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At 4:10pm on April 23, 2013, Caitlin said…

I have summer break now. I don't get why it's so earlier.

It's from The Walking Dead. It's a tv show. It's very good. :)

At 1:23pm on April 22, 2013, Caitlin said…

I have finals this week then i'm done. I'm so happy to be done.

At 12:24pm on April 18, 2013, Aaïsha said…


No that's ok, take your time hahah. I understand, I take time to reply too. I hope things are less hectic now. You have a very busy life hahaha. 

Yep they found all of them, most of them alive. I know it would have been hard if they didn't find their bodies. But we're ok now. 

Yes sometimes if they have the means they go more than once. It was his first one I think... I'm not sure. Have to ask my mom hahah. 

Ok it's been like a week, so I don't really remember but I ate a lot!  I LOVE FOOD! I did have fun, I don't really like going out but when it's just family, I just love it!

No I haven't got my results yet, I'll have them on Monday. My dad is going to be so mad at me... I did really bad in Chemistry that I know! hahah.

Oh no, that's sad. I hope it all gets better for him and that he won't have to undergo that operation. how old is he?

Talk to you soon!

Love you

At 11:56am on April 16, 2013, Caitlin said…

Thanks. I bet they're excited for break.

At 8:28pm on April 15, 2013, Caitlin said…

It was fine. School is almost out so i'm preparing for finals.

At 4:57pm on April 9, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

yeah, when i finish the finals at mid year or the end of the year, and classes are over. i love to just be able to rest FREELY :P

and yeah, i once said with my friends that we start studying as much as we can for any exam, but when we are about to give it, we just want to pass :D

well i hope you rest well and recover and are having a nice week

ttyl :)

At 6:03am on April 9, 2013, Aaïsha said…


No, 30 persons went missing and 11 died. It's all better now, I mean I feel bad for the families of the victims. It has been raining almost everyday but only during the mornings and there has not been flood and all that. So that's good. Yes the worst had happened in Port Louis, at the water front. I live in Notre Dame, no flood, nothing. 

My grandpa was around 80 too, he passed away while he was on know Muslims go to Mecca. He got sick and all, and he passed away. 

It seems like she is a strong woman :) it is nice, her family keeping her accompany so that she doesn't feel lonely.

Yep going today! it's a cook out thing hahah, everyone will be there. I'm pretty excited :D
hahah I'm bad at describing and explaining things too, I'll watch the trailer :)

I'm just gonna relax, catch up on my fav tv shows and all that. That's what I do when I'm on holidays and maybe go to the beach!

Oh I am scared, I didn't do really good in Chemistry, my dad is going to be so mad at me hahah. 

Hope you're having a nice day, Later! :)

At 6:56pm on April 8, 2013, Caitlin said…

So far it's been much less stressful, so that's good.

At 8:39am on April 8, 2013, Caitlin said…

I did get them finished. It was a stressful weekend. i had so much stuff to get done.

At 4:13am on April 8, 2013, Aaïsha said…

Hi Kealyn! 

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa, my grandpa passed away last year, we were not that close but it was hard for all of us. Of course I understand, don't worry take your time :)

Yes you guys should be spending more time with her than you did before, she must be feeling lonely. How old was Edwin's grandpa? 

My family is very important to me, I love it when we all are together, family time are just great you know! Tomorrow we'll be having a get together, everyone is going to be there. I'm sure we will have a great time :)

Mortal instruments... no I have not read those, what is it about? I'll check out the trailer though haha.

I'm on holidays, no school for 2 weeks YAY!! hahah. But I don't really have any plans, I'll be home and maybe I'll be able to reply to your comments sooner hahah. I'll be less busy, that will be super nice! 

But that also means I'll be having my results/grades in two weeks :(

Well I'm gonna go have lunch, so hungry hahah

See ya later! 


At 9:22pm on April 6, 2013, Caitlin said…

My dad's birthday is in September, as well as my mother's.

I'm not doing anything this weekend. I have two papers to write, so I imagine that'll keep me good and busy. You?

At 4:59pm on April 5, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well thank you, and hope you rest well

i try to get good grades, but as any other of my college partners, the exams are so hard, that we are just happy to pass :)

have a nice week end as well :)

At 5:29pm on April 4, 2013, Caitlin said…

I'm glad it went well.

Thank you. No, I'm not a twin. She and I were born a year and 2 days apart. All of my siblings and I were born in April.

I can't wait for the weekend.

At 11:08am on April 1, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well i am glad you enjoyed your anniversary :)

and i am sorry about your loss :(

my week and weekend was boring but good, i rested :)

now i am trying to make my brain change back to study mode :)

have a nice start of week :)

At 1:04am on March 31, 2013, Aaïsha said…

Yes I got it and I did reply to you but I can't find my comment on your page ahhhh I'm gonna throw my pc away! 

Let me go look for your comment now... Ok found it hahah

Is Edwin's grandpa better now? I know it must be hard on the family. Yes should be with his grandma, she must be feeling lonely. I hope he gets better :)

Well this time I'm the one apologizing but it's not my fault, it's my pc hahah or maybe it has something to do with the internet connection... I don't know.

Yes I love them and we are always together. I have a big family hahah like a really BIG one, there are people that I don't know and when they come here, I'm like who are you? hahah

I haven't watch it yet hahah. I'm more into books and tv shows than movies...don't know why. But yes I will watch it so that we can talk about it! :D

Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry I'm late hahaha. 

Well it has been raining since yesterday, I love the rain but I wish it stops now and 

Love ya! 

At 8:51pm on March 30, 2013, Caitlin said…

I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it's tough. I glad he's not in pain anymore and that you're making it through everything. :)
Well my sister's and my birthdays are this weeks so we're just celebrating those this weekend. That's about it.

At 3:05pm on March 25, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

well we do have a bath here, but what i meant was that i was taking a shower :D

sorry here, we refer as bath to "cleaning ourselves" as in taking a shower, and we refer to taking a bath, as when u r sitting , just relaxed, basicly we use "bath" for the activity of cleaning without mattering how you do it :P

sorry for the misunderstanding :)

and well, hope your husband's grandpa get's better . 

Happy Anniversary as well :)

Hope you have a good monday :)

At 11:36am on March 25, 2013, Caitlin said…

No problem. :)
How are you?

At 10:45am on March 22, 2013, Aaïsha said…

Hey I'm so sorry for the late reply Kealyn, been kinda busy and there are things going on at home and all that.

That's sad, is he better now? or still in hospital? I understand but I was little bit mad at you hahah but now not really. Just reply when you can :) 

You're not a crappy friends at all! Love you!

I hope so too and I really want to meet. Maybe I will..someday hahah. By the way I have a skype account now. I'll mail it to you. Or send me yours. Yeah that's much better. :)

Of course I'm a family person! hahaha even though I like to be alone too, but yeah I'm a family person, I love them all and I'm pretty close to both sides of my family. 

I have watched the other three but the last one I don't really want to. Because then it will be the end, like really the end! but my boyfriend convinced me to watch it hahah so I will soon :D

Again sorry for the late reply :) 


At 7:19am on March 21, 2013, Edward Cullen said…

i had the feeling that i was forgeting to answer u something. no i don't have a girlfriend yet, hoping to change that.

and no, i don't have a boyfriend, and being a straight man, i hope i never have a boyfriend :D 

i got to go now, have to rest and take a bath before class

hope to hear from you soon :)

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