take care

ttyl :)

At 3:13pm on October 3, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well, i have exam tomorrow. just wanted to say hi.

hope u r having a good week beauty

take care :

ttyl ;)

At 3:15am on September 21, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

hey, sorry i took long to answer, i had bussy week, and it will get busier fr the next 2 because of an exam 

i am glad you had that kind of childhood, with cousins, brothers and family and TV!!! LOL :D

its also good to hear that u r meeting with some friends, that is always fun !! ;)

just remember drink without being responsible or caring for the consequences and take drugs , LOL, yeah worst advice ever right ;)

hope u have fun

take care beaut :)


P.S.: please remember that i have the exam in 2 weeks and don't get mad if i don't answer it is possible and probable that i get paranoid, freakd stuff with the exam , enough to forget almost to eat other things :P

At 7:12pm on September 6, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well almost every guy of my age and around have seen Dragon ball , Z and Gt, we like t say that if u hadn't sen it u didn't have a childhood :P

we identify a ot with Goku, and tehre is more excitement now  with the coming movie ;)

And well if u don't scream, i will tickle you before and after  -haha-

and yeah, i am a family man/guy, what ever u wanna call it. i was raised wtih 10 cousins, my sisters, parents, 8 aunts and uncles, at least and more than 6 grandparents

i loved being raised always with lots of family around ;)

and yeah we bonded during the camp, it was great :)

hope u keep having fun ;)

have a nice weekend beauty :)

take care


At 8:15pm on August 30, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

denying denial is still denial :P

and well, for ex today i was watching three dif authors of japanese comic books, as they call the "manga", yu giho, i think was called one, another called superchamps or something - japanese soccer- and the third and most important one, and the one i saw and enjoyed alongwith millons of others, DRAGONBALL

and i thought how did every one of these guys, came with their ideas :P lol

tell u what we wills cream out of fun, and if u scream like a girl for even a second i will take a pic, video tape it and put it on facebook :D - yeah i am awesome as a friend , LOL

i am glad u have fun,  a good family trip is always nice :)

i made a camping trip with my cousins a few years ago, it was very bonding ;)

hope u have a nice weekend

take care beauty ;)

At 5:00pm on August 21, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

you know something called denial :D :P

and i like marvel as well. sometimes i debate with friends what superheroes are best, dc comics or marvel comics

and of course we'll jump, just try to not scream from fear :P :D

you all went on a trip, cool, congrats to your parents ;)

hope u r having a good week

take care :)


At 12:39pm on August 8, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

alright, it is as if u are reading in my mind the "likes" list  :D

yeah i liked the marvel movies as well, and i am looking foward to watching thor 2, but not because i want to see the actor ;) . if i have guessed right u wouldn't be the first woman i meet that wants to watch movies because of the actor :P

and sure, if we ever meet i would love to go bungee jumping with you ;)

That's great i would like to go to the zoo one of these days as well, i liked it in the past and want to go again :)

here i am studying and learning a lot

i gtg now

lunch ;)

take care gorgeous


At 11:03am on August 1, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well i like those shows of detective, like criminal minds, law and order special unit victim

the sci fi series, like smallville

i like the big bang theory, but i can't stand the sheldon character

in movies, i love comedies, like a lot sci fi, specially the "superhero" movies :)

if we ever meet we'll go

and next u have to come with me to do bunjee jumping, if u have the courage  ;)

hope u have a great weekend as well

take care beauty


At 12:14pm on July 30, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well its good that you are enjoying, hope you have fun with your friend :)

well i am relaxing, writing a story, watching movies from my dvd collection :) working out :P

i would like to do some things in particular but i needed friends that like those particular things and that can afford it - i like to go to parks with "adrenaline roller coasters" ( i think its spelled like that) - and those are not cheap

well, i have to go to lunch

have fun with your friend and take care :)

At 5:00am on July 24, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well i am glad you enjoyed yourself ;)

i have just entered my winter holidays :)

now i'll see if i can relax a little ;)

so what are you doing now ? besides having men drooling for you ;)

At 1:42pm on July 18, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

hey, how are you? :)

its been a long time 

At 3:37am on May 25, 2013, Aaïsha said…

Hi Kealyn! Sorry for the late reply again! hahah

How are you doing? 

Yes my dad is very strict when it comes to my study and all. but I think every dad is like that, well most of them haha.

Oh no, but if the operation is going to fix the problem with his hips then it's better to go with it right? I hope it goes well. <3 

It was about the day, the queen abdicates the throne to the Prince. 

Well I have to go help my mom hahah. Have a lovely weekend. 

Talk to you soon, I hope! hahaha

Love you. ♥

At 9:29am on May 16, 2013, Caitlin said…

I'm doing well, thanks.

What are you up to?

At 10:42am on May 11, 2013, Caitlin said…

Yeah it just finished up it's third season. It's very good.

I have a lot of shows I want to watch too. Too many shows not enough time!

What's up?

At 3:28am on May 11, 2013, Aaïsha said…


Yes time flies by so quickly! 

Yeah I was reading it somewhere that it's the islands which will be suffering more which obvious since we are surrounded by the ocean. Yep but then It's because of our acts itself, the pollution and all causing depletion of the ozone layer.

Yes that's what I think too, I'm good as long as I pass but my dad doesn't agree with that hahah.

Ok yes, let me know what happens. I hope everything goes well. :)

tell me about it! How was it? :D It must have been great and you guys must have had a lot of fun! 

Love you too! Talk to you soon. ♥

At 7:07am on May 9, 2013, your sister said…
thank you very much
At 5:26pm on May 8, 2013, your sister said…
At 3:35am on April 27, 2013, Aaïsha said…


Finally got time to reply to you hahah. I come online almost everyday but I don't get to reply to all the comments. 

I'm glad too. The flash floods are becoming more and more frequent now. 

I... well I know I could have done better in certain subjects like Biology, French and English but I got a C in Chemistry. I don't like chemistry hahah.

Oh i hope so too! 2 and a half years old... I hope everything goes well and that he won't need to be operated. 

That sounds fun!! hahaha You'll be having a busy weekend then hahah. 

Have a nice weekend! Talk to you soon :D

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